Vaxus – A Mage Who Has a Scar on His Forehead

Vaxus is a Mage who has a scar on his forehead. He’s a romantic soul and good at changing the subject or deflecting the conversation. His parents are still alive. He is not very good at making friends. He is very good at using humor. He has a great sense of humor, but can be a bit snide at times. His parents are still alive. Bann Trevelyan isn’t sure why Vax has such a chaotic life.

Vaxus is a mage

Vaxus is the youngest son of Bann Trevelyan. He has six siblings and was taught by his older sister Camille to fight. He also had a crush on Alice, who was his childhood friend. He dreamed of having a family when he grew up, but when Valerin revealed his magical abilities, Vax’s dream was interrupted. He fought against Valerin, and was beaten.

As a child, Felix had an unlucky encounter with a slave named Valerin. The slave said he would give the child a better life than the one his parents gave him. So Vax and Cassandra became close friends. They had a friendly, flirtatious relationship that initially confused their flirting for something more serious. The next time they met, Vaxus saved Felix’s life.

In the past, Vax was a Templar recruit. He dropped out of the order due to his lack of social skills and began training under an aged chevalier. However, he soon stopped his training and sought out Valerin. Valerin is not a very good mage, so Vax had hoped to find her in Radcliffe. However, the Mages in Valerin’s former Circle did not have any information about Valerin, so he had no leads to follow.

He is a romantic soul

Vaxus is a romantic soul who craves the company of a beloved person. Vax will do cheesy things, like singing to his chum. Though he’s a terrible singer, he still manages to draw Dorian’s attention. In romantic relationships, Vax will use his diplomatic skills to win over the other person. He will be a loyal friend, but he will not make himself known too soon.

He will often turn to Sera when he needs a break from his work and responsibilities. Cass and Vaxus get along well, despite the rocky beginning. The two often talk about trashy novels and poetry. Sera keeps Vax grounded in his daily life, but she also sees the Val in Vax. Sera’s free spirit makes Vax feel drawn to her. The two will often make love.

When Vaxus accepted the invitation from the Red Jenny, she promised him she’d take care of him. He wished to get closer to Dorian, but he remained aware of the fact that he’s vulnerable and can die at any moment. Therefore, it would be a selfish act to pursue a relationship with Dorian. Even though he was tempted by the sweetness of Dorian, he realized that it was too soon to make a commitment.

He is great with changing the subject or deflecting with humor

He’s a very passive, easy-going person who is great at deflecting or changing the subject. Although he’s not particularly good at cooking or singing, Vaxus does have a few redeeming qualities. Unlike many people with this personality type, Vaxus can’t sing or cook. But he can use his diplomatic skills to make other people laugh.

His past is one of the main things that Dorian worries about. However, Vaxus doesn’t want to burden him with this information. He deflects questions with humor, saying he didn’t want to burden Dorian. He doesn’t trust Dorian and does not want to talk about the death of Valerin. Vax is worried that if he tells Dorian about his past, his family will blame him for her death.

Dorian and Vax are good friends, though the first interaction between them is a little awkward. Sera teases Vax and talks about how much they have in common. However, after they are friends, they often confuse friendly flirtation for something more than it is. But despite this awkward beginning, the two soon become friends and have a good relationship. If Cass is upset about something, Vax goes to her for support. When he’s overwhelmed by something, Vax goes to her to distract himself. Sera is also a good friend, especially since her free spirit and sense of humor help Vax.

He has a scar on his forehead

The story of the character Vaxus is based on the ficlet series published in the Twitter account @latefortevinter. It is the first time that Vax has a scar on his forehead. This is the result of a fall in the sky where chunks of ice were shepherded along the biting winds. As they fell, they pelted unsuspecting people. The people of this backwater did not care about this; they just got on with life.

Vaxus was the youngest of the six children of Bann Trevelyan, a powerful mage. His elder sister, Camille, taught him the ways of the warrior. As a boy, he developed a crush on his childhood friend Alice. He dreamed of being a husband and having a family of his own. But, that dream was cut short when Valerin revealed his magical abilities.

Clay’s scar would look horrible for months, and would probably be black and blue. But today, the scar is yellow and almost scabbed over. This means that his scar will look completely normal in a few months. In addition, he’s also a very sociable guy. His friends don’t judge him based on his scar. The scar is an icon of him and a symbol of his personality.

He is a mage

The child who is born into a magical family is a mage named Vaxus. This magical child is the son of a magician named Dorian and a slave named Sera. He is a good mage. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Vaxus is not a priest. In fact, he is a mage, and this makes him very unique. His magical gift is the power to create magical items and use them.

Vaxus was a Templar recruit, but dropped out due to his inability to fit in. He started to train as a mage under an old chevalier, but he soon stopped training to look for his twin sister, Valerin. Valerin isn’t a very good mage, but Vax was hoping to find her somewhere in Radcliffe. Unfortunately, the Mages of Valerin’s former Circle have no information about her and Vax is forced to travel to her village to search for her.

Upon meeting Vaxus, Dorian and Sebastian had a very different relationship. He knew Dorian was a mage and had a secret past. The two were close friends in the beginning, but they soon began to develop a deeper bond. Their bond continued to grow as they fought the Inquisition. They were close friends, and their relationship grew from there. However, when the Circles fell, Vaxus was reluctant to let his love for Sebastian go.

He is a Templar

Vaxus is the youngest son of Bann Trevelyan and one of six siblings. He trained as a warrior and developed a crush on his childhood friend Alice. When Valerin re-discovered his magical abilities, Vaxus’ dream of family was dashed. He was thrown into a world of chaos, but was forced to learn how to survive in it. He was not a Templar, but a member of the Order.

Vaxus is a romantic by nature and often tries to impress his chum. He tries to woo Dorian by singing cheesy songs, but his voice is awful. He also tries not to overwhelm Dorian with his emotions, gnawing his tongue to avoid admitting himself too soon. The result is a rocky love life for both of them. Vaxus and Dorian are soon married, and Felix begins to live happily ever after.

Vaxus and Cassandra become close friends when Cass discovers Valerin’s secret. Despite the rocky start, they develop a close friendship, and they discuss trashy novels and poetry. Cass is a great friend, and Vax often turns to Sera for support and help. Sera keeps Vax grounded, and she is his go-to-girl when he needs to take a break from his responsibilities.

He has a cowlick

A cowlick is a swirl or bump in your hairline. It can pop up like a flyaway, but it’s perfectly normal. While you may not enjoy the look, there are several ways to manage it. Here are a few tips. To minimize the effect of your cowlick, you can wear a ponytail. You should be aware of your style before you start wearing a ponytail.

You can see Vax’s cowlick in the comics. It is a reference to the fact that he’s not an artist, but a cowlick. It is common among cowlicks. While it’s rare for Vaxus to have this kind of problem, it is still important to recognize that the cowlick is a part of his personality. Vaxus’ cowlick is a way of communicating with others.

While the cowlick is a unique feature of Vaxus’s appearance, it’s also a sign of his innate romantic side. He’ll do all sorts of cheesy things for his chum, including singing a love song to Dorian. Of course, the song is terrible. He also tries not to overwhelm Dorian with his feelings, which is why he bites his tongue and avoids making a confession too soon.

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