How to Level Up in RTA Epic 7

Epic Seven

If you’ve ever wondered how you can level up in the popular RTS game, RTA Epic Seven, you’re not alone. Hundreds of players are struggling with the game’s high level cap and want to know how to level up quickly. There are several things you can do to increase your chances of success in the game. If you’re wondering what RTA Epic 7 is like, read on to discover all the features and tips that will help you grow as a player.

Battle frenzy

The new Battle Frenzy mechanic allows players to enter the World Arena and battle other players from around the world. The battle frenzy mechanic prevents stalls and long matches in the world arena. It works by changing the stats of heroes after certain turns. Battle frenzy also boosts the damage that heroes can deal. As battle frenzy increases, players can use their powerful heros to destroy the opposing team.

One unit that is useful in RTA is the Assassin Coli. With his high S3, he can kill key speed units and even squishy DPS. This unit is particularly useful during late frenzy mode stages when the enemy doesn’t bring AoE units. However, you need to be careful with this unit. If it misses or gets sniped, it will lose its effectiveness. If you want to succeed with this unit, you should build a strong supporting cast. The Sez works best with Silverblade Aramintha and the Assassin Coli.

The game is also introducing 3 Team vs 3 Team mode. This mode is similar to Guild Wars, with the players having to battle three teams of three heroes. The player who wins two of three battles is declared the winner. This mode will allow players to enjoy the role-playing aspect of the game while taking control of their heroes. This mode will give players an excellent chance to test their skills. It will also give you an opportunity to make friends and gain experience.

Players should queue for matches with a strategy in mind. There are three basic strategies to succeed: cleave, stall, and bruiser. For each of these, players must consider their characters’ roles and what they are likely to counter with. Additionally, they should consider what heroes their opponent may use to counter them. This will help them decide which heroes to choose. If they are using cleave, they must consider two fundamental roles.

Mock battle rooms

You can join a Mock Battle room in RTA Epic 7 by tapping the Create Room button in the Mock battle lobby. A list of current participants will appear on the screen. To enter a Mock Battle room, simply tap the “Enter” button on the list. If you are the only one in the Mock Battle room, you can change its name and make it private. The Mock Battle lobby also allows you to see which battles are currently being fought in the game.

A Mock Battle room is a place where players can challenge each other without worrying about the rankings. Players can challenge their guild members or Heirs to a Mock Battle. Mock battles are not counted against your ranking, so you can use them to practice before taking the plunge in ranked battles. To ensure that both players have a fair shot, you can choose to use the “Pre-Banned Hero” option in the Mock Battle room. This way, both participants will have an equal chance of picking a 5-star hero.


Heroes of RTA Epic Seven features a new World Arena mode, a player-versus-player (PvP) game mode. In this mode, you can battle with other players from around the world in real-time and earn rewards according to your rank. However, in this mode, you cannot use supporters or Guardians. If the battle takes too long, you will be affected by a condition known as Battle Frenzy, which will increase the damage dealt and reduce your maximum health.

The heroes of the S-Tier are extremely powerful, and their skills are the best in the game. As such, investing in them will help you dominate battles later on in the game. Mid-tier heroes are equally effective, and have comparable stat growths as S-tier heroes. The only difference is that they are significantly harder to beat. While they’re not as powerful as the top-tier heroes, they’re still very good for certain party combinations or specific skills.

There are many heroes in the Epic Seven game mode. Among them, Ravi, a character with clear speed, is consistently a top performer. However, if you want to win in PvP, you should look for characters with debuffs and CC. This way, you can maximize your stat growth and win more battles. In addition to the new heroes, you can also upgrade your characters.

The Sez is another character to consider. Despite the fact that his skill isn’t that strong, he is a solid choice for PvP. It has good damage and is best paired with an attack buff. He can also backfire, which can be useful if the opposing team isn’t able to deal enough damage. The Sez’s passive shield is also an excellent choice for squishy DPS or bruisers.

Despite the fact that most of the players in RTA are bronze or lower, it can be beneficial to know what heroes to use and what counters are best against them. For example, Conqueror Lilias is one of the most popular first picks in World Arena Season 7. You can counter him by using Mediator Kawerik, Designer Lilibet, or Ran, as these heroes have a powerful counter against her debuffs. Also, Shadow Knight Pyllis is an effective counter for Conqueror Lilias’ debuffs and dual attacks.

Artifacts you can use

In the first place, you need to know what artifacts you can use in RTA: Epic 7. These are the items that can give you a significant edge in the game. Some of the best artifacts you can use include the Dingus Orb and the Specter Tenebria. The Specter Tenebria is an excellent option if you want to demolish an enemy team quickly. Those two items are a must-have if you’re a cleave hero.

Another important piece of equipment that you need to consider is the Soul Weaver. In the Epic Seven game, healers are more beefy and tend to fill the tank role. The Artifact Potion Vial is a godsend in PVE, and the Soul Weaver Potion Vial is a great way to boost your healing ability. These items are rare, but they give your character a significant advantage in battle. However, they can only be levelled up to fifteen, so you must be prepared to spend quite a bit of time upgrading them.

The Idol’s Cheer is another useful item that is good in both PVE and PVP. Angelica can use Idol’s Cheer up to three times, which is great for stalling enemies. This item also reduces incoming damage to the hero who has it equipped. It also pushes the hero forward if it procs.

A good choice for Rin is Magahara’s Tome. It gives her immunity protection and can save the day for her DPS. The Potion Vial is a good option for her health. You’ll also want to buy a Potion Vial for Rin. This item is useful for healing Rin and reducing her damage output. And since Rin is one of the few soul weavers who can buff and debuff others, it’s a good choice to have on your character.

Exorcist’s Tonfa is useful for Farmers and future PVP. It will help your hero clear waves faster and clear debuffs effectively. It also reduces the chance of missing, which is frustrating for her. This is where the Oath Key comes in handy. This artifact also gives her a 20% reduced chance to miss, which makes her useful against bosses who have Evasion mechanics.

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