Epic Seven Ruele of Light Build Guide

The action-RPG game Epic Seven allows you to control the Covenant heir, Diche, created by the Goddess of Creation. Diche is destined to face the Archdemon and save humanity, but as he fights the evil being, his strength decreases. In order to survive, Diche must create a dynamic team of heroes and defend the world against Archdemon. In order to survive, Diche must use tactical tactics to build his team of heroes.

Ruele of Light

The Ruele of Light is a go-type healer. She can also grant invincibility. While her skills are powerful, she lacks a dps AoE heal and does not have soul burn. Her composition must be well balanced for optimal performance. Here are some of her best abilities. Weigh her prowess against other Heroes in the game to find out if she is the best choice for your team.

In this game, you can summon only heroes that fall into the Moonlight category. This includes light heroes and dark heroes. In the game, these heroes are the “perfect heroes”.

Maid Chloe

The build for Maid Chloe in Epic Seven is based on a tanky DPS role. She is a useful ally for cleave teams as the opener. This build prioritizes going first, but it also has a few tradeoffs. Her base Spd is very high, and her skills are geared toward this purpose. Her most important stat is Speed, which also makes her one of the better tanks in the game.

A strong healer is important for any team, especially a support class, and Maid Chloe’s Revive buff is one of the strongest in the game. Her Revive buff resurrects the entire team upon death, and her passive S2 heals you for a short period of time. It makes her a great support or offense role. You can also use her reviving spell to bring teammates back after a knockdown.

Despite her lagging healer, Maid Chloe is an excellent opener. She can also boost combat readiness with her skill two. In E7, Chloe went from near the bottom of the meta to the top of the Soul Weaver. Her revive potential was nerfed a bit after extinction, but that does not mean she’s no longer useful. As of this writing, Ruele hasn’t received a single balance adjustment since Epic Seven.


Destina is an impressive Earth Soul Weaver. She excels at both healing and tanking, and is one of the few heroes with three separate heal skills. She also has a powerful, combined AOE heal known as Destina’s Grace, which scales with HP and can be used every five turns. Destina’s low base Speed also impedes her total healing output. Because of these issues, Destina is often lapped by enemies in PvP. Lastly, her long Regen and Grace cooldowns can overpower her healing.

Ruele has an excellent set of skills, and is a useful tank for PvP and GVG. It also provides a single target revive and dispels AoE debuffs. However, she lacks base speed, and Soulburn is required to obtain her AoE heal. Moreover, she uses S3 even if one member of her team is still alive, which makes her unsuitable for teams with less than three members.

In PvP, Destina is one of the best pure healers in Epic Seven. Her base HP and DEF are high, and she does AoE debuff cleansing. Her CR is increased thanks to her dual attacks. Her S3 restores nearly full HP and has a long CD. Destina’s healing increases proportionally to the target’s max health. As a result, Ruele is an excellent choice for a PVP defense team.

Maid Chloe’s artifacts

While the artifacts in Maid Chloe’s weapon set are all geared for damage, they aren’t the best at pushing your team’s CR. This is because their passives aren’t designed for this kind of play. This means you can’t always rely on them. If you’re planning to play a strong DPS hero, you should consider Ruele, who has a good combo of high health, high defense, and some effect resistance. Ruele is often picked in gold+ matches because she doesn’t get banned as often, but you should avoid playing her in PvE if your team is full of Tier S or A heroes.

The main skills of Maid Chloe are Revive and Attack. Revive is an underrated skill, but it gives the player a second chance. When a teammate dies, she can revive them to 20% health. By doing this, all team members can be revived and get a second chance. Ruele of Light will also revive Maid Chloe while her VIP Treatment is on cooldown, so she can revive herself whenever she is spiked down.

Fast Soul Weavers

The utmost speed, short cooldowns, and impressive spells are all features of the Fast Soul Weavers class. Their buffs are also promising, making them an excellent choice for the earliest phases of the game. The following tier lists will help you choose the right Soul Weaver hero to fit your style of play. Read on to learn how to choose a Fast Soul Weaver hero for your team!

Ruele of Light is one of the most useful Soul Weavers. Her healing ability is proportional to her maximum health. Her cooldown is three turns, which is good if you are using her in PVE content. Using her Light Pillar ability will also help you remove debuffs from your allies. Using this ability will also grant you a barrier around your allies for two turns.

Ruele is the highest base Defense unit of the Epic Seven class, which makes her ideal for PVP and GVG. She can be useful as a stall team, as her revive skill is good against any enemy. While she grants AoE debuff dispel, she also has a low base speed. Her single target revive is very effective in PvP, but she also needs Soulburn to receive her AoE heal. She will also use S3 even if only one member of her team is alive.


Whether you’re playing PvP or PvE, tank heroes in Epic Seven can make or break a team. The beefiest hero should be placed in the front of the team. As the tank, you’ll be able to out-put damage to enemies while also buffing your allies. There are dozens of different tanky heroes in Epic Seven, and new players typically start out with several different tanks. But you can use different tanky heroes in different circumstances, and this article will discuss a few of the most important ones.

While the LQC is often a viable option for tanking, it depends on the RTA meta. The LQC can do massive damage to Dark units and can even cause splash damage if your enemies are of the same element as yours. In addition, it can bail out a tanky hero, and Ruele is one of those rare exceptions. The tanky Ruele has a high base defense, which makes him an excellent choice for a PvP team. His single target revive, Soulburn, and AoE dispel abilities make him a solid choice for PvP defense. Because of this, he can revive teammates without any hassles. Lastly, his S3 will always restore his allies to full HP.

Choosing the right tank is important for the overall strategy of the game. As a tank, your primary goal should be to survive the battle. Ideally, you should be able to survive the first couple of episodes without too much difficulty, but later episodes will be harder than the first ones. If you don’t want to play with the top-tier hero, consider a defender. If your tank can’t survive a fight, he should focus on improving his abilities.


If you want to get the best of both worlds, you should try to play an Epic seven Ruele healer. This unit has the best defense of any Epic Seven healer, and can be useful for PvP, GVG, or stall teams. With a single target revive and a dispel AoE debuff, Ruele is one of the best healers in the game. However, there are some drawbacks to using this unit. For one, you need to spend a lot of time leveling Ruele’s Soulburn ability, and if your team has one other person alive, he will use his S3 as soon as he has a chance to revive.

The best way to improve your Healing skill in Epic Seven is to play as a healer. Healers are an important part of the team, and they can help your team survive even the longest PVE content. Although they cannot perform a lot of damage, they can still turn the tables in a fight that is unwinnable. For one thing, healers can use the Continuous Healing buff to make their entire party healthier.

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