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Epic Seven

The base speed of 115 is ideal for opening games, and Vivian provides a great cleaver option. She also grants immunity and attack up to your team for three turns. While her base speed is great, she loses some of her set up options if you choose Basar. Luckily, she gains even more utility with Time Matter. This ability increases her utility and makes her a more effective cleaver.


There are many ways to improve Vivian’s skills, and one of the most valuable is to use the artifact Tagehel’s Ancient Book. This item gives allies Soulburn bonuses on the first turn of battle, allowing heroes like Basar to ignore Effect Resistance. This Artifact is also great for farming adds and speeding up trash fights. The other way to increase Vivian’s skill speed is to equip Time Matter, which is great for PvE and is also a great artifact for her.

This artifact is also useful for tanking. It increases all allies’ defense and increases their damage sharing. It’s especially good for knights, Adventurer Ras, Rose, and Falconer Kluri. It also penetrates the enemy’s defense when you’re not at full health. It also helps if you’re playing a tank or bait unit in PvP.

There are many Vivian builds that use the same stats. Most Vivian builds will prioritize speed, as the faster she is, the more reliable her setup is. Damage stats, such as Crit Chance and Atk%, will take a backseat to Vivian’s abilities. For optimal PvE and PvP play, a Vivian build should focus on attack damage, and a fast attack/CR booster for the second and third slots.

A Mage can equip Tagahel’s Artifact. It increases damage by 10%. The best way to increase your PVP rank is to use it to destroy enemy souls. It’s a sure-fire way to get a high PVP rank and have a powerful team. But beware of the disadvantages, as there are some people who do not like to waste time on PVP.


The Skills of Epic Seven: Vivian is the granddaughter of a reclusive magical scholar. As a child, she was cared for by her grandmother, and only had one childhood friend, the gnome Kawerik. They eventually grew up to be friends, but Kawerik decided to go to Ritania and become the greatest mage. Vivian stayed in her home until she was an adult and was promoted to Citylord.

The Skills of Epic Seven are the same as in the main game, with the exception of the jiggle physics. The game no longer relies on Judge Kise to make money; however, the jiggle physics are unmatched among E7 units. Epic Seven community managers have provided further details about upcoming updates, including the addition of the first Moonlight 5-star hero in three months. Additionally, Alexa will get a new specialty, and there will be 3 new exclusive equipments.

The Skills of Epic Seven Vivian are based on a powerful AoE attack that can buff allies. Vivian can also provide buffs to allies and enemies alike. Her increased attack and immunity skills make it possible to use Thunder God’s Cry, which deals a large amount of damage to all enemies in the area. Vivian can activate this ability as many as three times, which increases her damage.

The Epic Seven’s first two heroes are both very good at granting buffs to teammates. While they have a lot of useful stats, they’re not overwhelmingly easy to beat. For example, the first one of the tier-S heroes, Sigret, is just average at dealing AOE damage and pushing the team. But Vivian was never given a very significant role in the storyline of the game.

The game is also highly visually stunning. The character models are detailed, and they appear to have a high degree of detail. Some players say the animations look too bright and the characters too detailed, and this is true in many cases. However, it does not mean the game will never become a popular gacha. And if it does, there’s a chance it’ll be added to the game in the future.


There are several different ways to build a Vivian, including sacrificing defense and speed for more DPS. In addition, some players prefer to have a Dignus Orb to reduce cooldown and give her good sustainability. Dignus Orb increases your Vivian’s attack and defense, which are both important factors in PvE. If you’re looking for a Vivian build for PvP, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Most of the common builds for Vivian make use of the same basic stats, although they focus on a few key pieces of equipment. Speed is an important factor because Vivian can roll back her abilities quickly, which can be critical during a raid or boss fight. Damage stats, like Crit Chance and Atk%, are secondary. Other gear for Vivian is available to increase her damage output, such as the speed set and the immunity set.

While Vivian never found much of a role in Epic Seven, Bellona’s design still remains a shining example. Bellona was a top-tier DPS and PVP character before her release. However, the game has changed considerably since her release, and it’s difficult to predict how Vivian will fare in the future. For those who are new to the game, a good idea is to use a character with solid DPS while playing as a PVP player.

A Bellona enables two nuker compositions. Bellona’s S3 Defense Breaking is critical for Vivian to cleave reliably. In addition to Bellona, you should also take a second Nuker, such as W. Schuri. The final build in the Bellona build is a cleaving build that uses the S3’s attack buff.

Character’s personality

Vivian Maier was one of the few characters that did not find much of a role in the epic seven-film series. The character was an apprentice under Merlin, who outfitted her with a cursed ring and a secret word. Vivian expressed her disdain for pigs and the evangelical church. She teleported Hawk to the Tower to be kept forever, and she also exiled Margaret from Liones.

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