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Chloe is a Warrior class that has high Speed and a unique debuff that makes her an excellent single target attacker. Let’s find out how to make use of these great features to make the most of her abilities. Also, read on to find out how to find her best gear and items. Then, you’ll be able to dominate your enemies with her. So, what are you waiting for?

Chloe is a Warrior

If you’re looking for a fast Warrior that can also deal a decent amount of damage, Chloe is a great choice. Chloe’s Magic Nail is a great option, as it deals a fixed amount of damage to enemies. If you want more options, try building Chloe’s skills around the Magic Nail. She also has a high burst that increases with her target’s maximum life, which is a great boost when you’re fighting bosses.

Chloe’s passive now gives her +50 combat readiness. She can use her fan to strike enemies, and the damage she deals will be equal to their health. If they’re over five, she loses focus and will no longer be able to attack them. However, her damage increases as enemy numbers increase. Her focus is also reduced, so she should use her fan carefully. A good way to maximize her damage is to use a fan to attack an enemy.

Chloe is also great for single-target fights. Her magic nail is an unresisted debuff, which deals a percentage of the target’s HP. Chloe’s third skill also deals bonus damage when it’s applied. Chloe’s single-target damage is insane, and her magic nail ability is effective in Wyvern and Banshee hunts. Chloe is also great at certain levels of the Abyss, although she lacks in defense.

While Chloe has decent stats, she’s still a weak warrior. A warrior with a good amount of health is not worth putting in battle unless they are stronger than the other seven. A warrior’s stats are not important in a battle, but their skills matter, especially when it comes to the game’s ultimate goal. It’s also important to consider the size of your team when selecting Chloe.

She has high Speed

Chloe is one of the faster Warriors in the game, and she can hit extremely hard. She also has a unique debuff called the magic nail, which increases damage and deals a percentage of a target’s health. This debuff is also amplified by Chloe’s third skill, which deals bonus damage when the magic nail is applied. Whether you build a damage-focused build or one with high Speed, this character can be extremely useful. Chloe is not a good early-game hero, but she is useful for fights later in the game. She has a high speed, which is essential in combat, and a high burst damage, which makes her an excellent choice for late-game fights.

Chloe’s defense break can also be useful, as the new exclusive equipment allows her to apply it. She doesn’t need a lot of Speed if she’s going last, but with General Purrgis, she doesn’t need very high speed, and she only needs 50 Crit Rate. She also needs to go last in the team, which is why she should be the last one in the team.

While Chloe is known for her speed, she also has low Defense and low Health. It’s important to keep in mind that she has no AOE abilities, and her only weapon is the Magic Nail, which is only effective when Chloe has no damage reduction on the enemy. Because of this, she has to space her attacks and focus on using her Magic Nail effectively. In addition to that, Chloe can use her El’s Fist to increase her Speed when her Health is low.

She has a unique debuff

The slew of new buffs in Chloe epic seven are all designed to give you an edge over your opponents. Magic Nail (S2) increases the damage dealt by any skill. This unique debuff is applied on any target Chloe can hit, and it is impossible to resist. Magic Nail also gives Chloe a chance to stun an enemy unit on contact.

While Chloe may not be the best Warrior in Epic Seven, she is the fastest and hardest-hitting of the Warrior class. Her unique debuff, Magic Nail, deals damage proportional to her health, and her 3rd skill adds bonus damage when she applies it. Chloe is a great hero for PVP content, but she doesn’t shine in early-game fights. Luckily, Chloe’s damage output is insanely high even when she is debuffed, making her an excellent choice for fights that occur deeper in the game.

There are plenty of changes in the Epic Seven, but one character has stood out over the years. Ravi is one such character that consistently performs well in this content. For PvE play, characters with clear speed and CC are recommended, while units with debuffs and CC will do well in the Abyss. The debuffs Chloe gets from her abilities are very useful in both PvP and PvE stages.

She is a great single target attacker

Chloe is one of the most versatile Warriors in the Epic Seven. She has a unique debuff called magic nail that deals a percentage of the target’s health in the form of damage. Combined with her ability to burst for damage, she is a tremendous single target attacker. Chloe is great at Abyss fights, Wyvern hunts, and some of the bosses in the raid. While she has a relatively low defense, she is still a good option for any situation.

Burns’ damage is a huge part of the game’s fun, and she is a great choice for solo players. She needs 210 to 240 SPD and three thousand five-hundred-plus ATK. This build is a tanky single target attacker that can hit up to seven targets at a time. It also requires good HP and DEF to survive. Chloe is also a great single target attacker, so her tanky tankiness can be beneficial to your playstyle.

Chloe’s unique abilities make her a good single target attacker. Her S2 and S3 can start detonating burns on your enemies, and she can stack burns on your enemies. Her special ability gives her a barrier when she is attacked. As such, she is ideal for players who are looking for a single target attacker with high damage output. In addition, she can deal with most types of damage dealers.

Commander Lorina is also considered to be the best single target DPS hero in the Epic Seven. This hero is easy to level and has a high PvP value. She can be used in PvE and PvM content, because her S3 damage scales off of an opponent’s HP. If you have two or three single target attackers, you don’t need this hero.

She is good against SSB

The Chloe Epic Seven is a great choice against SSB if you want to take the debuff from your opponent’s champion. It has a high health, high defense, and a strong debuff resistance. It pairs well with the Counter Set and FTene artifact. Chloe is also a good choice in gold+ games, but you will need to soul burn your target to guarantee a kill.

As a single target attacker, Chloe has a great damage output. Her debuff is unique as it deals a percentage of health damage. This is further increased by her 3rd skill which deals additional damage when the buff is applied. This makes her a great choice in PVP content, especially when debuffed. Her low defense is also helpful in certain Abyss floors and Wyvern hunts.

If your team isn’t playing with the SSB, you should try Chloe Epic Seven. It’s a strong choice against SSB teams and can be good against ML and SSB team. It’s not too powerful, but it can deal decent damage and last for three hits before going down. It’s a solid pick in any 1 DPS comp.

Alencia is a good pick against SSB, too, because of her elemental advantage. While the SSB isn’t likely to plant her because of her elemental advantage, she’ll still be able to survive with the help of the def break. Combined with Chloe, she does a good job of dmg against water units.

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