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Epic Seven

The Order of the Sword is one of the newest stories in Order of the Sword. It will start on 8/19 (Thu) after maintenance. You can learn more about the new units by reading the articles below. Also read about the new limited units and the exchange shop! These stories will help you to achieve your goals and advance to the next level of the game. The Lord of Summer is another story you can expect to see in this summer’s Epic Seven.


Artifact of Resistance: Increases resistance by a considerable amount. It is particularly useful for characters that have little to no resist and aren’t always able to perform their best. This artifact is underrated, however. Many players prefer to use weapons and skills that increase damage, so this artifact is often underused. However, it can be a valuable asset if you play a tanking or baiting unit.

Holy Sacrifice: When wielded by a tank, the ability to use a skill increases the hero’s combat readiness by between 15 and 30 percent. This artifact is especially useful for Assassin Cartuja and Ravi. However, it can be frustrating to play against – make sure you keep this message in mind if you plan on using it. Moreover, if you are playing a tank, you can leave this artifact outside of the GW.

Choosing the right artifacts can give your character the edge in battle. They can improve your attack and health stats, which can help you to win more battles. However, players should be aware of the fact that the stats of these items can only be upgraded once, to a maximum of fifteen. Therefore, it is important to understand the difference between each type before buying an artifact.

Artifacts of order of the sword are a very versatile item that can help you improve your character. They improve your skills, abilities, and even your appearance! For example, the Timeless Anchor can increase your health by 20 percent and can dispel debuffs from your enemies. In addition to being a great asset during guild wars, the Timeless Anchor is also a good choice for heroes who need tankiness.


Order of the sword is a free-to-play turn-based RPG that features unique and dynamic units. Its next update is scheduled for November 24, 2021. The game’s live streams are usually accompanied by a list of new events, heroes, and free currencies. While the latest live streams for Epic Seven were not aired on the game’s official YouTube channel, players can keep up to date with updates and new content by following the official forums.

New limited unit

The latest expansion for Order of the Sword will introduce the new limited unit Summertime Iseria. This unit attacks all enemies after it descends. It also increases Combat Readiness by 20% and Evasion by 3 turns. It was first teased by Smilegate during the official patch preview stream. It will be released under the Limited Time Summon banner on 26th August 2021. You can find out more about this unit and its abilities below.

Exchange shop

In Order of the Sword, players can spend their gold from the Exchange shop to purchase various items. There are some limitations to some items. However, you can still get them if you meet the requirements. The main reward of this quest is a Jade Necklace, which you can use only once per account. You can also earn Epic Catalysts to receive a Demon Blood Gem, which can be used five times per week. This quest also unlocks a rare Catalyst reward, which is the Erikion Carapace. You can also get the Order of Shield Insignia, a rare reward.

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