Guilty Gear x Epic Seven – Everything You Need to Know

Epic Seven

The Guilty Gear x Epic Seven collaboration is coming to the game this Thursday. It will include new Characters and Units and the use of a new tournament currency called Token for the Chosen. If you are planning on playing the game, you should definitely check out this article! We’ll cover all of the important details that you should know about the collaboration. So, get ready for a lot of fun!

Characters from Guilty Gear will be added to Epic Seven

A new collab is coming soon for Epic Seven, which will feature characters from the popular Guilty Gear anime. Players will be able to play as Guilty Gear characters like Dizzy and Baiken. These characters will be available for free through the collab. Players can also purchase the resources necessary to spark the collaboration characters. As a bonus, the Guilty Gear collaboration event will also provide special log-in bonuses.

The Guilty Gear collab also features a new character, Jack-O, which is half human and half robot. The new hero will be available to summon on an exclusive banner starting on 24 March 2022. Players can purchase a summoning guarantee to ensure that they will summon Jack-O within 120 summons. As of this writing, there are no other details regarding the new hero, so stay tuned for more information!

The character Testament is a familiar face for fans of the Guilty Gear series. His last appearance in the franchise was in Guilty Gear XX, but fans are excited to see him return in the new game. Arc System Works also announced that it will add a new character stage to the game with the release of Testament. The new character will join the roster on March 28 for Season Pass holders and separately on March 31.

Units from Guilty Gear will be buffed

New Hero banners will be added every month. Every month, a new Hero will be unlocked. These banners will last for two weeks and feature new units. While most players are excited to see the new heroes, not everyone will be able to get one. Fortunately, you can get the latest updates on the game’s official website and on Facebook. You can assign the banners to which hero you prefer. The most popular units are Heart of Orbis, High Command, and Champion Zerato.

Boosted – New heroes will gain some of the same buffs as previous patches. Some of these heroes have had huge buffs, but are now more useful than ever. You can now equip two or three units in a single group to gain the benefits of their buffs. However, you need to use this in conjunction with your other team’s heroes to make the most of them. If you are not planning to buy any new heroes, you can still use units from the previous patches to gain an advantage. You can also spend gold to upgrade your units, which is a bonus for the upcoming patch.

Ray – A 5* Earth Element soul weaver, Ray is a solid choice for turn two teams. Her innate resistance means she can be a powerful counter-initiator. In addition, Cerise is the first limited hero in the year 2020, so you may want to consider upgrading her to a 5* Ice Ranger. Cerise is also a good choice for teams that are looking for a debuffer. She also has a new CR buff that prevents the enemy team from gaining Combat Readiness, which is essential for slow DPS units.

In addition to the new passive, there are some new units in the game. Unlike in other games, Gunther will have an immortal buff on her allies. This buff will help her revive fallen teammates if they die. As long as you play her correctly, you’ll have a high chance of winning. However, it’s worth noting that the passive debuff won’t affect the AOE of her weapons.

Alencia – A 5* Fire Ranger. This new hero is a rerun of a Guilty Gear collaboration, and is meant to be a single-target combo DPS. She has defense breaking abilities and a high damage multiplier. Although she’s not a bad unit, the new Alencia is still a controversial addition. With the right investment and refinement, she’ll kill most enemies.

Token for the Chosen is a tournament currency

Token for the Chosen is essentially the game’s tournament currency. Players must acquire Tokens for the Chosen to participate in tournaments. These one-time rewards are rewarded for completing specific challenges, and you do not lose Tokens if you die. However, if you want to participate in tournaments, you must find an opponent that is at least mid-level, since the Grand Prize is a Sol-Badguy.

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