Guild Wars E7 Tamarinne Guide


E7 Tamarinne is one of the strongest PvE Heroes in Guild Wars. She has long Skill cooldowns, and her idol phase comes with a teamwide Attack buff, CR boost, and AoE Dispel. Furthermore, she has guaranteed Dual Attack at the top of her Attack range. Although Tamarinne is not very strong in PvP, she is still an invaluable Hero for completing content and farming materials.

e7 tamarinne vs Guild Wars Offense

The combat system in E7 is based on turn-based battles. Heroes are controlled with their Speed stat, and each of them has several different abilities. This turn-based combat system is also influenced by a Rock-Paper-Scissors-style element system, with each Hero having a certain element to play with. This can make a huge difference in the way you approach the game, especially if you’re a fan of anime.

Tamarinne’s kit covers many bases, and she can even tank the frontline with enough Health. With the same gear setup, she’s good for all four Hunt stages. She also does well in Arena Offense, where her unique set of skills can spike damage against a tanky team. As a support healer, she’s also a viable option. The downside to this support healer is that she’s not as effective in PvP.

e7 tamarinne vs other tamarinne

If you’re not a fan of the game’s original E7, you can always use Tamarinne instead. Tamarinne has an incredible kit and can perform debuff cleansing, mass healing, CR pushes, buff dispels, and even attack boosts. The versatile Tamarinne has long held the unofficial title of “PVE Queen.”

If you’re wondering how to best use Tamarinne in the PvE meta, you’ll want to try a combo with the Prophetic Candlestick and Iseria. They’ll both reduce the cooldowns of Tamarinne’s skills, making it easier to use her in PvE. Tamarinne also has a high health regeneration rate, making her a solid healer in Arena and World Arena.

e7 tamarinne vs Iseria synergy

Iseria and Tamarinne have a great synergy. They are excellent against stall and Dizzy Teams. However, Tamarinne needs some gear to help her maximize her potential, such as a C.Dmg Necklace and Attack Ring. These items can help Tamarinne activate her 50 percent CR buff and atk buff, and are recommended for PvP games.

Tamarinne’s CR boost is a significant boost when teaming with Iseria. She can go twice as fast with speed boots. She should have the highest speed of either her ally. She can also use her S2 to dispel high priority enemies. Iseria’s attack buff can give her a huge boost. Tamarinne can also buff a key unit with her S3 buff. This team is strong for PvE and PvP, as she’s a very versatile unit that can shine with her abilities.

While Iseria can work well as a support character, it is much more effective on the offense. She is particularly useful when paired with units that have longer cooldowns. She can also be baited by opponents. Tamarinne’s Full Bloom and Oathkeeper can both be extremely powerful if used correctly. This is an especially effective strategy for PvP, as the combo is more powerful on offense than on defense.

E7 Tamarinne vs Iseria is one of the best offensive comps in the game. With its unique skillset and unbuffable properties, Tamarinne is one of the most versatile healers in the game. She is particularly good with Banshees, Azimanaks, and Golems. And it’s best to use two DPS units, and Speed Tuning for optimal results.

e7 tamarinne vs Cermia

The gameplay is very similar to Hero Collecting Role Playing Games (hero collectible card games) or Gachas. Combat is turn-based and the Speed stat of Heroes determines when they are able to play their abilities during combat. There are several different abilities to choose from, and each Hero has a specific element they are tied to. Here are a few suggestions for your team.

A Tamarinne build prioritizes Skill 3, which has a low cooldown and is useful in almost any stage, especially in the hardest PVE game modes. The healing from this build scales off of ally health, making it a valuable centerpiece for any PVE team. It’s also a solid healer in Arena and World Arena. So if you’re unsure about which Tamarinne to pick, try these suggestions:

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