Epic Seven Summer Event – Adventures in a Winter Wonderland

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The next step in the Epic Seven Summer Event is the Adventures in a Winter Wonderland side story. In this article, we will discuss the rewards and the characters from this event. We will also discuss the Mysterious Island, which has recently been added to the game. If you haven’t already played it, be sure to check it out! Hopefully, these tips will help you make the most of the event! And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive news and tips about future events!

Adventures in a Winter Wonderland

To participate in the Adventures in a Winter Wonderland event, you must first reach Account Rank 9. Once you’ve reached this level, you can start playing the game and begin your journey through the world. The first stage in the event is called “The First Stage” and you must defeat the enemies to advance to the next one. However, this stage isn’t all about fighting monsters, since there are also several story stages, including Gift Stages. This stage is unique and offers a chance to get a gift item.

Characters in the side story

In the Epic Seven game, players can choose from four characters to form their teams. Their objectives are to fight monsters and protect their groups. Players will be given four new skills to equip in order to defeat their enemies. The story of the game revolves around making smart decisions and completing objectives. Players can also purchase items to enhance their heroes’ attributes. The Summer Event is also an opportunity for players to win in-game currency.

The new side story will be available after the patch update on 21 July 2022. The main protagonist in the game is Sharun, the son of the deceased emperor. He tells the story in a systematic manner. Sharun foresees that a disaster will occur inside a shrine. The player will travel to several locations on the side story map to experience the event. After the Summer Event ends, players can participate in the next season of World Arena titled “Conquest”.

The new side story will run for two weeks. Players can obtain event currency by completing stage 10 five times. The coins earned can be exchanged for items. The new Summer event will feature a new skin system for Heroes, as well as a new side story involving Karin and Phantom CIC. This side story will also include rewards for clearing Achievements. Players can also earn Covenant Bookmarks, which can be exchanged for MolaGora skins.

During the Summer event, players can purchase new characters with more premium currencies, such as Sharun. Players can also choose to buy additional premium currency by completing certain stages in the side story. They can also receive bonus event currency when they complete certain stages with certain heroes. Once they clear them, they can then purchase additional items or unlock new stages. This way, they can get a greater chance to win.

Rewards in the side story

The new summer event is here, and this year, Epic Seven has added a special side story for the players to enjoy! This summer, players will be able to complete several achievements to gain special rewards. In Chapter 1, players can earn colorful seashells and vibrant ore. Chapter 2 and 3 will give players battered lamps and Icefield Messenger Collection, which they can exchange for the items they need to advance.

The new collaboration between Epic Seven and Re: Zero is set to launch in the game this August. The collaboration will be open for two weeks, from August 5 to August 19. Players can look forward to meeting Re:ZERO characters in Epic Seven, and read about their adventures on the Re:ZERO website! It will be a great way for players to learn more about the game they love! You can find out more about the new collaboration in the side story of Epic Seven.

Re: Zero re-run

During the summer event, Re: Zero players can get a freebie from August 5 to August 19. This is in addition to the usual rewards you’d get by playing the game. For example, the first day of the event grants you 50 extra energy, and you can get more if you log in more than one day. The event currency is called Aqua Crystals, and it’s only available when you play battle stages.

The Epic Seven team has collaborated with Re: Zero on a special event. The collaboration began about two weeks ago and was announced on the official Youtube channel. During the two-week period, players will meet characters from Re: Zero. They’ll also be able to read special Side Stories called “Guests from Another World” and “Flowers of Fortune.”

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