Epic Seven Leak – What You Need to Know

Epic Seven

If you’ve been looking forward to the seventh installment of the fantasy series, then you’ve probably come across the news of an epic seven leak. This information was released on March 20 and has many fans excited. The details are quite diverse, with everything from Assassin Coli’s “Murder” to the voice acting of Elena. Read on to discover what you need to know to make the most of this information. But first, let’s talk about a few interesting things we’ve learned from the leak.

Luna’s banner

A lot of players have been speculating about the return of Luna, but the news isn’t really a big surprise. The game’s latest leak shows that Luna’s banner will be back for a limited time. That means she’ll be available in KR. This isn’t too surprising, considering the popularity of the character. However, her kit isn’t as useful as it once was, and her gear isn’t nearly as powerful as it once was. Currently, Luna is a semi-viable DPS option, despite her less useful kit.

The reveal also reveals the true identity of the mysterious half-dragon, Yufine. The ostracized half-dragon is the final antagonist in the Halloween Manor side story. She’s also a major antagonist in Episode 3.

The new Epic Seven leak also reveals that the game’s Hero Acquisition will be easier with the introduction of custom mystic summons. This feature will be available for a limited time from April 28th to July 21st, 2022. The new summons will only be available to players who have Mystic Medals. These summons will be available to players for two hours, and players will receive Moon’s Mirage Coins, which will act as their pity.

In addition to a new Banner each month, Epic Seven also features Hero reruns. New Heroes are released every month, and their banners are often available for two weeks. The biggest problem with Epic Seven’s banners is that players don’t always know which heroes will be coming up next. However, players can get information about the future of the game’s banners on official STOVE forums and Facebook, and they can assign banners to their preferred heroes. While most players are happy with Luna’s Banners, a new banner can be obtained every few hours.

In addition to Luna’s banner, other new features were added to the game. A new labyrinth, Eastern Trading Ship, and a new event are also in the works. The game will also rework Sanctuary, which will let players acquire more MolaGoras. Additionally, there will be new abyss challenge mode, and the game will nerf some missions in order to get Adin.

Judge Kise’s jiggle physics

The jiggle physics of Judge Kise in Epic Seven are unmatched in the game. He’s one of the most popular characters in the game, and his jiggle physics have become legendary among E7 units. However, this won’t make him a playable character. Instead, he’ll likely be a remnant of the past. Regardless, Kise is still an incredibly fun character.

Elena’s voice acting

Nina Dobrev surprised fans when she revealed her new Elena’s voice in the Vampire Diaries season seven finale. The actress has been recording new material for this week’s episode, and her voice was heard over a vision of Elena and Damon. We’ve learned more about Elena’s new voice in the video below. And here’s what you need to know about the Vampire Diaries season seven finale.

There are many voice actors who voice the characters in the Epic Seven gacha, and some of them play multiple roles. Some of these actors have appeared in previous games, too. Check out these recognizable names for the English and Japanese dubs. You may also want to check out Elena’s new skin, Starlit Melody. It will change her personality. And you’ll be glad you did! And don’t forget the other female characters!

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