Solitaria of the Snow – How to Maximize Solitaria’s Abilities in Epic Seven

Epic Seven

If you’ve been playing the mobile game Epic Seven, you might be interested in the character Solitaria of the Snow. She’s a pretty cool girl with a very unique ability. Daydreaming is one of her abilities, while high speed is another. Stealth is an additional option. Damage multipliers are another one. You can find out more about them in the following paragraphs. This article is intended to help you understand how to maximize these abilities.


In the game, you can spend your daydreaming as a hero or use it to inflict damage. Daydreaming has a 25% chance to stun an enemy. It also has an extra AOE attack. In addition, it can be used to target all enemies during your turn. However, this ability does not trigger dual attacks. Luckily, the game has a built-in system to help you protect your daydream.

High speed

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If you’ve been pondering whether to purchase the new hero in Stealth, Solitaria of the Snow is a fantastic choice! Her unique passive is almost unstoppable, and her attacks deal out a massive amount of damage. With a 25% stun chance on your turn, Solitaria of the Snow is a stealth-based hero that is great for solo play and team fights alike.

Damage multipliers

Damage multipliers in Solitaria of the snow are an important part of the overall game. They help make the character more powerful by increasing her attack speed. In addition, you can use her special skills to increase your damage output, such as Boom! Starlight Fall and I Wanna Go Home. These skills will also grant you additional buffs, such as Dispel Magic. These bonuses will extend the duration of any other buffs you’re using.

Stealth buffs

The new Skill Set for Solitaria of the Snow is pretty interesting. Most of the class’s abilities are built around countering Remnant Violet and Seaside Bellona teams. Her passive is the main reason for this, and it has a lot to do with Focus. Here are some tips to use your new Skill Set to your advantage. First of all, keep your Speed high! Solitaria’s attack speed is very important, because she needs to cycle quickly in order to keep the stealth effect intact. It is also a good idea to protect her with debuffers and effect resistances, but make sure you protect your Solitaria with the right ones.

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