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Epic Seven Angelic Montmorancy is a new game that lets you play as one of seven angels. This class is extremely flexible and is able to make the most of various artifacts. Some examples include Magahara’s Tome and Wondrous Potion. Sez Gaming has made the game a breeze to play and allows you to play in just a matter of minutes. You can even customize your character and change its specialty!

New character

Epic Seven has a new hero, Angelic Montmorancy, who is a popular f2p character. She is a popular character in the mobile gacha game, and you can now create her in 3D using Sims 4’s tools. While the game is great, it could be even better with 3D technology. However, the two-dimensional aspect of Epic Seven is still very appealing.

Angelic Montmorancy is a nun who heals her allies. While she makes mistakes, she does not ask for help. When she heals allies, she has a chance to remove up to two debuffs and heals the ally. The healing she grants is proportional to the ally’s maximum Health. Angelic Montmorancy also has a short cooldown and has a buff called Purification that gives her 50 combat readiness.

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Epic Seven has many tiers, but one important thing is that you can choose any character on any tier. You can find the right character for you by using the tier list below. This way, you will have an easier time choosing a character to play as. If you have a problem choosing a character, you can always consult an Epic Seven hero tier list to help you make the right choice.

Specialty change

If you’re planning to use Epic Seven’s new 3* Ice/Soulweaver Specialty Change, you need to know how to get it. The new Specialty Change can be obtained by farming certain materials and using time to level up your heroes. This is a guaranteed way to raise the power level of your team. You need to kill 500 Spirits before you can get the change. E1SS 1-8 will give you 2/2/3 kills with Ezera AP and S1 on the enemy. The following are some tips and guides to get the most out of this new change.

Dark Tank – The new Specialty allows your character to be a solid dark tank. It doesn’t affect performance or passive defense, but the swordstorm has a chance to deal more damage than normal. Luckily, the damage you deal is proportionate to the speed of your character. You can also use the moon effect to give allies increased Speed for two turns and heal yourself for 2 turns. This is a big change for PvP players.

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Adventurer – If you’re looking for something more free-range than flashy, you might want to try an Adventurer Ras character. This character isn’t as flashy as other knights in Epic Seven, but it is a fun and free option to try. This Earth-element hero, with the Aries zodiac sign, is an excellent choice for new players. She can also transform into a Falconer if she wishes.

Dispel buffs are very useful in Epic Seven. For example, you can cast Water Energy to put enemies to sleep for one turn and then dispel one debuff from all of your allies. Afterwards, you can use it to heal your debuffed allies. The amount of health you regenerate will be proportional to the ally’s max health. In addition to being a useful healer in the tank role, Angelic Montmorancy also has the ability to grant allies 50% combat readiness and an additional 25% bonus to their AOE damage.

New skin

The Vacation 2021 Season Epic Pass includes a new skin for the Angelic Montmorancy class. You can equip the new Serene Sea Angelic Montmorancy skin by upgrading your Special Epic Pass for 1800 Skystones. This new skin has new abilities, such as increased Combat Readiness and stun enemies. This new skin is also compatible with the new Ambition Season guild war. Here are some other details on the new skin.

New maps

If you’re looking for a more flexible class in the Epic Seven, look no further than the new Angelic Montmorancy. This class is a combination of a specter and a soul weaver, and offers many flexibility in the artifacts you can use. You can also choose to burn your soul for an added bonus effect, such as increased Combat Readiness. Another unique feature of Angelic Montmorancy is the ability to enchant spirits to gain extra damage.

Collaboration with anime/visual novel series

A new collaboration between the popular turn-based RPG game Epic Seven and the popular anime and visual novel series Re: Zero is on the horizon. Both companies have announced that they will collaborate, but they won’t go into the details yet. Epic Seven has promised to share more details later. Until then, you can look forward to more details around 5th August 2021. The collaboration is expected to begin in the fall of 2021.

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