Epic 7 Labyrinth Calculator

To make your Epic 7 Labyrinth experience easier and more fun, we have prepared a guide with tips, tricks, and a calculator for the game. We’ll discuss Dispatch missions, Mini-bosses, Exploration stages, and Team composition. You’ll also learn how to increase your team’s level and power. And we’ll discuss which items and locations are more valuable, too.

Dispatch missions

The Dispatch mission is one of the most important aspects in Epic Seven, and while the system may sound simple enough, it can be difficult to master. For starters, you must have a High Command to unlock two of the best Dispatch missions. Upon completion, you will earn Ancient Coins and Conquest Points. Additionally, the Alchemist’s Steeple is required for the Epic catalysts, but it can be left at 0/3/0 in the early game. Also, MolaGoraGo costs 4 molagoras, and cannot be converted back to normal molas. Consequently, MolaGoraGo can take a very long time to max out one hero.


To make a mini-boss calculation in the epic 7 labyrinth, it is necessary to know how many health points each mini-boss has. If you’re using your entire party, you can try to reach the boss with the lowest amount of health possible. The main tank should be at least 15k HP with 1k DEF. Other party members should have 9-10k HP, and skill upgrades can help compensate for the lower ATK. If you have no idea how to defeat mini-bosses, the best way is to use your calculator to see if you can survive.

The Labyrinth is a tile based dungeon that players must clear. To clear a stage, players must defeat waves of monsters. Players begin on a tile and can only explore adjacent tiles. To clear a tile, players earn Clear Points. These points are awarded for defeating a stage’s monster waves. The number of Clear Points a player earns depends on the difficulty level of the monsters they defeated.

Exploration stages

In the Exploration stages of Epic 7, players can explore a variety of locations and collect loot. These stages are similar to the big adventure stages, and feature multiple branches and plenty of loot and enemies. They also allow players to camp in them and restore morale and friendship levels. These stages are a great way to get to know your heroes. Here are some tips to help you survive through Exploration stages.

You can also explore areas of the game using the Adventure mode, but make sure to pay attention to the Mission Objectives. Generally, you will have to complete at least the first Mission Objective, which is a good way to earn a lot of Skystones. Likewise, you may not be able to finish every level in the Labyrinth in one sitting, so you should be willing to take the time to explore all the paths. Some of the side paths have interesting stories, so check them out.

There are many different characters in Epic Seven. If you want to use them to your advantage, you can strengthen them with Selective Summon or Covenant Summon. You can also unlock their abilities once you’ve completed the first 10 stages of the game. If you have mastered these stages, you can then focus on other characters and complete the quests they offer. You can also level up your characters by strengthening their skills and equipment.

Team composition

The game’s team composition calculator has two parts – the Campfire and the Histogram. The first is a list of the most commonly used teams and heroes. The second part lets you compare your heroes’ stardom. To determine the best team, compare the usefulness of each hero. Then, choose the ones that best complement each other. Once you’ve done so, you can use the calculator to create the optimal team.

The Heroes Calculator lets you select one to four heroes and select which ones aren’t needed in your team. Then, the calculator will calculate all possible combinations with a positive morale score. As a result, the team composition calculator will be of great help in crafting your most effective combination. However, it’s important to remember that the more heroes you have, the more time you’ll need to complete the task.

Gold chests

If you’re a fan of Epic 7, you’ve probably wanted to know the exact number of gold chests you need to unlock every season. The game’s gold chests are calculated by the number of levels completed and enemies killed. However, the amount of gold chests you receive can vary depending on how much of each kind of item you’ve collected. Fortunately, you can now use our gold chests calculator to determine the number of gold chests you need to complete each level in the Labyrinth.

To use the calculator, first you need to enter your character’s level and current level. Entering the game with a low level of morale is the easiest way to find a Gold Chest, but it’s important to note that the other gold chests you have to open are harder. In this case, you’ll want to choose the healer and cleanser class as you’ll need both.

Hidden lairs

Hidden lairs in Epic 7 are located within the depths of the game’s map. This game allows players to enter a zone using the labyrinth compass. To enter this zone, players must obtain 30 Fealty or Scholar clues. Then, players can repeat the same zone. They can also clear portals. However, there are many traps and obstacles within the labyrinth.

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