Roaming Warrior Leo – How to Play It With the Sword of Flowers

The Roaming Warrior Leo has a number of unique strengths and weaknesses. He is difficult to use for Bombs but has great S1 and S2 damage. His S3 is great when used in combos and does a lot of damage when the enemy has a debuff. It is a good choice to team up with allies who can inflict debuffs and then spam S1 afterward.

Sword of Flowers

Roaming Warrior Leo is a four-star moonlight unit. However, it’s being recalled due to the upcoming Bomb changes. Here are some tips on playing Roaming Warrior Leo with the Sword of Flowers. Read on to learn how to play it and make it work for you! This spell decreases the Attack of all enemies and increases Speed. This spell also detonates all bombs on targets.


Suppress Roaming Warrior Leo’s damage output is minimal compared to other melee heroes, but his Bombs can be devastating when used correctly. These are limited by Epic Seven Immunity and cleanse, but their damage is not very impressive. They also take a long time to set up and can be rendered useless against PvE boss monsters. However, there are a few ways to counter this problem.

The Roaming Warrior Leo is a 4-star moonlight unit that is recalled because of the upcoming Bomb changes. As a result, this unit’s DPS stats are less important than his other skills. The most important stat for Roaming Warrior Leo is Spd, as it will help him to react to enemies before they have a chance to do so. While other stats are not that important, Crit Chance and Damage are good choices for substats. In addition, it is important to equip the Cursed Compass, which increases the chance of setting Bombs on the first turn.

Roaming Warrior Leo’s S1 damage is increased by Ambrote. The Roaming Warrior Leo’s S2 skill has a three-turn cooldown, and it is surprisingly spammable. While the Roaming Warrior Leo isn’t one of the toughest heros, his high base stats make him an effective hero to include in your party. This means that he isn’t very durable, but his Bombs are very powerful.


If you’re looking for a hero with a low cost and strong damage, the Roaming Warrior Leo may be the right choice for you. While his S1 and S2 are not great for DPS, they are surprisingly effective for dealing massive damage to enemies. As long as you pair him with a friend who’s an excellent debuffing hero, you can spam S1 after a debuff has been applied to an enemy.

When choosing a skill set, make sure you focus on Spd, because this is one of the most important stats for a Roaming Warrior Leo. High Spd gives your hero an advantage over enemies and counts towards her Bomb timer. Other stats, such as Crit Chance and Crit Damage, are less crucial but will still help you out. Another good substat for Roaming Warrior Leo is Cursed Compass, which gives her maximum Bomb-setting chances on her first turn.

The Roaming Warrior Leo’s S1 gives him 15% CR, while his S2 increases his attack and CR. The Roaming Warrior Leo’s S2 can also make enemies more susceptible to damage. In addition, the Roaming Warrior Leo’s S3 increases attack by 50%, and the effect is multiplied if you defeat an enemy hero.


Roaming Warrior Leo is a 4-star moonlight unit. Due to upcoming changes to Bomb, the hero will be recalled. This article will explain the cooldowns for roaming Warrior Leo and how you can avoid them. Alternatively, you can learn more about the Hero. We’ll take a look at the differences between the Roaming Warrior Leo and the Dark Ranger.

Roaming Warrior Leo has very few utility abilities. Although it can boost enemy skills, it does not have any real utility. Its S2 has a 3-turn cooldown, but it can be spammed with little effort. Despite not being the strongest hero in the game, the Roaming Warrior Leo has excellent base stats and high Spd, which help her bombs.

Roaming Warrior Leo’s kit is weak, making it less useful in PvP games. While the S1 causes Attack Break, S2 causes debuffs, which has little justification. Bomb damage ignores up to 80% of the enemy’s Def stat. Bombs are best used to punish heavy defended Knight heroes and to cut through enemies with Def buffs.

Gear set

The Roaming Warrior Leo is a 4-star moonlight unit. There is a problem with this unit’s skills, and a recall has been announced. As a result, some players may wish to use other units. Regardless of what you use, make sure that your gear sets are optimal. Here are some tips for choosing a gear set for Roaming Warrior Leo:

A Roaming Warrior Leo’s kit is not great for Bombs, so I recommend a heavy Def buff and an offensive weapon. While Roaming Warrior Leo has a low damage cap, he is great for his S1 and S2 skills. S1 has higher damage and is a useful skill to spam when the enemy has been debuffed. This is particularly useful if you’re paired with an allie that can inflict debuffs on enemies.

While Roaming Warrior Leo’s skills are pretty good, they do have some downsides. Most notably, his S2 has a 3 turn cooldown and is easily spammable, and he isn’t the most durable hero, but he still has high base stats. This will help him deal damage with his Bombs, and his high Spd will also allow him to survive longer in a combat situation.


Roaming Warrior Leo was born in a family of scholars. Growing up, he dreamed of becoming a warrior. Unfortunately, he lost his parents to Axe Bandits. Today, he believes that repairing the world is the only way to become a true warrior. His strengths include Effectiveness and Atk%. Read on for some of his other strengths. This build also includes a skill called Bomb.

Roaming Warrior Leo is difficult to use for Bombs, but the S1 and S2 do decent damage. His S3 is on par with a 3 Earth-element hero, so he’s best paired with an ally who can inflict debuffs. When paired with an ally who can inflict debuffs, he’ll be able to spam S1 afterward.


There are a number of ways to improve the Roaming Warrior Leo’s damage. Roaming Warrior Leo’s S1 and S2 abilities are a strong combination for a variety of purposes. Roaming Warrior Leo’s S1 is particularly strong when paired with allies that can inflict debuffs. If you can get your allies to inflict debuffs on their enemies, you can spam your S1 on them.

Pavel is an extremely versatile Ranger, but he’s gear intensive. Without 280-300 speed, he’s nearly useless. The Operator Sigret, on the other hand, is an excellent choice because of its speed and ability to counter drafts. Its high attack speed and ability to dispel debuffs is an excellent combination, and it works well as an opener. It also dispels two buffs and can push your enemies back.

Artifacts of Roaming Warrior Leo are an important way to improve the ML Leo’s damage. By equipping them, the ML Leo has increased attack speed, increased damage when debuffed, and a chance to place an extra bomb. When the bomb is debuffed, it also decreases the duration of the Bomb. This means that Roaming Warrior Leo is an excellent option in World Exploration, Abys, and Arena, and should be considered by players as a top-tier hero.

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