Heroes of Unity Epic Seven – Tips For Getting the Most Mileage Out of Your Artifacts

Getting the best artifacts, heroes, runes and equipment mileage is important in Unity Epic Seven. Fortunately, there are a few tips for getting the best mileage out of your Artifacts. These tips should make your life easier as you level up. You will be able to gain experience and power faster if you follow these tips. Read on to find out how to make your Artifacts go farther and be more effective!


Artifacts in Unity Epic Seven are a fantastic way to boost your overall DPS. You can find several different types of artifacts, which will all serve to make your unit more powerful. However, there are also a few artifacts which you can use instead. Some of these artifacts are more useful than others. Let’s take a look at a few of the best ones.

First, you need to choose an element. You can choose from either Fire or Earth for your class. Fire is the element of rangers and mages, while Earth and Ice are the elements of clerics and warriors. Make sure to choose the appropriate one for your class, as this will affect the types of artifacts you can use. Once you have selected your element, you can start building your class.

You can also use Artifacts to summon a hero. The best way to do this is by using Covenant Bookmarks. These are special items that you can use to summon artifacts and heroes in the game. These bookmarks will increase the chances of you getting a 5-star hero. Besides, they also increase your overall DPS. This means that you can use your artifacts to help you level up faster. You should also consider using the Covenant Bookmarks to increase your hero’s level and make it harder to lose them.

Another Artifact in the game increases hit chance and damage dealt. This makes it very useful when you’re trying to counter Violet. It can be useful if your opponents are using a team of non-attack heroes, such as the Conqueror Lilias. This Artifact can be obtained for X armbands each, and it is important to note that you need six copies of it to break the limit.


Despite the constant update cycle, there is one major problem in Heroes of Unity: the game is overloaded with artifacts and heroes. The result is a diluted pool of champions and a frustrating experience for players. Fortunately, there are ways to remedy this imbalance. Listed below are some tips and tricks to help you play more effectively. Let’s take a look at the most notable changes in the new patch:

The new Mystic Summon feature will allow players to choose between 4 and 5 star moonlight heroes. The summoning ability will allow players to choose a new hero every day for a limited time, and the pity for this feature remains at 200 summons. Players who have collected the required number of Mystic Medals will be eligible to use these new summons. During the time period, they will receive a reward known as Moon’s Mirage Coins.

New players can use the Selective Summon feature to quickly enhance their Heroes. An SSS imprint gives them more resources and additional stats for themselves and allies. A Covenant Bookmark, which rewards the completion of the first quest, is also available. During the first couple of days, it is a good idea to imprint your A or S tier 5* Hero. In addition, you should try to complete the core set of 4 Heroes. The game’s early access to artifacts is limited, so working on the core set of four heroes will be the key to progression.

A common problem with Violet is that she has multiple ways to evade attacks. While her passive can be useful, it can be countered by a number of Heroes. For example, Specter Tenebria’s abilities allow her to deal splash damage to all enemy units, but these can be canceled with multiple Burns or Bombs. A few Fire Heroes are also equipped with debuffs, including Seaside Iseria. Her bombs will detonate on all enemies, dealing damage proportionate to her attack. And since her bombs bypass Evasion, they are a good choice for countering Violet’s evasion.


In Runes in Unity Epic Seven, you can choose to equip different runes to increase your performance. The Health Rune increases your max health by 15%, while the Commandment Rune increases your ally’s Dual Attack damage. Defense Rune increases your defense by 15%. Order and Skill Runes increase the chances of dispelling buffs and increase your ability to use special attacks. Sacrifice Rune absorbs 30% of damage.

The Epic Seven update will introduce new heroes, new terrains, and an Elemental conversion scroll. The update will also introduce a new main character, Adin. Adin is a three-star Earth elemental Thief unit. It is expected that Adin will be able to change her element through Elemental conversion scroll. You can also expect to see several new weapons and armor. The Epic Seven update will be free to play and available in batches after patch maintenance.

In order to get more gold in Unity Epic Seven, you must farm. Farming in the game will yield gold depending on how valuable your equipment is and how rare it is. You can also sell equipment to gain gold. The most common way to farm for gold is to run hunt 11 and sell the equipment you’ve gathered. Most players complain of lack of gold, so the quest to find more gold will help them to get the necessary items. You can also farm runes from Spirit Altars.

Kayron is an expert in deception and manipulation. She is born under the sign of the ram, and a fire thief, with a high chance of infuriating more than one enemy. Her attack stats are minimal, but her memory footprint gives her a health boost. This makes her a viable tank and healer. If you want to play your character in a team, it helps to have runes in unity epic seven to maximize its potential.

Equipment mileage

Equipment mileage is a system that lets you craft Epic quality gear. The mileage varies depending on the level of the crafted equipment. There are some quality-of-life changes coming to equipment upgrading in the upcoming update. You can now auto-add charms to your equipment, making it easier to see the value of the item you are crafting. The amount of upgrading materials is also increased from three to twenty. In order to maximize your equipment mileage, it’s recommended to use high-quality materials.

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