How to Use Pavel in Dota 2 Epic 7

Epic Seven

As an AOE Damage Dealer, Pavel is a fantastic opener in Dota 2. His MolaGora also offers good AOE damage. This makes him a versatile hero who works well against many types of teams. Pair him with a team that cleaves enemies, and you will have a winning combination! This article will cover the different ways you can use Pavel in Dota 2.

Pavel’s damage modifiers are mediocre

While Pavel’s base Attack and Speed are good, his damage modifiers are average. This means that he is not the best choice for PvP. The best build for Pavel is to focus on his ATK Up buff, which will be helpful when playing a high-damage game. If you’re planning to play a tank, a character like Kayron or Assassin Coli would be a better choice. The latter two have more survivability and damage output, and both will give you a higher AP score.

Pavel’s damage modifiers are mediocral, but he has a lot of potential to be an excellent PvP hero. With his massive amount of health and his incredibly high Crit Chance, Pavel is one of the best tank heroes in the game. However, Pavel’s damage modifiers are weak and he is vulnerable to some weaknesses. Luckily, he has an excellent ability to counter Seaside Bellona, which is a rare Hunter.

Pavel’s S2 provides hit chance debuff

When used properly, Pavel’s S2 is an effective way to take out Seaside Bellona and increase your team’s damage output. However, this hero is not strong enough to play on its own, and needs a supporting cast to ensure she doesn’t get killed. The best way to use Pavel is to invest in her attack, speed, and crit damage. Her S2 has a self attack buff, and she can soul burn this into her S3, increasing her damage output. She also has a hit chance debuff, making her an excellent choice for sniping ice units and taking out Seaside Bellona.

Although Pavel’s cleave is fairly strong, it lacks speed scaling and is not very new player friendly. His kit is bulky and he may be a bit slow. Pavel is also a bit calculating, but his main strengths lie in his team reliant play style. Although Pavel has a high base speed of 125, it is also fairly slow and not very new player friendly. Pavel is best paired with dual attackers and fast bulky s1’ers.

Pavel must have 100% Crit Chance

To become a high-end DPS hero, Pavel must have 100% Crit Chance or his epic set is useless. Pavel’s kit is aimed at an explosive style of play, so the best way to increase his attack is by enhancing the skill sets he already has. If you’re planning to play Pavel in a team, you should keep in mind that he needs 100% Crit Chance, since the last two skills increase his attack. This will help him be more flexible in terms of the composition of the team.

While Pavel is great at PvP, the damage it deals is not enough to win. You need a hero with 100% Crit Chance for this build to be effective. This way, you can be sure that every target will receive 100% damage, and you’ll get a 50% CR buff from the Challenger Dominiel. You can also use this build for high-end PvP, especially if you have a good Wyvern 11 or 12.

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