All Rounder Wanda Guide

The All-Rounder Wanda is an all-rounder that debuffs enemies for every turn. Its passive S2 inflicts a debuff every turn, and its S3 can be dangerously spammable with enough Runes. This ability is especially helpful in debuff-centric battles and will allow your allies to activate their Rage sets and Kal’adra Artifact.

Dark Ranger

Dark Ranger is an all rounder that has excellent defense penetration and a decent DPS build. Her Specimen Sez, which is 100% defense penetration, is also included in her kit, and her One Shot, One Kill has a 25% chance to reduce the cooldown of One Shot, All Kill by one turn. The Wanderer build is another good option that focuses on spamming the Wanderer’s S1.


Mercenary All Rounder Wanda is a Dark Ranger with Horoscope Gemini. This character does not summon but is still an excellent choice for PvP or PvE comps. She has 3 skill slots and uses Specimen Sez to get 100% defense penetration. Her One Shot, One Kill and Soul Burn abilities can be used to gain additional effects on enemies. All of these skills have rune enhancement effects that are according to the maximum standard.

The All-Rounder Wanda passive is extremely powerful, but its weak points are that it is random and she may hit the wrong enemy, or an enemy with immunity. Her passive will also require high Effectiveness to get past enemy Effect Resistance. So, it is recommended that you have lots of Effectiveness to get the most out of Wanda’s passive abilities. The following are tips on how to build your All-Rounder Wanda:


The All-Rounder Wanda is a popular choice for players looking to boost their damage and speed. She doesn’t have a set gear, but she’s generally more effective with speed + hit. The Destruction and Rage enchantments boost Wanda’s damage, which means more chances to apply targeted attacks. The Sword of Judgment is an excellent Artifact for Wanda. This Artifact gives her an extra S1 shot, making it a great choice for boosting her damage and speed.

The All-Rounder Wanda is very useful in a team situation, and her S1 and S2 buffs are highly effective in dealing damage. However, there are some limitations to All-Rounder Wanda. While her passive damage is high, it’s very unpredictable, and her target may not always be the same enemy. The All-Rounder Wanda’s passive can also lead to her target being immune to her ability, making it difficult for her to do much damage on her own.

Random buffs

The All-Rounder Wanda’s passive is a very powerful tool, but it also has some weaknesses. First of all, it’s extremely random. The passive can target the wrong enemy or an enemy with immunity. Second of all, Wanda’s passive is very dependent on the Target debuff. If the debuff is not stacked, Wanda’s passive will not produce bonus damage.

The All-Rounder Wanda is a Dark Ranger with the Horoscope of Gemini. She can’t be summoned, but she has some decent stats. For instance, her One Shot, One Kill has a 100% defense penetration. She can also soul burn her One Shot, One Kill for additional effects. Her rune enhancements are also up to the standard maximums, which is a plus.

Another good choice is a buff dispeller. When dispelling, Alencia will apply a Defense buff to your team, which will make your All-Rounder more survivable. Shadow Rose also has CR-push, CR-delay, and Defense Break, which can help Wanda survive in tough situations. If you’re looking for a buff dispeller, Shadow Rose is a great choice.

Low HP

One of the most popular characters in World of Warcraft, All-Rounder Wanda is an underrated tank. Her passive is very effective, but it’s random, so you may end up targeting the wrong enemy, or a team that has immune to the skill. The damage Wanda deals also depends on the Target debuff that she has. Low HP All-Rounder Wanda is a good choice for a tank, as she’s good at DPS and doesn’t lose HP very quickly.

The S2 of All-Rounder Wanda’s passive does not do much damage, but it is good for buffing her DPS. She also gets a 35% damage boost if she’s targeting an enemy. However, this passive is not particularly useful if the enemy has a high Effect Resistance, and she’ll need to have plenty of Effectiveness to bypass that resistance. However, if she’s able to get a high amount of Effectiveness, she’s an excellent choice.

The All-Rounder Wanda’s bonus Accuracy makes her an excellent choice if you’re looking to get more utility out of her. The weapon is also Dark-element, which gives it the advantage of dealing with Elena’s buff and dealing with cleansing teams. It also has good utility and damage, which makes it an excellent choice for any team. Despite its dark element, Wanda is able to deal with all three types of damage.

Easy to kill

The Marvel movies have several characters in New York City, and Wanda is no exception. She shatters Mister Fantastic’s body and pops his head, and snaps Captain Carter’s neck. She then buries Captain Marvel under the rubble. However, the film does not provide any closure for the character. Ultimately, the story is not as satisfying as one might hope, and fans should beware of the sequel.

The last quest for the all-rounder Wanda is a trial battle against an NPC. The trial battle boss uses a spin attack to instantly kill all heroes, so you should be able to take down all of your heroes without too much trouble. If you’re able to avoid the boss, then you’re almost done. There are several other trials and mini-bosses you can complete as well, but the trial battle is the easiest.

The All-Rounder Wanda is a Dark Ranger with a Gemini Horoscope. This Dark Ranger has no summons, but she is an okay upgrade. She can also be used alongside Specimen Sez, which grants her 100% defense penetration. She has three skills. The first, One Shot, One Kill, can be soul burned for extra effects. The rune enhancement effects on this character are according to the maximum enhancement standard.

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