Epic Seven Expedition Guide – Brutal Pherus and the Ram

Epic Seven

As a first-tier Banshee player, you should be familiar with Brutal Pherus and the Ram’s kit. This will help you choose the right weapons and skills for the situation. You can also make the most of your first-tier character by focusing on DPS characters. In addition, this article will explain the best way to defend yourself against the Devil’s Arm’s focus on frontline units. And finally, we’ll discuss the best way to use your DPS character in order to defend yourself against the Brutal Pherus, a fire element monster located in the Regret Wilds.

Brutal Pherus

Brutal Pherus is a tank that can be useful against a team of Heroes. The damage it can do is boosted and it can be used to wipe a team. It also has a passive that increases damage by 10% per level. It also has a large effect resistance that scales, with 70% effect resistance at level one and 100% at level three. Brutal Pherus is immune to most CCs and %HP based damage.

The first thing to remember is that Brutal Pherus has three levels, each with slightly different mechanics. Those who are new to the game can take the lower level to increase their damage output, while players in the middle and endgame can tackle the higher levels of the boss. The damage output is very high, so a tank or strong healer is needed to keep the damage down. The good news is that Brutal Pherus is one of the easiest bosses to learn. It’s also easy to master.

Ram’s kit

You’re looking to improve your team’s survivability, and you’re wondering which build is best for Ram. This Ram build combines Destruction with Rage, giving you a boost to your total damage when your enemy is debuffed. The speed boots and ATK break boosts help you do this, too, but it’s also overkill stat-wise. It’s not recommended for everyone, so there are other options available if you’re not focusing on DPS. Cermia, Adin, and Cecilia are all non-DPS builds that you can play.

Brutal Pherus’ effect resistance

Brutal Pherus’ damage output will increase as he level up, and his normal attack will deal increased damage if targeted on the front row. This attack also applies the uncleansable Silence debuff, and he will occasionally enter Offensive Posture, which grants him additional damage while reducing defense. During Offensive Posture, Heroes will increase their CR manipulation effects by 300%. If a Hero has an increased CR on their S1 ability, they can easily cycle through this effect quickly.

The best team composition for Brutal Pherus is a mono-Ice team. The elemental advantage passive of this character makes it preferable for teams to have Ice heroes. The primary tank is an Ice Knight, but a non-Knight can be a one-shotter. There are strong options such as Rose and Crozet for the defensive team, with Rose being a stronger alternative.

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