Epic Seven Mystic Summon – How to Get the Highest Drop Rate and Avoid Losing Artifacts

Epic Seven

If you have played the mobile gacha game Epic Seven, you know how difficult it is to land the perfect mystic summon. The game is incredibly fun and rewarding, and while you might not be able to afford a top-tier summon at all times, you can easily increase your drop rate by making custom group summons. Here are some tips to get the most out of your mystic summon rotations. You’ll find out how to get the highest drop rate and avoid losing your ‘perfect’ artifact.

Artifacts not rerolled for

This enchantment will allow you to summon a new hero from a random summoning pool. You can choose between two classes: a Ranger or a Thief. Or, if you’re going for a more powerful character, you can select a Knight or a Drui. The best thing about this summoning option is that you can choose from a number of different hero builds. You can also choose to play a character with an elemental type – Earth, Light, or Dark.

If you are unsure which hero to choose, you can reroll for free until you unlock the one you want. The process will take 30 minutes to complete. After the first summon, you can choose which heroes you want to reroll. This method will allow you to farm for free heroes and eventually unlock a large roster of them. If you’re not sure which hero to choose, check out our guide to hero rerolling.

The first thing you’ll need to decide is the element your character uses. If you’re a Ranger, try using the element Fire, while if you’re a Mage, choose Ice. This way, you’ll have an easier time selecting an artifact that suits you best. Just remember to be careful because the element you choose will affect your character’s performance in the game.

When you’re using your summon, it’s important to select the right artifacts and weapons for the job. Damage dealers should use weapons and artifacts that increase their damage, while tanks should use gears that boost their HP and DEF. This is a great way to get the best out of your summon. In addition, you’ll be able to use them more effectively if you use the right gear.

The next step is to purchase a Covenant Bookmark. These are sold with Skystone and drop in missions. If you save 950 skystones, you’ll get 50 Covenant Bookmarks. You’ll also get three penguins of each element. These will help you get more Artifacts. They’ll also give you some bonus items for your heroes. You can buy these bookmarks from the Secret Shop. However, these will cost you a lot of gold.

Heroes not rerolled for

In Epic Seven, you can roll for up to 30 times. After 30 rolls, you will be unable to re-roll for a particular hero. If you are unable to obtain the desired hero, you can reset your account information and try again. After 30 minutes, you will be able to acquire the summon again. Alternatively, you can farm for free heroes. This will allow you to get a wide roster of heroes in the end.

If you do not want to risk losing your legendary summon, you can reroll for a hero from your other characters. A three-star hero is a solid choice. A three-star hero can match a higher-rarity hero and even outperform it. For example, you can choose the wyvern 11 or abyss version if you don’t have Angelica. If you don’t have this hero, you should try another class.

The game’s combat system is similar to other RPGs and Hero Collecting games. It is turn-based and each hero has a unique ability. In addition to the RPS style of combat, players can also choose to equip their Heroes with different skill and equipment. The game’s five-element system allows players to collect Heroes that have specific properties, such as magic. In addition, the elements of Epic Seven can be manipulated by changing the environment. Having specific units will provide a significant edge in combat.

There are many shops in Epic Seven, each with a specific niche. You can use these shops to purchase various items and gear for your heroes. Each shop will grant you some specific utilities that are useful in the game. By purchasing these products, you can increase your hero’s power, speed, and defense. In addition, you will gain experience by completing quests. This will also give you extra gold for your hero’s gear.

The custom Mystic Summon will be a little different than the Mystic Summon process, but there are a few differences. The first is that players will be able to choose between groups. In addition to that, players can choose to summon either four or five Moonlight Hero groups. The latter group will be selected after each Mystic Summon Hero rotation. There is also a separate max summon count for each group. The four-Hero group will receive a lower summon count.

Custom group summons

Epic Seven has rolled out a new feature, the Custom Group Summoning system. This new feature allows you to choose up to 3 characters to summon. This new system allows you to spend the summoning currencies on specific characters and artifacts. The system suggests characters based on 3 criteria, including the number of characters you can summon and whether you plan to play as a group for PvP or PvE.

The new UI will be implemented in the 2/17 (Thu) update. The UI will also be updated. Players can now select any number of Heroes without limiting them to certain types. However, limited/collaboration Heroes cannot be summoned. In addition, after performing a Mystic Summon, players cannot change their Heroes once they have selected them. The next Mystic Summon Hero rotation begins 6 weeks after the first round of Custom Mystic Summon.

Drop rate up

The drop rate of epic seven mystic summon up has a lot to do with the fact that they take more time to grind than covenant summons. Mystic medals require you to spend a lot of time grinding them out and cost around 50 Skystone each. In addition, the pity from gachas is twice as high as those from covenant summons and does not reset when moving onto the next rotation. However, the rewards from these quests are worth the grind.

After you kill the Archdemon, you’ll get 30 free rerolls. During these rerolls, you can reroll artifacts and heroes. Just remember that you can only keep one of the rerolls so you need to be quick when rolling. However, this will increase the chance of you getting the summon up again. And since you can’t keep the summon up for a while, you can farm until you get one.

While crafting an Epic Seven, you can also purchase a catalyst, which gives the item bonuses in your stats. These catalysts are only available for certain heroes, so you can get them by performing specific content in the Alchemist’s Bell Tower. Moreover, you can find a wide variety of other items while crafting epic seven. Among these are:

One of the permanent side story in Epic Seven is the Unrecorded History chapter. After clearing stage 10-10 in Adventure mode, you can unlock the chapter of the game’s story mode, which details the fate of the main character, Ras. The side story also gives you higher experience per battle and features Epic rarity catalysts. This makes the grind a lot smoother. You can choose which one suits you best by gaining experience and gear from the quests.

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