My Favorite Event


If you are looking for an unconventional venue for your party, My Favorite Events is the place for you! With three rooms in one, this unique venue offers something for everyone. The venue includes dark glitter floors, a stage, dancing light show, and white draping. In addition, there is a full bar, arcade, and lounge area. It also has plenty of parking, an outdoor patio with lighting, and 2 55-inch TVs. The venue also offers concessions and a kids moonwalk.

Feedback session at trainer training event

A feedback session at a trainer training event is one of my favourite events. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn from others’ experiences and improve your own performance. It’s also helpful to have a structured way of presenting feedback. Feedback sessions should be brief, but can serve as an important foundation for the rest of the event. It is important to use the same feedback model each time, as many people have mixed feelings about feedback.

If you’re the one giving feedback, it’s important to listen carefully to what people say. It’s also important not to become distracted by other things, such as your cell phone or your lunch. This will make it difficult for you to hear what the person is saying. Focus on what they’re saying, and make sure you address any behaviors that they don’t like. Also, be respectful of the person giving feedback.

Once you’ve concluded the course, send each trainee a survey after the course. This will allow you to solicit feedback on course content and improve your program based on their answers. If possible, you should schedule a feedback session a couple of weeks after the course. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to make changes. You might even consider conducting a quiz on the training content and awarding a prize for the most correct answers.

The feedback process is an important part of the training process. The recipient’s perception of the feedback will determine whether or not it will be helpful. Feedback should be specific and tailored to the learner. Otherwise, it could be counterproductive, and exacerbate the situation. When feedback is delivered poorly, it can negatively impact the relationship between the trainer and the learner. It can also be influenced by the recipient’s own personal traits, their level of confidence, and their reasoning processes.

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