Epic Seven Rogue Guide – Rima’s Stats and Abyss Effectiveness!

We’ve discussed the stats and runes of Rima in this guide and discussed how she’s used in the Abyss. Now, let’s look at how she stacks up against the other characters. We’ll also take a closer look at Her skill tree and Abyss effectiveness. Keep reading to learn more! This is the ultimate guide for those who want to make Rima your strongest character in Abyss!

Rima’s stats

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Her runes

If you want to build a rogue, you will want to focus on her powerful stats and competences. Her recommended build is based on her high competences and tireuse of glace. She is a fierce archer with only one great fear: souris. In addition to her stats, Rima has a strong PvP presence but is not as strong in PvE.

While Iseria is known for her abilities to prevent enemy buffs and increase party damage, Rima’s role is much more subtle. Her ability to disable enemies with her Sleep spell also synergizes with other ailments and abilities. As such, she can be an excellent choice for building characters that rely on critical hits. The following are her key advantages. You should use Rima when you need her to be effective.

Her skill tree

The Specialty Changes are critical to both players and the ecosystem of the game. These changes are particularly important for 3-Star heroes, who currently lack the skills and stats to compete in PvE and PvP. To this end, Smilegate has made it a point to give these heroes the love they deserve. Rima’s Specialty Change was released just four months ago, but the community is already eagerly awaiting the next one.

While Rima is not a tank, she does have some strong skills that help her make a positive impact in various situations. First of all, her defense break is an excellent way to screw with the enemy party. She can easily disable critical units at the right time. The skill also synergizes with other characters that use Sleep and other ailments. Second, Rima’s abilities can be beneficial to characters that rely on critical hits.

Her effectiveness in Abyss

A quick look at Rima’s stats reveals that she is a strong unit in the Abyss, with a strong poison rotation and a high Attack and Defense stat. She can be summoned through Covenant Summon and relies on an Ice Ranger’s Sleep skill, which is a crit guaranteed for allies. In addition, her spells reduce allies’ cooldown by three turns. As an Ice Ranger, she’s a solid budget Iseria, lacking only a defense debuff. Her skills also include the Lullaby Arrow, which can be soul burned for additional effects.

Abyss bosses have high health pools and are relatively long, but the %HP damage done by Sol, Bellona, and Daydream Joker is also powerful. It’s impossible to clear every floor in the Abyss with raw dps alone, so your team’s DPS will be limited. Having high sustain is essential to clearing the Abyss, and the Rima Epic Seven’s effectiveness in the Abyss can be improved by acquiring the following units.

The 5*s feature a large pool of strong units that excel in their respective roles and provide overall strength to the team. Notable 5*s include Dizzy and Tamarinne, which provide a significant amount of overall strength. Dizzy and Bellona both have excellent AoE capabilities and powerful defensive debuffs. And while it’s hard to compare their stats to 5* units, most of them are competitive with 5* units.

As for DPS units, Daydream Joker is a must-have, especially in Abyss. They focus on critical damage and speed, while healers are primarily concerned with sustained damage. Daydream Joker’s high Crit Damage and Crit Chance make him a great DPS unit, while the Lifesteal set reward can provide solid DPS gear that will support the group.

Her impact in PvE

Rima’s indirect impact on the battlefield is less obvious than Iseria’s. Although her primary role is to disabling enemies and enabling allies, she falters when it comes to dealing damage. As a support character, Rima can be an effective addition to a three-unit team, but can also hinder an otherwise-strong team if you’re relying on her to pull her weight alone.

The kit is centered on countering Basar, but this makes her useless outside of PvP against this class. Its damage, cleanse, and CR push are sub-par compared to a dedicated cleanser or CR pusher. In PvE, the shaman is mostly useful in offense and has a low damage output, but is otherwise an underwhelming choice.

While the PvE impact of Rima is less noticeable than that of other characters in the game, her overall performance has been fairly consistent throughout the entire expansion. In PvP, her damage and heals make her a popular choice, but her damage output is lower than that of other characters. If you’re looking for a new hero to add to your team, you’ll want to consider an Epic Seven hero like Rima.

While Luna is not the best unit for PvE, her ability to deal damage to enemy core units is a great feature. She should be speedy, as she’ll be able to take advantage of the lower survivability of the enemy team. Moreover, she’s best paired with an Ise-Tama team. Tamarinne, on the other hand, can pull the slowest Luna to the front and become her best partner.

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