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Among the rarest items in the Epic Seven game is the Breath of Orbis. To get this item, you must defeat the boss in the Chaos Gate stage. After defeating all the weaker enemies in the first stage, you must enter the Chaos Gate portal and fight the boss. Once you’ve cleared the stage, you’ll have the Breath of Orbis. This rare item can be very useful in battles against stronger enemies.

Team composition

One of the most important aspects of Epic Seven is team composition. This is a skill that is used to create teams for PVE, Arena, Guild War, and RTA modes. However, there are many ways to make your team composition unique. Below are some tips for creating a team composition that is right for your style. Keep in mind that you should have one unit that has a high damage and healing potential. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using lots on spirits breath.

Having a strong team is essential for Epic Seven. You should try to recruit the best characters in the game to form a great team. This is not easy, so make sure you maintain a good team composition. A team with a weak tank or one with very high DPS will struggle to achieve their goals. Having a tank is essential for absorbing damage in the front line. Supports should also be on your team because they can boost DPS characters.

Another important part of your team composition is your Conqueror Lilias. She grants a 30% buff to attack and defense to allies. The Vigor buff is beneficial since it directly supports the damage-dealing abilities of her teammates. Since defense and damage scale, this makes your team more tanky. The Vigor buff is permanent and cannot be dispelled. This is why you should include a Conqueror Lilias in your team composition if you want to win.

While the game may be difficult for all players, it is possible to clear the entire area quickly. In order to do this, you must have specific units. For example, you need two healers and two AoE characters. A tanky character will be useful against units that can counter attack or dual attack. And remember that both your healers and AoE characters should be able to deal with the majority of enemy damage.

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If you’re a thief, you’ll want to check out the Dust Devil artifact. It’s a great choice, because it procs 80 to 90% of the time, and works well with characters that get additional turns from buffs. Karin, on the other hand, suffers from a low damage cap and needs more damage from artifacts. This article will cover what these artifacts do for you and your character’s gameplay.

It’s best to use your artifacts with the correct skills. For example, you’ll get a higher limit break level if you use the Elbrus ritual sword, while your other options won’t work. Also, this artifact can help Banshees in PvP, and has an AoE attack buff and an active multiplier. However, you should never use it while using a melee weapon.

If you want to earn more Gold quickly, use the Adventurer’s Path. This path offers different goals and can help you advance through the game quicker. You can use this path to earn Gold for your heroes and equipment, as well as upgrade many of the sanctuary and lobby buildings. You can also use the gold to buy new equipment, such as Epic backpacks and weapons. You can also use the gold to purchase Covenant Bookmarks and different banners.

Taeyou is one of the newest members of the five-star family of the Epic Seven. This icy boy from the realm of darkness has a single purpose in life since he was stolen by the Hand of Revolution. Although his feelings for Adin are strained, he still cherishes her and will do whatever he can to defend his home. You can also find him on the Darkside.


Units of epic seven are useful for many different purposes in the game. Besides their obvious use in the main team, they are also useful in other team compositions. They can be upgraded using certain units or by gaining new ones through connections or the Hunt Expert Challenge. Here are some of the most useful units for this team:

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If you’ve played other mobile RPGs, you may have heard of Epic Seven. This recent release from the developers of the MMORPG Summoners War: Sky Arena features 2d graphics and the Yuna engine. While it may be a relatively simple game, it features a very steep learning curve due to the incredibly complex mechanics. If you’re not a fan of having dozens of heroes, you might want to avoid this game.

If you’re looking for a way to get gold and experience faster, try following the Adventurer’s Path. Completing these quests will unlock various rewards that will help you advance through the game faster. The rewards can range from Gold, Molagoras, Stigma, Equipment sets, and Phantasmas. Epic equipment and Charms are especially helpful for the main farming hero. These items will make farming easier.

The other side to Epic Seven is the extensive currency system. It is possible to spend gold on heroes and equipment, and upgrade most of the sanctuary and lobby buildings. But gold can be hard to come by, especially late in the game. In the meantime, you can purchase premium currency called Skystones. These are used to buy items in the shop, as well as different banners and Covenant Bookmarks. They are also very helpful for purchasing new units.

You can also earn event currency for items by collecting these items. These currency can be used to purchase items in the Exchange Shop up to a week after the side story ends. There are two types of Epic Accessories: passive and active. You can use these two items in conjunction with each other to make better equipment and increase your stats. They are great for boosting attack and damage. So, if you’re a player who likes to grind, this is definitely a great way to get a higher amount of items in the game.


There are three kinds of phantasms in the game: Terra, Giga, and Mega. Each type has its own level limit, and can only be used to promote your main heroes. To raise the star level of these heroes, you must sacrifice other heroes in your team. But the reward is worth it! Using phantasms increases their star levels, so it is worth it!

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