Epic 7 – Luluca Guide

If you’re looking for a new PC game, you’ve probably come across Epic Seven – Luluca. This game is a simple one, but you have to work smart to win. There are a couple of important things you need to know about Luluca. These tips will help you out immensely in the game. The first thing is that Luluca is a top model! This is not an easy feat to achieve! The second thing is that she’s not very durable. So, you need to have the patience to play with her.

Top Model Luluca

Luluca is a top-tier model in Epic 7: Legends. This model has a straightforward build path, which you should follow to maximize her potential. The main priority should be to get close to 100% crit chance. After that, players should focus on ATK%, CDMG%, and damage. You don’t need to get the most damage you can, but it should be high enough to be effective. Most of the meta Arbiter Vildred builds are low in DEF and HP, so boosting your DEF% is a great idea. Luluca will also be making use of shields.

When compared to other Dark Mages, Top Model Luluca is a solid option for a PvP build. Her damage sharing ability is very useful, which helps mitigate damage and keep the team ahead of the other team. Also, her S2 gives her a self-attack buff, which improves her combat readiness. When built properly, Top Model Luluca is an excellent addition to a team.

Ice elemental mages

Mages are a unique class in the Epic Seven. They apply debuffs to enemies, apply CC, and are perfect when paired with offensive items. For example, Kal’adra and the Crimson Moon of Nightmares are excellent choices for this class. In addition, they have excellent HP and AoE damage. But, which artifacts can you equip with your Ice elemental mages?

Fortunately, Luluca’s support abilities are solid and allow her to set up damage dealers, sustain her team with barriers, and deal with enemies herself. Her Wild Wave ability can attack one enemy and deplete their Defence for two turns. It also scales off of the amount of health the target loses. This makes her an ideal PvE mage for players who enjoy a mixture of both PvE and PvP.

The Ice elemental mages in Epic 7 are very versatile and can use multiple skills. While some of them are attack focused, others are focused on supporting your team. They can be a great support class if you know how to use them well. While other classes will focus more on physical damage, Ice elemental mages have a wide range of options. The best thing about Ice elemental mages is that they can do damage, so they can also use the abilities of their enemies.

If you are a newbie to the Epic Seven, you can easily learn the basics by playing a trial run on the trial version. You will not need any advanced tech skills to play this game. The graphics and the animations are very detailed. The graphics are sometimes too vibrant and the abilities can make your screen explode. If you are new to the game, consider using a free trial before buying the full game.

Synergy with other DEF Breakers

When using a DEF breaker, the ability to absorb power from a Non-Out!Code is useful. Its abilities have accumulated to a great extent, and its strongest attack almost wipes out the other DEF Breakers. In addition, it deals 3 times as much damage as normal weapons. It bypasses defense and can take out an entire team. Using Synergy with other DEF Breakers is essential for many situations.

The Luluca DEF Break is a powerful ally that deals decent damage, especially as the fight progresses. Her combination of AoE DEF Break and damage ramp on her S3 increases her damage by 20% every turn until she hits 60%. This DEF breaker also has the highest chance to break a target’s DEF, making her a great choice for late-game fights. Luluca is also very good at dealing AoE damage, and her base ATK/DEF values are both near the top.

Slow rampup

While most of her weaknesses are accounted for, Luluca’s lore is compelling and her wyvern slaying is a favorite of the community. However, despite her pve strengths, Luluca’s pvp usability is very low, and her slow rampup makes it difficult to effectively utilize her full firepower in battle. Despite these weaknesses, there are ways to make Luluca more usable in pvp, such as buffing her Critical Strike and/or increasing her Crit Chance.

The primary disadvantage of Luluca is that she is slow. This makes it difficult to keep up with other units’ abilities. This means that Luluca is a good choice for beginners, but if you have more experience in the game, you may want to consider a different mage. If you’re new to MMORPGs, Luluca is a great choice. She’s a good all-round mage with some unique skills.

While Luluca’s kit is largely weak against other Heroes, she does have some very strong offensive options. Her damage ramp and AoE DEF Break allow her to deal some nice damage. Her damage increases by 20% every turn until she reaches a max damage of 60. Her chance to break DEF is 75%, and her base ATK/DEF values are among the highest in the game.

Synergy with Dignus Orb

If you’re looking for the best item synergy for Top Model Luluca, you’ve come to the right place. This item grants her a massive shield, stealth, and damage boost. It’s perfect for countering Reviver compositions that are centered on burst damage. You can also follow up with Falconer Kluri to kill squishy targets. Top Model Luluca’s build is straightforward and will maximize her Attack, Crit Chance, and damage.

Build options

There are three main build options for epic 7 Luluca, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. These builds are beginner friendly, and are all based on stats that are important to the character. For example, the Top Model Luluca builds will deal massive single target damage while being protected with Stealth and Dignus Orb’s Shield. They are also capable of following up with the Falconer Kluri, which will kill squishy targets. Top Model Luluca builds are straightforward and focus on Attack, Crit Chance, and Damage.

For maximum damage, the Top Model Luluca build should be at least +15. A +3 Victory Pose is a good option. In addition to the Top Model Luluca, the Dignus Orb is the best weapon for top-tier Luluca, as it grants a huge shield and stealth. The Dignus Orb can also provide a decent damage boost. These are the only two main build options for Epic Seven Luluca.

Depending on the game’s difficulty, Luluca is good for DPS. Her S3 and AoE DEF Break buffs make her great in raids and Abyss. Luluca’s S3 is extremely powerful, averaging 0.945 ATK/DEF and a 75% DEF break chance. However, Luluca’s DEF Break is not as good as Tywin and Bellona.

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