Misha Wallpaper – A Mishmash of Italian Style and Craft


When it comes to luxury wallpaper, Misha has many different designs to choose from. This Italian brand was started in 2009 by Cristina Celestino, a fashion designer who lives in two different cities. The brand uses 100% cotton to create their designs. The wallpapers are made to be comfortable to touch and come in several different colors, including blue and white. Its name is also an acronym for two cities, Rome and Florence. Misha also has a collection of fabric that will compliment the home of any homeowner.

Misha is an acronym for two distant cities

A mishmash of two distant cities, Misha is a contemporary interior design project that fuses traditional oriental craftsmanship with Italian taste. The project’s name comes from its Chinese-style letters, which represent both the city and the region where it was developed. The two cities are separated by a vast distance, and each has a distinct character. Misha’s language is highly paratactic, with subliminal rhymes and a rhythm that is constantly interrupted.

It is a luxury wallpaper brand

Misha Wallpaper is a handpainted luxury wallpaper brand. Inspired by the art of Oriental painting, the wallpapers are handcrafted in a Chinese factory. Each design is made from silk, giving them an innate luxury. Misha’s designs are available in several colors and patterns. The wallpapers have an antique look and are made to last. You can find Misha’s wallpaper designs in many luxury retailers across the country.

The designs are custom-made and hand-printed for each client. Misha’s collections are created to last and are tailored to each client’s interior. The company’s hand-painted wallpapers are available in custom sizes and are customized to suit the specific requirements of the client. The company offers a wide range of wallpaper patterns, including traditional and contemporary designs. Misha uses artisanal techniques to create its hand-painted wallpapers, such as silk wall panels and hand print screen.

Misha’s wallcoverings elevate painted fabric to a fine art. Each piece is entirely handcrafted. The brand draws inspiration from the iconography of Asian culture and the ancient art of silk painting. They combine contemporary design with high-quality craftsmanship to create a distinctive aesthetic. Each Misha wallpaper collection is inspired by an imaginary “elsewhere” and invites the user to journey there. Its enduring style is an excellent choice for any interior.

It is a collaboration between Cristina Celestino and designer Cristina Celestino

The Esotismi by Misha collection is a collaboration between the designer Cristina Celestino and the Italian fabric wallcovering brand Misha. The collaboration is based on the brand’s identity and values as well as the company’s unique craft production capabilities. Misha works closely with designers to coordinate the entire creative process and develop custom wallcoverings. As a result, painted surfaces become tailor-made features in interior compositions.

The collection is a blend of Mediterranean and Asian aesthetics. The designs are bold, colourful, and playful and come in a variety of patterns and colours. The designs also incorporate references from various artistic fields. A stunning example of Cristina’s work is the Mirage Folding Screen, a piece created for the special project Caffe Concerto Cucchi. The fabric is created by the renowned Italian manufacturer Lison de Caunes.

Designer Cristina Celestino is a trained architect, but her work is rooted in traditional elements with a modern aesthetic. She is a fellow Italian designer with a passion for legacy. Her work has been featured in prestigious interior design and product design events, including the Salone Satellite. In addition to her own work, Cristina Celestino has created several interiors and is a sought-after designer for many Italian luxury brands.

The Misha collection of fabric wallcoverings combines research with excellence in craftsmanship. Each piece of fabric is hand-painted or embroidered by artists. This technique allows skilled embroiderers to add textural and chiaroscuro effects to the designs. The result is a beautiful, timeless design. If you want to create a design that reflects your style, Misha is the right choice for you.

It is made of 100% cotton

The innovative brand Misha combines Italian design with craftsmanship dating back to the 18th century. Its wallcoverings are handpainted by skilled embroiderers, who also use chiaroscuro and textural effects to enhance each design. Each piece is handmade to order, so it’s important to purchase the right size for your space. Misha’s collections are available in a variety of designs, so there’s bound to be a look that suits your interior design preferences.

Misha wall panels are more like wall fabrics, as they are made from various textiles, including thin pure silk, thick Dupion, and irregular shantung-type weave. The painted surfaces are then sewn together using natural glues and trimming before being packaged and shipped. Misha’s designs are not merely beautiful – they also make the most beautiful interiors. A misha wallpaper can make any room in your home look like a designer showpiece.

It is available in fabric by the yard

If you are considering buying misha wallpaper or fabric for your home, you should know that it is made by independent artists. The artists get royalties for every sale. Misha fabric and wallpaper are also available for purchase from Spoonflower, a website that allows customers to upload their own designs. This site is a great place to buy misha home decor, and you can also buy fabric by the yard if you wish.

Misha wallcoverings are produced using age-old Chinese techniques combined with Italian design. The handmade nature of the designs allows them to be custom-made features of interior compositions. Misha fabric is available in both fabric by the yard and wallpaper rolls. Fabric wallcoverings made from Misha fabric are the ultimate in sophistication and luxury. Fabric wallcoverings will transform a room’s decor into a work of art, and are available in fabric by the yard.

It is available in wallpaper

The unique style of this animal wallpaper allows you to cover a room in a variety of animal shapes. Whether it is your living room or bedroom, animal prints can be used to cover the walls. You can also add a unique decorative feature such as matching curtains or other wall décor elements to complete the look. Misha wallpaper can create a unique oriental wallpaper design for your home. The designs will be tailored to your specific needs.

Misha is an Italian wallcovering brand that incorporates 18th-century craftsmanship with a contemporary aesthetic. The designs are created by hand, with age-old Chinese painting techniques on silk. Skilled embroiderers add chiaroscuro and textural effects to the designs. Misha wallpaper is available in various styles and is available in many different materials, including fabric and wallpaper. Misha is available in wallpaper, fabric, and textiles.

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