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Senya is a new 5-star earth elemental Knight Hero in Epic Seven. This guide will explain her abilities and how she can help you during battles. This hero is powerful but her passive skill Indomitable Spirit is a weak point. Here are some strategies for you to consider. She has the best Attack in the game, but can’t trigger a Critical Hit. Learn about how you can improve Senya’s passive skill and how to maximize its benefits.

Senya is a new 5-Star earth elemental Knight Hero in Epic Seven

This enchanting Dragon Knight can inflict debuffs and constant damage on her enemies. While pursuing Mort, she must complete side quests and events to get her revenge. These quests and events can earn her event currency. If you’d like to play Senya, follow the tips below. We’ve summarized all of the best ways to build Senya.

The game is based on a Japanese manga and anime series. Players play as the Heir of the Covenant, a creature created by the Creator, Diche. Diche created the Archdemon as punishment for neglecting his duties following the death of Orbis. Every time he attacks, Diche resets the world and gets progressively weaker. The quests in this world are designed to help the player collect Heroes and defeat the Archdemon.

In addition to her unique abilities, Senya also comes with a new Artifact, the Champion Trophy. With this trophy, players can gain a powerful soul weaver skill. This skill will heal all allies in the area. This is useful against enemies with AOE skills. The artifacts will also grant players exclusive abilities. In addition to the Champion Trophy, Senya has three great skills.

The new Earth elemental Knight Senya is a powerful addition to the game’s roster. Her ability to reduce the Hit Chance effect of all enemies is a major bonus. She can also adopt a counterattacking stance and obtain the Spear of a New Dawn. And if you have the chance, you can equip the Earth elemental Thief Ervalen, which increases Damage when the target is at its max Health.

She has a counterattack buff

If you’re playing Senya on the high end of your team, you need to focus on the counterattack buff. While it will be very useful in many situations, you’ll want to be able to stack it with other heroes. That way, you’ll have a more powerful team. If you play Senya on the low end of the spectrum, her passive will be useless. This is especially important in long fights. Luckily, Senya has a great counterattack buff.

Having the counterattack buff should make Senya’s team more efficient and effective. This buff will increase her damage over time, cycle speed, and help her revive teammates. It’s important to remember that her passive attack buff isn’t actually a passive skill, but it’s an effect. So, what can you do to maximize it? You should try to increase the passive damage of all your heroes by up to 45%.

Senya is a 5-Star earth elemental Knight Hero. While her base stats are higher than many other knights, she is more focused on delivering consistent damage. During battle, her Spear of Vengeance has a 65% chance to inflict the Provoke debuff, and a 25% increase if it’s not her turn. If you’re playing Epic Seven, it’s a good idea to pay attention to this stat.

This skill provides a short-term boost to your damage. During combat, Senya’s Counterattack buff lasts two turns. You can reduce its cooldown by using soul-burning to reduce its duration. This buff is an excellent way to protect yourself from counterattacks. You can also use it to increase your damage output. If you’re playing with a tank, you need to be mindful of the damage that the counterattack is doing.

She can’t trigger a Critical Hit

There are many ways to kill your enemies with Senya, and one of the most common is through her massive attack stat. However, triggering a critical hit is not as simple as laying on the ground and waiting for the enemy to strike. To crit, Senya must land a Head on all three coins in front of her. Otherwise, she dies. Also, her passive buff is not effective if you are not able to hit an enemy with your attack.

One way to make this problem go away is to rethink the entire plot. If the Alliance is being railroaded, then Senya shouldn’t be commander. She is sick and stupid. It’s not fair that she is the commander of an Alliance, because her plot makes her an absolute moot. If the Alliance doesn’t want her as its commander, then the players should end her story.

Another way to prevent Senya from triggering a Critical Hit is to recruit Arcann, but that doesn’t really help the game’s storyline. Koth will steal the gravestone and save her parents, but that doesn’t solve the problem. In the end, Vaylin will hate you, and she will kill you for it. It’s better to spare the lives of her parents than risk having them be murdered by her enemies.

The Epic Seven world cup is an ongoing Real-Time Arena PvP tournament that features players from all four regions. The E7WC has a US$ 50,000 prize pool, and a trophy worth US$ 30,000. But be sure to use it carefully because it’s not very likely to happen unless you want it to. If you use Senya in a raid, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time, especially if she’s doing a bad job.

Her passive skill Indomitable Spirit

In Epic 7, Senya’s passive skill Indomitful Spirit is an extremely useful buff to her Counterattack. The buff is applied to your entire team and lasts for 2 turns. Additionally, soul-burning this skill reduces its cooldown by two turns. This makes Senya a powerful counterattacker. However, you must use this skill properly or you could end up with a useless buff.

This passive skill limits Senya’s ability to land critical hits. It increases her Attack and Critical Hit Resistance by 30%, allowing her to counterattack more efficiently. It also grants her a longer counterattack stance. Another great passive skill for Senya is Grace of the Battlefield, which grants a random buff for 1 turn. However, this skill can only be activated once every 2 turns, so be sure to time your counterattacks properly. You can also counterattack with the Dragon Slayer’s Strike, which damages all enemies and inflicts a Decrease Hit Chance debuff for 2 turns.

Her artifact Spear of a New Dawn

As a 5-Star earth elemental Knight Hero, Senya specializes in consistent damage. Her base stats are higher than most Knights. One of her more notable abilities is the Spear of Vengeance, which has a 65% chance to inflict the Provoke debuff. The chance is even higher if the target is not Senya’s turn.

The legendary knight who first wielded the spear reclaimed his throne and established a new kingdom sported a silver haired knight with a spear like this. It is said that this spear can resurrect a lost era. It is not clear if this is a rumor, but it can’t hurt.

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