Epic 7 Ram Guide

Epic Seven

Tulsidas’s grand epic concludes with Ram returning to Ayodhya and assuming the throne, where he delivers ethical teachings to his subjects. The epic is told in free verse by an immortal sage, embodied as a lowly crow, who tells Ram’s story through the eyes of the gods. The text is presented in Devanagari script.

Ram is a single-target PvE nuker

If you’re looking for a PvE nuker with the best damage output, you’ve come to the right place. Ram is a powerful single-target PvE nuker. Her ATK is very high and she’s a great choice to use against Banshee 13 and Ice Expedition. She also has a very strong single-target S3, which means she’s an excellent choice to kill multiple targets at once.

She has 3 skills

The new pink-haired Epic Seven ram has three skills. These skills can be used to help you out in different situations. For instance, if you are a DPS, these skills will help you out greatly in PvE. These skills are useful to use when you want to deal a lot of damage to a small group of enemies. The next skill is based on the number of enemies in a group, so make sure that you check your numbers before you start.

The third skill is based on your current level and is not applicable to other characters. You can increase your level by spending a lot of time in the same area. This will also increase your chances of finding new items, which will be very useful. Moreover, if you have a high level, you can also use this skill to make your enemies attack you. In addition to this skill, you can also use the same skills to help your teammates.

The last skill is your best friend if you want to survive for a long time. The S tier contains the strongest characters that can deal a lot of damage in combat. They also protect themselves with invincibility frames, which is a big plus. In fact, many people consider them to be the most powerful heroes in Epic Seven. However, if you play your game wisely, you can defeat any character in this tier with your team. You can also use the skills from the A tier to help you in the fight.

She has passive and active skills

The Ram is an egocentric older twin maid that comes to Ritania via the Chaos Gate. He has both passive and active skills and his s3 can take down up to Hunt 13 units in a single burst. His ATK is over 1,500, and he has a 30% passive ATK boost. You can learn more about the Ram’s skills in his Hero Journal. It can also be obtained through the Epic Seven x Re:ZERO collaboration.

She is difficult to use in PvP

While the Epic 7 Ram is difficult to use in PvP, she has many strong points. As a damage dealer, she can hit hard with a high ATK. Furthermore, her combat readiness is not screwed. Furthermore, she has a strong single-target S3 that she can use to one-shot a Banshee 13 or Ice Expedition. In addition to her ATK, she can imprint on enemy units.

The ram is difficult to use in PvPer, but is very effective in solo play. While playing alone, it can be repetitive against human or AI opponents. Thankfully, the game is well-balanced and tiers are based on difficulty. Characters start from S to E, with S tier characters being the strongest. E tier characters have low power stats and cannot compete with higher-tier players.

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