Epic Seven Kawerik Guide

Kawerik is one of the more underrated and overlooked fire mages in the game. He has three great skills that will make your life a lot easier, but how do you use them to their best advantage? Read on to find out. Read this article to learn about ML Kawerik and his abilities. It will give you a new perspective on this 5-star fire mage! Read on to learn how to best utilize these skills!

ML Kawerik is a 5-star fire mage

If you are looking for a fast and versatile fire mage that can fufill 2 roles, ML Kawerik is the character for you. He can be built to be a damage dealer while fufilling a support utility attacker role. One thing that makes him great is his ability to hold Tagahels, which gives the team a huge advantage through soul burn. Kawerik can also be built to work well with another Tagehels mage, making him a great choice for teamwork. Kawerik’s base speed is incredibly fast, and his bonus defense penetration and decent multipliers make him one of the most versatile fire mages in the game.

As a fire mage, Kawerik is a top PvP choice. Its high Effectiveness, High Crit, and DPS make it a great disruptor. You should build this mage with high damage, enough Crit, and Bloody Rose to make him a great teammate. Kawerik’s single-target attacks are also very efficient, as their debuffs will fall off enemies after a short period of time. It’s also highly recommended that you use Tagehel’s Ancient Book, which is a top tier pick for any PvP mage.

ML Kawerik is a five-star fire mage. His star sign is Virgo, making him a powerful combat hero with a strong skill kit that scales attack and speed. His disruption ability is similar to that of Assassin Cidd. Elena is a 5-star Ice Soul Weaver with defensive utility, as well as hyperprotection. Both heroes are good options for teams with limited budgets.

He has 3 skills

The Mediator Kawerik has become the ultimate team player. His S1 and S2 are attack skills, but he also has a few important buffs and abilities. His S1 and S2 buffs increase the combat readiness of the highest ally on the timeline and give the team a barrier. He also uses the War Horn which is one of his most popular skills. And last but not least, Kawerik can cleanse debuffs from teammates.

Kawerik is a fast support utility attacker and a great damage dealer. He can also hold Tagahels, which gives the team a huge advantage due to soul burn. It is recommended to pair Kawerik with another Tagehels mage to get the most out of the two abilities. He also has a high base speed, which makes him very fast to build and he has decent multipliers.

Retribution: Retribution is a single target damaging skill. The damage dealt increases in proportion to the enemy’s Max HP and has a chance to inflict a debuff. It also increases combat readiness by 10% of the highest ally. In addition to damage, Kawerik also has a chance to cast an anti-healing spell, which is invaluable in boss builds.

Ras’ party splits off, leaving Luluca and Violet at the Administrative tower. Kawerik focuses his attention on the Raiders and helps them in their fight against the Witchaven. Kawerik is a powerful hero that can also be a good supporter in raids. In addition to his three skills, he can use the Twilight Ember, which can be used as a powerful item.

He can silence for one turn

Kawerik is a DPS druid with great offensive base stats. He has skills that increase his damage and cooldown while Silencing his target. This makes him a dangerous threat against targets with high resistance or defense. Despite Kawerik’s high damage output, he does not have enough eff% to silence Soul Weavers. The best Kawerik build is one with a high base Speed, as this will allow you to cycle through turns quickly.

Kawerik is a 5-star mage with great attack and defense penetration. His exclusive weapon allows him to upgrade his skill 2 and turn it into a skill 3. His Dimensional Corridor can also be soul burned for extra effects. You can also silence enemies for one turn with this epic spell. Kawerik is a fantastic all-around dps mage. Its attack and spell damage is excellent and increases proportionally with speed.

Mediator Kawerik can be a good choice against Peira. It has a great AOE and can deal decent damage against her target. It can also be countered by Archdemon’s Shadow and Rem, which can deal a ton of damage to Peira. Mediator Kawerik can silence for one turn but is unlikely to trigger her passive. It is also an excellent choice against Hwayoung.

Kawerik was surprised to see Vivian, standing beside him, and she didn’t startle or flinch. She was enthralled by Vivian’s beautiful dress and dazzling smile. Vivian noticed a blue flower in Kawerik’s dominant hand and frowned. The scent of the flowers reminded her of her grandmother. She touched his skin, and it was clear Kawerik wasn’t used to having his dominant hand touching things.

He can increase skill cooldown

Epic seven’s Kawerik is a powerful mage with an amazing 100% chance to dispel buffs and increase skill cooldowns. This Mage also has excellent offensive stats. He can hold the tagahel all by himself and disable the enemy’s core unit. While he is not the most versatile unit, Kawerik is still a great pick for RTA. His kit allows him to outspeed other heroes while dishing out hefty damage and removing crippling debuffs.

Kawerik has high base Speed and a great offensive kit. His skills allow him to interrupt opponents’ skills and increase skill cooldowns. He is a good disruptor with high offensive stats and a powerful AoE penetrating defense effect. His weak points are his low AI, low survivability, and low damage multiplier. However, he has great offensive potential.

One of the most versatile abilities of this character is his fan ability. When used during combat, Bellona’s fan will deal damage equal to the maximum health of the enemy. If the enemy’s number exceeds five, she will lose focus and cannot attack. This will make her fan attacks even more effective, despite the short cooldown. When her fan hits, the more damage it deals, the more it does.

Besides granting extra turns, Kawerik can also help you get out of sticky situations. One skill in particular can significantly increase your cooldown by making your skills more effective. For example, if you are aiming to kill a boss with a cleaver, the Burn Effect will stun it, which means you have a much higher chance to win the battle. However, beware, Kawerik can increase your skill cooldown.

He can hold Tagahels

The Kawerik is an excellent choice for PvP teams because of his dual roles as a fast support and damage dealer. In addition, he can hold Tagahels to give his team a huge advantage thanks to soul burn. The Ego Fragment ability gives him the ability to switch freely between Imprint Concentration and Imprint Release, which increases his stats accordingly.

This mage’s attack is impressive, with a high base Speed and a high crit chance. He can also disable the enemy’s core unit. In addition, his ability to push back skill cooldowns is impressive, and his off-turns allow him to silence targets with a 75% chance. This makes him a great choice against healers, although he is still a poor initiator.

If used properly, the Kawerik has great offensive stats and can hold Tagahels and Melissa. However, his Dispel skill has limited value. The S3 skill is not very effective if used in solo PvP. In this case, Kawerik is a better choice for Hell Raid Bosses. Moreover, he has a good AoE penetrating-defense effect.

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