How to Get More Summoning Mileage in Epic Seven

Epic Seven

The upcoming update to the Epic Seven game will introduce an enhanced summoning mileage system and the world championship. The game has been around for two years and already boasts a number of heroes with outstanding abilities. In addition to these, the developers have implemented several systems for heirs, such as pets with repeatability, bulk promotions, and the adventure’s path. Moreover, the developers have decreased the rising levels and acquiring difficulties of heirs. These systems are a great step in making summoning easier in the game. In addition to this, the game is also offering four summoning improvements, namely:


If you’re a fan of the Epic Seven MMO, you may be interested in learning how to get more summoning mileage. In this article, I’ll explain the basics of summoning and share how you can earn more of it. The most important thing to know about summoning is that you’re not limited to one summoning per day, and you can try rolling for 30 times if you want to. This can lead to a large accumulation of summoning mileage, but you can’t get the previous results back. You can also reset your account information if you want to get a new one after 30 minutes.

After you’ve leveled up, you can use summoning mileage to obtain additional items in the game. These can be purchased at the shop or can be obtained by completing various missions and quests. Once you’ve obtained enough summoning mileage, you’ll be able to use it to purchase items from the store, such as new weapons. In addition to summoning mileage, you can also use these items to improve your character’s stats.


In Relics of Epic Seven, you can purchase Relics and equip them to your Heroes and Relics to increase their Aptitude. Each relic has a different cooldown period. You can equip as many as you want, but you can only use a certain type of relic at a time. To know the amount of Exp you’ll get from a particular relic, simply click on its ‘Rate’ button.

The new Relics of Epic Seven update will remove the difficulty spikes from your summons and heirs. This means that if your summoner has a high level and you have just started using it, you can get a decent amount of mileage out of it in the early game. This change is good news for all Deathshroud players, as they will be able to use a new summoning mechanic, and even make them more effective in the future.


There are many ways to obtain Skystones in Epic Seven. One way is to complete quests and collect the Heart of Orbis, which can be used as a premium currency. Another way is to defeat NPCs in the Arena. Weekly Arena rewards and League Promotions are also given after each week of the game. You can also collect Skystones in the Abyss or Automaton Tower after you complete their stages.

Another way to get gold is to complete the Challenge Quests, which award you with Galaxy Bookmarks. These stones can be obtained from Daily Logins, Tower of Abyss, and Challenge Quests. These quests will also give you the necessary gold transmit stone for the Moonlight Summon. Once you have accumulated enough Gold Transmit Stones, you will be able to use them to summon your heroes, which will earn you additional gold and silver transmit stones.

You can also use your Skystones to buy items in the Transmit Stone Shop. These shops sell many different items for your three and four-star characters. You may want to prioritize purchasing them in a specific order in order to maximize your Skystones. This way, you can increase your summoning mileage and enjoy the game. And if you are not a big fan of the shop’s items, you can use the Transmit Stone Shop to get some great stuff.

Daily missions

Daily missions in Epic Seven are quests, dungeons, and the ability to purchase premium currency. Completing seven of them will earn you a small amount of premium currency. Additionally, you will gain reputation points. These reputation bonuses increase with your level, but it is unknown what the cap is. To learn more, read on. If you’re unsure about which Heroes to summon, read this article!

Legendary heroes

While summoning Legendary heroes is a gamble based on RNG and luck, there are several strategies you can try. While some players have a superstitious belief about the summoning process, others visit YouTube channels to learn about various rituals. If you’re lucky, you might get a free 5* hero, or even the Hero of the Month. However, the chances of summoning a Legendary hero are usually below 2%.

To obtain a legendary spirit, gather ashes from a corpse or maze. The ashes are found in a high-level area. The legendary spirit is equipped with a huge shield and thunderbolts. The higher your FP, the higher the chance of summoning it. However, if you’re unsure of where to find the ashes, try searching for them in an upper platform or corpse.

Covenant Summon

If you are looking for a way to increase your Covenant summoning mileage, you will want to use Drop Rate Up Summon. This summon only offers 1 5-star hero but has a higher drop rate of 5-star artifacts. You can get one of these in 120 summons, but your chances of getting one are lower than with normal Covenant Summons. The good news is that this summoning option does count towards your Gold Transmit Stones.

Limited Group Summon

The new Custom Group Summoning feature in Epic Seven allows players to choose up to 3 characters for a party. If you’re still unsure of which characters to choose, you can use the new system to suggest the best options based on three criteria. You can select characters based on their PvE or PvP focus, character level, or limited character mileage. Choosing the best characters for your party is vital to progressing in the game.

The game is still fairly new and offers a number of features that make it an enjoyable experience. While it may be difficult to imagine a mobile MMORPG, Epic Seven’s visual style is appealing and its summoning system is welcome. However, it does come with a fairly large amount of content, which may be too much for some players. Those who don’t mind the vast amount of content may find it a worthwhile investment.

Custom Mystic Summon

The number of Custom Mystic Summons you can make is limited to 200 summons. You can increase your summoning mileage by increasing the amount of time you spend playing your favorite characters. However, you can only make the changes for a limited amount of time, and you can only change the effects of Exclusive Equipment once. In addition, once you make a change, you cannot change it back. Before you can change the effect, you need to un-equip the equipment that you want to adjust. If you have obtained a summon after making an adjustment, the equipment will not be eligible for any change.

You can also select another Hero that doesn’t have a set limit before you perform your Custom Mystic Summon. There are several different Heroes you can use, including the new Moonlight Heroes, which drop at the same rate as Mystic Summon Heroes. However, after performing the summon, you cannot change the Heroes you summon. You must choose one Hero from each list. When you perform the summon, you cannot change the Heroes in the rotation.

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