Cermia Epic 7 Guide – Building Lionheart Cermia

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Lionheart Cermia is an AoE version of Fire Cermia

Like Fire, Lionheart Cermia is a damage dealer with a gambler nature. She gains AoE damage from her attacks, but trades ATK for DEF. While she has a few disadvantages, she’s a solid choice for a damage dealer. The following are some tips for building this AoE hero.

Wolven Claw: A single targeted damaging ability with a 30% chance to stun for 1 turn. Increased stun chance when used while shielded. The damage dealt increases proportionally to the caster’s defense. In addition to reducing damage, Wolven Claw also gives the character a fighting spirit buff, which increases its damage.

Increasing your AoE damage is vital to keeping Cermia alive. She can also gain a boost from CR boosters, such as Oath Keys. In Guild Wars, the Oath Key can also help you get a free one-shot attack. In PvP, Lionheart Cermia’s anti-meta abilities make her a solid choice for a solo or team build.

As a tank, Lionheart Cermia is an excellent AoE version of Fire Cermi. She deals massive damage with her piercing and fire spells and is a good choice for cleaving. She is also great in Abyss, Labyrinth, Expeditions, and Wyvern hunts.

Lionheart Cermia is an excellent AoE version of Fire Cermi if you’re looking for more offensive damage. While her AoE ability is good, she can also damage enemy heroes with her damage and debuff abilities. Those are great qualities for a tank. You can build this unit to be tanky or damage heavy. And remember, it’s not uncommon to see them being used as raid bosses in the future.

Another new unit is coming to Moonlight. Lionheart Cermia is a 5-Star Light elemental hero that will be available to play after maintenance. The Lionheart version of Fire Cermia is a better choice for a tank than the Fire version, and it’s much more effective too.

She has a conditionless 50% DEF penetration

Cermia’s S3 has a conditionless 50% DEF penetration, and her Playing With Fire (S1) has a significant debuff chance of 75% with investment. Unfortunately, Cermia has poor defensive stats and isn’t very fast, so you’ll likely go before the enemy can even react to your ability. In addition, the passive buffs she has are relatively weak, and you’ll probably lose a lot of the fight to an offensive threat.

The biggest advantage of Cermia over other champions is her sheer damage output. She carries an Inherent 21% crit rate and a 5% damage reduction. This makes her an effective counter to opponents who use dual attacks, extra attacks, and counterattacks. Also, her kit is designed to buff her attack value, so you don’t need to spend much time focusing on other stats.

Cermia is a strong DPS unit and can dish out bursts of damage in just two turns. Her skill set allows her to use her skill 3 twice, which gives her a 50% defense penetration buff. She can then use her second S3 to deal more damage. Her attack and critical rate will be boosted, which makes her a solid choice for PvP.

She has a CD reset

It is important to remember that Cermia Epic 7 has a one-time-use CD reset and is unhealable on the last turn of the current round. This is due to the Fire element that is an unfortunate part of the Arena meta. You must make sure that your character has enough HP to last the entire game and is geared for the type of environment that you play. Cermia is a gambler by nature. The innate 21% crit rate means that you can spend time improving other stats.

Cermia is a flamboyant, hothead knight with a bad luck streak. She tends to gamble and lose a lot. However, she has a kind nun named Achates who always promises to repay her. Cermia is a very strong DPS unit and is capable of taking out tanky units. If you want to have a strong DPS character, Cermia is the best choice.

She has a passive skill called “It’s Far From Over!”

Cermia Epic 7 has a new hero called Lionheart Cermia. This hero is a 5-Star Light elemental counterpart of Cermia. Lionheart will be added to Mystic Banner rotation once maintenance has been completed. This skill will restore 30% of your ally’s maximum Health. You will also receive a buff when an ally takes lethal damage, and your skill cooldown will be reduced by two turns. You’ll need to be level 70 or above to use this skill.

As a Lionheart Cermia, you should focus on damage, rather than health, and swap ATK for DEF. Your passive skill “It’s Far From Over!” will help you counter enemy attacks with high damage. And because Cermia has a defense-based skillset, she will be able to sustain more damage.

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