World of Warcraft Champion – Cermia


If you’re looking for a new champion, you’ll want to consider Cermia. This powerful warrior is the perfect choice for any team looking to dominate the game. She has three skills that can be either passive or active. Cermia’s All-In! has a passive effect, but can also be soul-burned for additional effects. The passive ability makes it easy to attack more in longer battles. She also has a nuke, S3!, which is her main nuke. If you’re unsure of which skill to use, try calculating the morale points of each team member.

Lionheart Cermia

As a light elemental warrior, Lionheart Cermia is a strong counter to enemies who use dual attacks, counterattacks, or extra attacks. She also has a new mechanic called “Shine” that she can activate when an ally takes damage. This ability increases her defense and grants her 50 fighting spirit. She can also use her ability “I Am the Victor!” to deal massive amounts of damage to enemies. Her Shine mechanic has a three-turn cooldown, but she can skill it down to a two-turn duration.

In Moonlight, a new 5-Star unit was revealed. Lionheart Cermia is a 5-Star Light elemental hero similar to Cermia. Lionheart Cermia will join the rotation once maintenance is complete. Her abilities and talents are based around her stats. The player can also spend her soul on skills that provide bonuses. Cermia can also burn her soul in the All-In! skill to add additional effects.

A full-damage build is possible for Lionheart Cermia, but it will take some serious gear. Ideally, she should have fourteen thousand HP, 1200 defense, and 260% Crit Damage. This build is not for beginners. If you’re a more experienced player, you can sacrifice some attack for speed. If you can hit the target with a 4k attack, Cermia can easily deal out some serious damage.

Golden Lioness

Cermia is a powerful light elemental warrior. She counters enemy heroes who use dual attacks, counterattacks, and extra attacks. When an ally is attacked, she can use “Shine!” to boost their defense and gain 50 fighting spirit. She then uses her main attack, “I Am the Victor,” to deal more damage with increased defense and a higher attack speed. As a result, she is a powerful PvP unit.

Cermia is fiercely competitive and a hot-headed knight. She has been known to gamble and lose everything, but Achates, a nun of great compassion, always promises to pay her back. Cermia is an excellent DPS unit and can take out tanky units with ease. This makes her a popular choice for PvP. Here are some of her other skills.


The light elemental warrior Cermia is an excellent choice for countering enemies who use extra attacks or dual attacks. She can activate “Shine!” whenever an ally takes extra attacks or is under a debuff. The skill will increase the ally’s defense and grant it 50 fighting spirit. It will also inflict an attack on all enemies. With the increased defense, Cermia can focus on other stats.

There are several different builds available for Cermia. Choose one based on the PvE or PvP scenario you’ll be playing in. For example, if you’re playing against high-level Earth targets, the Critical and Rage sets will give you the best damage possible. However, keep in mind that some bosses are debuff immune, so you’ll need to find a build that works for that situation. In PvP, the Destruction set is the most optimal choice. Having an Immunity or Destruction set will also ensure that you get a turn in a fight.

If you want to get your full damage, make sure to invest in a high-quality weapon. Cermia’s S3 has conditionless 50% DEF penetration, while her Playing With Fire (S1) blocks enemy healing, and has a significant 75% debuff chance with investment. However, Cermia’s defensive stats are mediocre, and she’s not very fast. This means that if you’re playing in PvP, you’ll probably be running ahead of her.

Greater Atk Up

As a gambling-obsessed sword girl, Cermia is a solid choice if you’re looking for an anti-boss or farming unit. Her kit focuses solely on doing damage, but it also buffs her attack value. She also comes with an innate 21% crit rate, so you can focus on other stats. While she can be good in either role, she shines in World Arena.

The first step in creating your Cermia build is to choose the set you’ll be using. If you’re playing PvE, you’ll want to select a Critical or Rage set, since these buffs give you the best damage against debuffed enemies. If you’re focusing on bosses that are largely debuff immune, then go with a Destruction set. Choosing the right set for PvP depends on the type of game you’re playing and your preferred style.

If you’re a bruiser, you can build Cermia for high damage. To get to that level, you need to have 14k HP and 1200 defense. This is a fairly high starting point for this build, but you’ll need insane support to maintain it. Then, you’ll need to invest in better gear and better glyphs. Your final goal is to have over 4k attack with a significant Crit Damage.

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