All-Rounder Wanda Guide


This All-Rounder Wanda guide will show you the passive and CR-buff of Wanda’s Skill Tree, as well as her S3 and turn speed. Having a good understanding of these buffs will help you choose the right Wanda build for your team! In this guide, you will also learn how to get the most out of her sturdiness and sabotaging abilities!

All-Rounder Wanda’s passive

Although her base Atk is low, All-Rounder Wanda deals massive damage. She gains bonus damage whenever her enemies are Targeted, and she also gives herself a huge amount of CR. She has a high S3 damage multiplier, which helps her deal massive damage. Her ability to constantly apply the ailment also increases the DPS of her team. This passive is best used in debuff-centric battles where Wanda can help her team.

Although All-Rounder Wanda’s S1 and passive skills are very powerful, they are also incredibly random. In some cases, you may accidentally target the wrong enemy. For example, if you are facing an enemy with the Targeted debuff, you’ll be hit with 35% more damage. You can also use Wanda’s S3 to counter enemy turtles. Its passive damage increases your damage and your target’s health as well.

In addition to having bonuses to Accuracy, All-Rounder Wanda also gets bonus Damage and Utility from her Skill Tree. Additionally, Wanda never suffers from elemental disadvantage. For more information on how to play All-Rounder Wanda, check out the Paper Mario: The Origami King (Switch) Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, the Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, and the Demon’s Souls PS5 Guide & Walkthrough.

All-Rounder Wanda has 3 skills. Two of them are passive, and one can be soul-burned to add extra effects. For example, One Shot, One Kill gives Wanda a 100% stun chance and debuff-based damage. It also gives Wanda stealth for 1 turn. The ability to perform debuffs is great for team battles. However, it’s too unreliable to be used in planning.

Her S3

While the All-Rounder Wanda’s base Atk is not impressive, her S3 damage multiplier is high and she constantly deals out damage. Additionally, her passive deals extra damage to enemies that are Targeted, a trait that Wanda has in abundance. With this passive, Wanda’s individual hits will add up quickly, increasing team DPS while her constant application of the Targeted ailment makes her a valuable asset to any team.

While All-Rounder Wanda is not as picky about gear sets, it does benefit from high Speed and a good set of armor. Ideally, she should have Speed + Hit, because it gives her more turns to apply her signature skill, Targeted. Similarly, she should have Destruction or Rage for her Artifacts, as they increase her Damage and Critical. Sword of Judgment is a great Artifact to equip, since it increases Wanda’s attack speed and gives her an extra S1 shot.

The S1 cooldown reduction is random, but it’s a good idea to equip Wanda with a 30% C. Rate, 30% ATK, and high C.Dmg to make her as survivable as possible. While Wanda may look a little clunky, she’s worth the effort, especially with the right gear. With these abilities, she will be an indispensable member of any team.

Poof shares many characteristics with Cosmo, but is less violent. He loves red meat and enjoys wieners. The two characters often get along well. They share the same voice actor, but Poof’s is a little higher-pitched, while Timmy’s is slightly lower. In addition to being more intelligent than Wanda, Poof shares much more of Wanda’s appearance. In addition, he shares Wanda’s eyelashes and eyebrows.

Her CR-buff

The CR-buff of All-Rounder Wanda is a strong tool for survivability in DPS-focused fights. It gives Wanda a powerful two-turn cooldown, making her S3 more reliable against high-damage targets. She can also adjust her tactics depending on the situation, making her a valuable DPS choice in DPS-centric battles.

Although All-Rounder Wanda has a low base Atk, her damage output is substantial. Her damage is multiplied by her S3 damage multiplier, doubling her damage when an enemy is Targeted. Her ailment is also very strong, boosting team DPS by constantly applying Targeted. If you have a large amount of Runes, this skill can be very dangerous for a tier 3 lane.

While All-Rounder Wanda is a very powerful character, it is also very unpredictable. If you don’t know which enemy you’re aiming at, her CR-buff can accidentally target you and cause a lot of damage. Additionally, you may be dealing with an enemy who has immunity to your ability to deal damage. Because of this, All-Rounder Wanda’s CR-buff can be frustrating when using her.

In addition to her CR-buff, All-Rounder Wanda has improved her S1 to be self-CR-push. Her signature 2-turn Stun is still one of the best disabling skills available on a 3 hero. She also has a S3 that makes her a very good DPS option when the target is wearing Targeted. It is also important to note that Wanda ignores Effect Resistance, making it an ideal option against stall comps that rely on fast units.

Her turn speed

The All-Rounder Wanda’s turn speed is extremely low, but her S2 passive and S3 damage boosts are quite useful. All-Rounder Wanda may also CR-buff herself, gain a Speed buff, or reduce her S3 cooldown – all of which are useful but not crucial. Wanda’s turn speed makes her a frustrating character to use and fight against.

All-Rounder Wanda is not picky about her gear, but Speed + Hit is probably the best choice. Speed + Hit means more turns and more chances to apply Targeted and Rage. Artifacts are especially important to her, as her Sword of Judgment grants her with an extra S1 shot. It is also the best choice for her as it helps her deal more damage in more situations.

Her team support

The All-Rounder’s S3 is one of the strongest DPS skills on a level three hero, and she also carries a high damage multiplier. This means that she can consistently deal out large amounts of damage and help her team in debuff-centric battles. Furthermore, her S3 ignores Effect Resistance, making her a powerful debuff-disabling unit.

Wanda’s family is close to her heart. She has three children – Mark Lee and Karen Lee – who both work for General Motors Insurance Corporation. She has three grandchildren – Michael and Allison Koenig – and two great-grandchildren, Jackson and Peyton. She is also survived by three siblings – Harriet Scott, Cynthia Johnson, and Mary LeRoy. Wanda was also a team leader and mentored many new players.

The location of Wanda’s home is fixed. If you need to find her in the Himui region, talk to Zeke. The location of Wanda is a fixed area, and her signal will turn blue if you’re on her trail. You’ll find Wanda near the shores of the Cobalt Coastlands, and can use Basculegion to get to her. If you find Wanda, Zeke will reward you with one Star Piece, which sells for 5,000 Pokedollars.

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