Inferno Khawazu Build Guide

If you’re planning to play an Inferno Khawazu, you need to know the different build options that are available. This guide will help you choose the best build for the character that you want to play. The article will also cover the Damage-dealing skills and their Effectiveness%. There are two types of build options that you can choose. Choosing the right one depends on what you want to do in the game, and the type of playstyle you’ll use.


The Inferno Khawazu character is a dark Elemental version of the Khawazu. This Warrior class character has low Defense and Speed but great utility potential. Some of its abilities can burn enemies, ignore effect resistance, and place burns. Read on to learn more about this Warrior class character. Now, let’s take a look at how it can improve your PVP gameplay! Inferno Khawazu’s skills:

As one of the few units in the game that deals damage, Inferno Khawazu is a great choice for this build. Burns deal damage based on the caster’s Attack. However, it is important to note that Burns do not have good multipliers. Instead, you should aim to build your Inferno Khawazu’s stats around Attack, Speed, HP%, and HP%. While the last stat isn’t vital, it can be added to his S1 if you prefer that build.

Build options

If you are looking for a unit that can deal a lot of damage, the Inferno Khawazu is a great choice. His Vigor skill plants two Burns on the enemy, ignoring Effect Resistance. Additionally, his S3 detonates all of the enemy’s burns. In addition, his passive will punish AoE skills while increasing his Combat Readiness by 20%. Listed below are some build options for this unit.

The build options for this character depend on your overall playstyle. You can build him with his skills, or you can go all-in on him. Currently, this hero is able to do quite a bit of damage with a low cost. However, he does have one flaw that is not terribly helpful – his passive. You need to know what that flaw is, as well as where to place it.

If you’re looking for a character with high HP and low Def, this is not the best choice. Instead, try to use Artifacts that increase HP, such as El’s Fist, which increases Atk and Spd by 50% when HP falls and strengthens Burns. Another budget-friendly option is Sword of Morning. It boosts Khawazu’s survivability.

Khawazu is one of the few Heroes in the Epic Seven who doesn’t cost any gold. You can gain him from a Connection Quest after completing Cidonia 2-10. He is a decent Golem fighter, but his low speed reduces overall DPS and makes it difficult to maintain uptime on debuffs. However, you should not make the mistake of thinking he’s a bad option if you want to play him as a high DPS Golem.

Damage-dealing skills

One of the most fun and powerful units in PVP is the Inferno Khawazu, a fire-based paladin. His passive, Vigor, plants two Burns on his target, which ignore Effect Resistance. His S3 detonates all the burns in his target. While his Damage-dealing skills are not particularly good, you can boost them with a passive skill called Blazing Fury, which gives you a 10% buff to Combat Readiness.

Fire Elemental Knights also have a new class character in the form of Ilynav. He was teased on social media, presumably coming after Episode 3. While the new class is not yet live, Ilynav will have a new side story, called The Insignia’s New Owner. We’ll discuss the update further below. Once you’re done with that, you can dive into discussing Inferno Khawazu’s new features.

The skills that Inferno Khawazu can use for damage are Punish and Rush. The first one uses a debuff, and the second skill, Soulburning Punish, heals the caster and deals damage according to the Assassin’s MAX HP and defense. These skills scale based on the Assassin’s MAX HP, so if you have a lot of money to spend on Inferno Khawazu gear, you can’t go wrong with this class.

This class has multiple disadvantages, namely the weakest of them being their main damage-dealing skill. The damage-dealing skill of Khawazu is only active after the first two turns of the game. The second skill is limited to 2 turns and is only active if Khawazu is attacking a Light unit. Therefore, it doesn’t really fit every conflict. Therefore, if you are using an Inferno Khawazu-based DPS class, it is important to consider the perks and disadvantages of this type of DPS.

Inferno Khawazu’s damage-dealing skills include a single-target damaging skill, which has a 30% chance to stun for 1 turn. It is also possible to soul burn it to make it even better. Moreover, this damage-dealing skill is guaranteed to cause a critical hit. Melany’s passive skill, Agility, gives her a 25% chance to reduce incoming damage by 50% and a 10% combat readiness after every turn.


Inferno Khawazu is a fun unit to draft and play, but it does have its weaknesses. While it’s not a great tank, his skills are fairly good, and he can easily take down high HP units, which is always helpful. Inferno Khawazu also doesn’t create a specialized Khawazu meta. Instead, it is a solid option that complements Researcher Carrot quite well.

While Khawazu isn’t particularly unique, he can carve a niche in a typical Golem composition. Among Fire element heroes, you’ll find many that can deal Burn, Unhealable, and Atk buffs, and a number of them have added utility, including AOE and Stun. This makes Khawazu an excellent choice for budget Golem fighters.

In PvP, Inferno Khawazu is an exciting unit to play. His passive removes debuffs from himself and plants two Burns on the enemy, ignoring Effect Resistance. In addition, he can punish AoE skills and remove debuffs from himself. His passive increases his combat readiness by 20%. So, if you’re looking for a new tank, be sure to check out Inferno Khawazu. This tank is a fantastic choice!

To make him even more effective, try playing him with a couple of Artifacts. First, consider El’s Fist, which boosts Khawazu’s Atk and Spd when he is hit and strengthens his Burns. The Sword of Morning is also a decent option on a budget. It adds to his survivability and increases his HP. It can be the first item you play when using Khawazu, and it is a great option if you don’t have enough money to spend.

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