Carrot in Epic Seven

Carrot in Epic Seven has a new Japanese voice. She’s been played by Asami Seto, who is originally from Japan. She’s a Fire Mage with the Horoscope Sagittarius. In addition to her passive Flame Barrier, Carrot has a new skill that allows her to attack. Here are some of her unique abilities. Read on for more information! This site is unofficial and all trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners. Behind the Voice Actors is an unofficial website.

She can Specialty Change to Researcher Carrot

The Researcher Carrot is a DPS unit that can be built for both tankiness and speed. The Researcher Carrot’s detonation mechanic is unreliable, and a good way to improve this stat is to take a totem Artifact. A good choice is the Sira-Ren totem, but it is possible to get even more damage by using Abyssal Crown. The Researcher Carrot can also be made more survivable by using the mascot Hazel and using a retrunk, Dingo, and Lilias.

The Researcher is a Fire Mage with the Horoscope Sagittarius. While he doesn’t have the best AOE, he’s strong enough to push through most Adventure content. He also has a high attack effectiveness, which is important because soul burned burns detonate with 100% power, dealing all damage at once. The Researcher Carrot should always be frontline in a fight because he can stack his burns for a great deal of damage.

Researcher Carrot relies on stacks of Burns to deal damage, which forces you to build Burn-focused heroes around him. In addition to this, he is vulnerable to debuff-countering mechanics. Although detonating Burns can help you work around cleanse abilities, it doesn’t help much with immunity buffs. And he doesn’t get a very strong healing ability.

She has a passive Flame Barrier

Researcher Carrot is a highly versatile Fire Mage. While he is not a “must have” hero, he does introduce some fun strategies and interesting combos. His passive Flame Barrier can be triggered by being attacked by an enemy. This ability also has a cooldown reduction. It can be used in conjunction with other heroes’ S3 detonations, like Kal’adra.

When first drafted, the Carrot’s passive Flame Barrier can be used to block the enemy from damaging you. The damage of this effect is proportional to the health of an enemy. If the enemy has more health, the damage increases. Using it more frequently increases its damage. Using it on more than one enemy is particularly useful, as it reduces the cooldown of other units in the area.

While Epic Seven heroes do not have the same level as SS-Tier heroes, they still provide their own strengths. While they don’t offer the same bonuses as SS-Tiers, many of their features make them useful in a wide variety of situations. While they may not be “game changers”, they are still quite brilliant in both PvE and PvP. And the best part? They’re usually not expensive.

She can attack with her second skill

Researcher Carrot is a versatile Fire Mage with a Sagittarius Horoscope. This character isn’t required to play Epic Seven, but she does introduce some interesting combos and strategies. In addition, her second skill, Burn, can be used to attack Cermia. She also has the unique ability to change her specialization to researcher. However, she shouldn’t be your primary DPS.

Bellona is a female earth ranger character. Her fan attack can cause massive damage to enemies. It can deal equal to the enemy’s maximum health. It requires zero concentration to use, and the higher the enemy number, the more damage she deals. Bellona’s fan attack can be very effective when paired with the Burn effect. Once the fan is ready, Bellona can attack with it.

Besides her attack, her revive ability can revive an ally’s life. If you revive an ally with it, you gain invincibility for a turn and remove debuffs from live allies. This is a huge benefit for PVE and PVP. Her second skill has a unique Penetrate effect, so you don’t need to worry about your opponent’s defense when she attacks you. You also get a chance to steal a buff from an ally who is already under the enemy’s control.

Overall, Carrot is one of the better Epic Seven characters. This character has good balance, so she lends different strategies to your party. To make the most of this character, you’ll want to bookmark the Epic Tier List. The Ultimate Tier List will tell you which character has the most damage, health, and AoE damage. This will make her an excellent choice for PvP. When you’re unsure about what character to choose, consider using her second skill.

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