How to Get Mystic Medals in League of Legends


The most effective way to get Mystic Medals is by completing the Epic Seven and Friendship Summon. If you are not familiar with the Epic Seven shop, you can find it in certain Labyrinth and Adventure stages. The shops have unique shop lists. In order to use them, you must first defeat certain enemies or defeat their bosses. After that, you can use Mystic Medals to purchase rare items.

Friendship Summon

To obtain more Friendship Summon medals, players must perform Multi-Summons. You can do this by selecting the same character as your Training Partner. As long as you select the same character as your Training Partner, you will receive extra Friend Points and Super Attack Lv. increase when the two characters use the same skills. Be aware, however, that event content is subject to change without prior notice.

Mystic Summon

Mystic Summons are a new feature that will allow players to choose between the five star moonlight heroes. This feature will last from April 28th to July 21st, and it will be open to players who already have Mystic Medals. Players can summon these heroes twice during the duration. Each time, players will receive Moon’s Mirage Coins, which act as pity.

In order to use Mystic Summon, you must have 50 Mystic Medals. The good news is that you can earn these medals through daily game play and through Guild Wars. If you win a Guild War, you’ll receive a Mystic Medal as a reward. You can also buy them from the Secret Shop occasionally, but this requires Gold. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get Mystic Medals without spending a lot of Gold.

To get Mystic Medals, you can perform summons using the game’s Summoning menu. Each summon requires a specific amount of in-game currencies. For Mystic Summon heroes, players need 50 Mystic Medals, while Galaxy and Friendship Summon heroes require a specific amount of Mystic Medals. In addition to that, players can get unique heroes in the game by participating in limited-time events called “Banners.” Each month, new heroes are released and can be summoned.

One of the most effective ways to get Mystic Summon medals is to participate in Guild Wars. This is an important way to get Mystic Tickets for your team, and you’ll have a higher chance of obtaining them than if you try to farm mystic Medals from other methods. You can even participate in Guild Wars while you’re leveling up. Remember that you must be active in Guild Wars to earn Mystic Tickets, and if you do it regularly, you’ll have a better chance of getting them.

You can also ask for the summon history of your character. The ‘Summon History’ button will show you how many summons you’ve performed in the past six months. If you’ve summoned the same Hero more than once, you’ll get a Spiritus Gem, which is used to boost your Hero’s Aptitude. Additionally, if you summon the same Relics as you already have, you’ll earn Linktraces. Moreover, if you’ve reached the maximum level, you’ll get a doubled Linktrace.

Mystic Summon with Arbiter Vildred

When playing League of Legends, Arbiter Vildred is a 5* Moonlight Hero that is extremely rare. Arbiter Vildred has an AOE ability, which makes her a fantastic farmer. You can also try playing Ken, a tanky hero with high HP and AoE skills. Ravi is another tanky bruiser with high HP and AOE abilities. If you don’t have access to Arbiter Vildred, you should try building a general team of Lena or Free Spirit Tieria.

If you don’t mind paying a few dollars more each month, Arbiter Vildred is a good choice for mystic summon rotation. Her S1 attack deals 50% damage to two enemies and decreases Combat Readiness by 10%. Her S3 attack deals a 10% damage to all enemies and also reduces Hit Chance for two turns. If you kill her before she uses her S3, she consumes Focus and a tier.

Once you’ve completed the Hero’s quests, the next step is to get Mystic Medals. The easiest way to get Mystic Medals is to use Skystones to refresh the Secret Shop. You’ll find Mystic Medals here as well. There are many ways to get Mystic Medals, but these are the most popular. You can earn Mystic Medals while leveling up and completing side quests.

One way to get a high number of Arbiter Vildred is to play with her in Arena mode. The more often you play, the more you’ll get. It’s also possible to purchase Molagora with Silver Transmit Stones. You can also purchase them from the Arena or Guild Shop. If you don’t want to spend the time and effort to find Molagora, you can also use Galaxy Bookmarks, which has a low drop rate for high priority units. These are cheaper than four or five Star Summon Tickets and will also increase your chance of success.

Mystic Summon with a 5-star Moonlight hero

Mystic Summon is the way to earn Mystic Medals. The more you participate in the event, the more medals you can earn. With Mystic Summon, you can also summon different Mystic Heroes. The next summon pool is different every week. You can get 5 Star Moonlight Heroes after reaching level 200. This way, you can enjoy Mystic Summon as long as you keep playing.

The drop rate for 5-star heroes and artifacts is very low. They drop 1.75% of the time. The drop rate for 4-star heroes is slightly higher. However, summoning a five-star hero is not a good idea if you don’t have the required amount of gold. This way, you can have a guaranteed 5-star hero in 120 summons.

Another way to get Mystic Medals with your 5-star Moonlight hero is to summon heros from the Summoning menu. You can use different currencies to summon the heroes. For example, to summon Sylvan Sage Vivian, you need 50 Mystic Medals. The best way to get Mystic Medals with a 5-star Moonlight hero is to spend time summoning your hero. A five-star hero will increase its critical hit chance by 23%.

To get Mystic Medals with a 5-star Moonlight her, you need to enter the game daily during the specified period. You can get them by participating in the daily events, but the interval is not short enough. You can also farm for them in the lobby shop. However, the drop rate is too low to make this worthwhile. However, the good news is that you can get more Mystic Medals by logging in consecutively.

Another way to get Mystic Medals is to farm Skystones from Vagrant Merchants. These shops have unique shop lists, and you can find them in certain Labyrinth and Adventure stages. When you reach Lv. 13, you will be able to get Mystic Medals at a 0.1% rate. It may take some patience, but this is the easiest way to earn Mystic Medals with a 5-star Moonlight hero.

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