Epic Seven Updates – 7th July New Hero and Equipment Releases

Epic Seven

The community managers of Epic Seven have revealed the information about the upcoming 7th July update and future updates. First off, there will be a new Moonlight 5-Star hero. Alexa, the new hero you can get, will also be getting a new specialty. This will allow her to further increase her utility while clearing Wyvern dungeons. Additionally, there are three new exclusive equipments you can get when you play Epic Seven.

Sylvan Sage

The new Sylvan Sage in Epic Seven is a powerful nature-based hero. She uses the power of nature to provide joy to her allies. In battle, she grants all allies a Joyous buff. The attack buff reduces incoming damage by 50% and reduces the cooldown on skills by one turn. Additionally, she increases the health of all allies by restoring their maximum health. She can stack up to three Attack buffs at a time.

Although she’s not the most powerful Hero in the game, she is still a decent choice for PvP. She has a decent skillset, but she won’t win you many one-shot fights. Also, her passive won’t kick in when you’re hit by a one-shot attack. Regardless, she’s still a solid choice for a niche hero.


As one of the new heroes in Epic 7, Bellona is a Water Ranger. Her ability to strike down enemies with a fan is one of her best strengths. Her fan attack can damage an enemy to equal their health. This attack can deal a large amount of damage, and the fan has a 50% critical hit rate. This attack also allows her to share the damage she deals with her front allies. Bellona can attack any enemy type, and has high damage dealt. Her damage is also increased by her Burn effect, which increases the chance of an attack being effective.

Another new addition to the game is the ability to play in three-versus-three battles. This mode is similar to Guild Wars, with players competing against 3 teams of three heroes. The winner is the team that wins two battles out of three. This mode is expected to be available during the third quarter of 2022. It will also feature a new labyrinth and the Eastern Trading Ship. These updates should allow players to get through the content of the game faster and more easily.


The “Summer” themed gacha characters have been released for Epic Seven. These units are unlocked in-game through a summon mechanic. Players can trade tokens for a chance to unlock the specified hero. This hero is a great addition to the game, as she has a very high success rate. HYufine has two unique abilities in the game, allowing her to deal heavy damage and slow down enemies.

Yufine’s base HP and Defense are high, and her kit is pretty powerful. However, there is no sustain for her skills, meaning she will need help from her allies to remain alive. Despite her high attack power, she will need support from her allies to maintain her high HP. In addition, her unique weapons make her very dangerous on offense, making her a viable choice for teamfights.


Basar is an incredibly powerful unit in the defense and offense. There is no direct hard counter to Basar’s abilities, and his main strength lies in his S3: a spell that can remove Immunity and push the CR backward, and an ability to stun enemies randomly with Abyssal Crown. Basar is the perfect choice for those looking to make sure their opponents die quickly. Below is a look at some of Basar’s key stats.

As a character with a low base defense, Basar is best suited for PvP arenas. He has decent speed and has a great range of abilities. He can cast Coming of Ausra and knockout when hit with a scathing attack. He also has a lot of other cool abilities such as Dragon Flame and Knockout. If you’re looking to kill enemies quickly and get some high-value items in PvP, you should definitely consider Basar.

HYufine’s abilities

HYufine’s main abilities focus around countering Basar, so she’s best used in PvP, where her DPS and healing are most valuable. Outside of PvP, however, she has few other uses – her cleansing is weak and her CR push is unreliable, so she’s primarily a PvE hero. In addition to that, HYufine has no single target skills, so her kit is very limited.

The newest addition to the roster of heroes in Epic Seven is the female earth ranger character Bellona. Her fan can damage an enemy to the extent of the enemy’s maximum health, but she loses focus if it reaches five. As a female ranger, Bellona’s fan damage increases with her maximum health, and the more enemy characters she hits, the greater her damage will be.

Specialty Changed heroes

Epic Seven fans are excited to hear that 3 heroes will be able to change their Specialty. This change will allow players to change the appearance of their Hero and the skills they can use. Once the Specialty change is complete, the Hero can never return to its original state. To make the changes, players must complete 3 quests and complete a trial battle. This is an important step in the game’s progression, as changing your Hero’s Specialty will make him more versatile and useful in the long run.

The Specialty Changed Heroes will have higher base stats and will have more useful abilities. These changes will allow players to get the most out of certain heroes in a given class. The change will also allow players to gain access to new characters that were previously not available to them. The Specialty Change quests are available for players starting at level 30 and are not a required requirement for leveling up heroes.

Weekly Mission Difficulty

The new hero in Epic Seven, Sharun, is a natural 5-Star Wind unit. A High Shaman, Sharun’s family has been serving Theranhad since the beginning. When attacked, Sharun’s attacks inflict venom that increases skill cooldowns by one turn. He has great damage and range, and is one of the strongest Wind units in the game.

The weekly campaign can be completed on any difficulty. In addition to the Weekly Mission Difficulty, there are also new challenges each week, such as the Ghosts. Acolytes spawn fire pools that deal damage over time. Void shields will be required for a Champion Foe, and they will need Anti-Unstoppable or Anti-Barrier mods. Anti-Unstoppable mods can be obtained from the Seasonal Artifact. During this stage, Champions will also get Extra Shields and Mobs.

The game is incredibly challenging, especially for players who haven’t played Epic Seven yet. This isn’t a game that rewards the most heroes, and the most rewarding ones are those who can help your existing Heroes. While most Epic Seven YouTube videos are incorrect and outdated, most of them recommend using a DPS and a Healer team. However, this is not necessarily the case.

Weekly Event

If you haven’t played Epic Seven yet, you’re missing out! The game is now free to play and you can take advantage of all the events that it has to offer. The weekly events include free covenant summons, a weekend buff, and unequip events, all of which offer fantastic rewards. All of these events take place every week, and you can find them on the game’s main screen on the top-right, beside the Gift Icon. To participate, simply click the yellow line beside the Events tab. Here are the details for the latest events:

The New Hero is Sharun, a 5-Star Wind unit classified as a Soul Weaver. He is also a high shaman with a family that has served Theranhad for centuries. His attacks have a 65% chance to inflict venom, which increases skill cooldowns by one turn. If you’re looking for a new hero to play, be sure to check out this event!

Updates to the game

Epic Seven will release a number of new updates during April. These updates will bring new characters and new maps to the game, as well as updates to various skills and items. The new characters include the Fire Warrior Khawazu, the Moonlight Summon Dark Knight Fallen Cecilia, and the new spellcaster Xaan. In addition, the game will introduce a variety of bug fixes and balancing changes.

These changes will affect the game’s gameplay, which means new heroes and exclusive equipment will be available. The new heroes will only be available for 2 weeks, and the developers will also survey the community for suggestions about the balance of the game. Those who are new to Epic Seven can check out the game’s official YouTube channel for character skill demonstrations. This way, they can see how the different heroes can be used in battles. These new heroes will be unlocked by viewing streamers for 15 minutes, or watching the streamers for more than five minutes.

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