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Closer Charles is the newest moonlight 5-Star unit coming to Epic Seven. In this guide, we’ll examine why He makes a great choice for your Golem or dispeller. We’ll also cover the advantages and disadvantages of playing as a knight commander. Ultimately, this guide will help you make an informed decision on your next build. Let’s get started! Listed below are some of the best builds for Charles in this expansion.

Closer Charles is the newest moonlight 5-Star unit coming to Epic Seven

In the current game version, there are two 5-Star units that are limited to the Moonlight element: Closer Charles and Summertime Iseria. Both of these units will have different builds, but the most important one is a General Speed Build, which emphasizes Crit Rate% and Crit DMG%. You can also use the General Speed Build as a backup unit, but it is not recommended for this unit. You can use this one to maximize the damage your enemies deal, and avoid getting hit by critical hits.

Arbiter Vildred is one of the most powerful units in the game, and his Dark Contract ability allows him to recover 70 percent health after a brutal attack. While this unit is known for its low defense stats, it can synergize well with Charles. As a bonus, he has low damage but high attack speed. If you play Closer Charles, you’ll want to synergize with him to maximize his potential.

A Bruiser’s first skill is to attack enemies with a grenade. Closer Charles deals damage and gains buffs from teammates while granting them to himself. He can also gain an exclusive Knight 5 Artifact, Justice for All, which grants random buffs to Charles each turn. When Charles has his first skill, he activates a second one, which gives him increased Attack and Defense. Closer Charles is primarily a tank, but he can also perform as a Bruiser.

He is a dispeller

You might be wondering if Charles Epic Seven is a good choice. Luckily, this dispeller is a great choice for many reasons. First of all, he is a versatile character. His ability to deal damage with only one attack makes him a valuable asset in the Support category. Another benefit of Charles is his ability to kill most DPS with just one counterattack. This makes him a great choice for both cleave teams and bruiser teams. He can also be used as an AoE DPS or as an attack buffer. So, if you’re looking for a good choice, I would recommend Charles as your first or second pick in the World Arena.

You can choose a kit that reduces enemy damage and removes buffs. This allows you to play Charles both defensively and offensively. His Elbris Ritual Sword can also be used to proc S1 into S2 on buffed enemies. He is one of the few characters in WoW who excels in both offensive and defensive play. Listed below are some tips on how to build Charles Epic Seven.

He is a knight commander

The Knight Commander of the Order of the Sword, Charles is a powerful and respected hero. His primary ability is to increase the attack of all allies. He is also a continuous dispelr of enemy buffs, making him a very useful commander. In addition, his Artifact, Justice for All, grants a random buff to the entire team for one turn. The five-hero Charles also increases the attack of all his allies.

This build is designed to take advantage of Charles’s Speed stat and help you win in PvP. It’s a high-end Knight commander that excels at both defense and offense. The Elbris Ritual Sword provides great synergy with Charles, and its ability to provoke a counterattack can lead to Smash! (S2). It also gives Charles a powerful range of damage. He’s a strong choice for anyone looking to slay a large number of enemies in one game.

If you’re not sure which character to play, you can always read the Hero Tier List for the game and compare their stats to other characters. The most powerful characters are in S-Tier, so they’ll have the best damage output during combat. They’ll also protect themselves with invincibility frames. This is because S-Tier characters are considered the best of the best in Epic Seven. A-tier characters are powerful with good skills, but they can be defeated by clever strategies and well-timed combos.

He is a good pick for Golem

Cermia is a good golem support. The unhealable damage from her spell and the larger attack buff help her out as a support. She also has a good debuff that lasts for two turns, which can help your team heal quickly. Although it doesn’t do much for your Golem, her buff can help you in other ways. The most obvious benefit is that she reduces the CR of your unit, which is crucial for Golem survival.

A good golem tank should have a solid ranged damage and high DPS. If the team is focused on securing kills, Charles is a solid pick. His three skills are solid and he can even be soul burned for more effects. He also has a high HP and high Attack. His range is very wide and he has good DPS for his level. His main weakness is his low damage. So, you must be careful to make sure that you pick a build that works well for your team.

A good Golem tank should consider Charles for their team. Its ‘Dark Contract’ ability allows him to regain 70% health after his brutal attack. It also grants him a team-wide Attack buff. Also, Charles is a good choice for a Golem team because he has single-target damage and Area of Effect damage. He is also a good choice for a one-shot team. Charles and other Earth units make a good regular auto team.

He is a good pick for Abyss

The Epic Seven has a single dungeon that is a pure abyss, and the deeper you go, the harder it becomes. However, the rewards for clearing the abyss are ridiculous, so it’s crucial to have solid units to deal with it. Here are some tips for picking the best units for Abyss. You can pick Cidd, C. Dom, and Angelica, all excellent 4* units.

Arby excels at all forms of E7 content, including tanking the boss’s ultimate abilities. He can also revive with full HP after a fatal hit, making him ideal for Abyss fights. Also, he is good for support in Abyss, and his Soul Weaver ability can provide you with support when your units die. However, be careful, as losing one of them can be fatal.

When picking heroes for Abyss, you have to make sure that you select a good PvE hero. This is not a problem if you’re playing an SS or S-tier character. However, if you’re not a guild member, you can use a tier 4 or lower hero, since he’s much better at dealing with bosses and avoiding enemies.

If you’re looking for a strong PvP hero with a strong dps role, Charles is the perfect choice. Charles’ S3 will not only increase your attacks but will summon a bunch of units too. It will also grant you huge heals, so be sure to equip it well and keep it on your team until your team reaches the level cap. The downside of Charles is that he’s difficult to revive.

He is a good pick for Thieves

As a Thief, Charles has an excellent kit, which helps reduce enemy damage and strip buffs. He can be built offensively or defensively, with his Elbris Ritual Sword excelling in both roles. His skills also have great modifiers. Here are some ways to get the most from Charles’ Epic Seven:

As a DPS-oriented hero, thieves have the ability to deal massive amounts of damage with low defensive stats. Their high attack and damage make them useful in adventure and PvP. In Epic Seven, there are 31 different Thief heroes, including Alexa, a premiere budget Wyvern DPS. Her skill 1 crit is a great way to deal with enemies in a hurry, and her artifact provides her with a huge amount of damage.

Although Charles Epic Seven is a good pick for a Thief, he cannot be used in all game modes. Knights have high defense, and their toughness is useful for tanking hits. They can be overpowered in some game modes, so you’d be better off sticking with high-tier characters. A great choice for a Thief is Krau, who has a great story and is a good melee fighter, but Charles is a better mage than Politis.

If you’re looking for a versatile hero in a game that emphasizes tanking and versatility, Arbiter Vildred may be the right pick for you. His powerful Battleaxe and excellent dps make him a top pick for RTA teams. His powerful and versatile skills also make him a popular choice for teams with squishy cleave, and he can even speed up your story playthrough if you’re playing a team with Azimanak thirteen. His versatility makes him a staple in many teams, especially in the Abyss stages.

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