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Epic Seven

Iseria is a single target crowd control monster with a variety of unique skills. She has a 100% defense break and can use Song of Stars to apply a debuff to the target. Her buffs reset character cooldowns and dispel enemy buffs. She also applies an anti-buff debuff, making her a powerful support in team fights. Whether you’re looking for a crowd control machine or a single target mages, Iseria is a great addition to your team.

Briar Witch Iseria

Whether you’re a fan of the anime or video games, the moonlight hero Briar Witch Iseria is a definite contender for your next role in the game. Is she really a good choice for the role? Here are some things to know about this legendary character. We’ll start with some backstory. Is she really cursed by the Dark Witch? Read on to find out!

The primary reason why Iseria is so great in PvP is that she has a strong kit to deal with evasion units. She also has a passive that grants her up to 35% and 50% bonus hit chances, while ignoring 70% of enemy defense. This buff stacks with her artifact Oath Key. She can also deal more damage than most heroes. Lastly, Iseria’s speed is a significant asset.

Summertime Iseria

The new character in World of Warcraft, Summertime Iseria, is a Fire Elemental. She is a great addition to the Fire Elemental class and has a high damage deal when she plants her bomb. Her basic skills also boost her damage, and she can use her skills to plant a bomb as well. This new hero is also exclusive to the Ranger class. As a new hero, she will have a higher summon rate, and you will be able to use her artifact on your next summon.

Iseria is a good choice for PvE play and can set up your allies to do their jobs. Iseria also pairs well with Tamarinne in the Abyss. Tamarinne’s s3 starts on full cooldown, so Iseria can refresh the cooldown and help Tamarinne do her job. The passive for Summertime Iseria is also randomized, and relies on the Effectiveness/Resistance check.

Rosa Hargana

While the legendary skin Iseria is not available in most distributions, she is still a viable option for some PVE and PVP teams. The enchanting aura of Iseria can cause great damage to a single ally and can rip through defenses. When used with the right teammates, she can turn a battle and turn the tide. But unless you have the synergy, you may not be able to fully maximize Iseria’s abilities.

Iseria is an excellent DPS with her two DPS abilities, both of which can be used as primary and secondary DPS. Though her kit doesn’t stack as well as Moonlight’s, Iseria is still a useful addition to most PVE and PVP teams. If you’re not playing Iseria, she’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a tier 2 DPS.

For PVE game play, Iseria is a hit or miss choice. She does well against weak elements like ice and fire. She also pairs well with Tamarinne, an excellent teammate. However, it’s important to note that Iseria is not recommended for solo play. The artifact Iseria possesses is Rosa Hargana, which gives her a 1% chance to cast skills and heal other units.

In the game, you choose one of three classes. One of the two classes is the ranger, while the other is the mage. Choose your favorite class and stats – ranger, mage, and knight. You can also change your class if you want. Regardless of what your preferred class is, the game has a great selection of class options. When choosing a class, be sure to make sure you choose a class that’s appropriate for your role.

Song of Stars

The Ranger’s artifact, Song of Stars, allows players to reliably target an enemy after using a Single Attack. This ability increases the summon rate and is more powerful in Iseria than in other maps. When used properly, it makes Wyvern 13 significantly easier to complete. This spell also increases the damage dealt by units equipped with Rage sets. Here are the best ways to use Song of Stars in Epic Seven Iseria.

First, you should focus on your skills. Focus on attack and speed. These are your main stats, and your secondary stat is Crit Damage. These are the two best ways to boost your DPS. Remember that the higher your DPS unit’s crit damage, the better your team’s chances of defeating an enemy. You should also focus on ensuring your DPS units are speed-tuned so they can attack the enemy’s defense breaker.

Iseria has two skins, one for her default look and one for her holiday appearance. The default skin features white armor, boots, and a skirt. Her holiday skin features a blue dress with a dipped bottom in snow. Iseria’s ability is very useful for solo play, but she can also team up with her companions. You should have enough gold to level up both of these skins and keep your DPS skills at top levels.

When playing against an enemy, Iseria’s High Damage Team is particularly strong against Stall and Dizzy Teams. With its two powerful weapons, she can deal tremendous damage in bursts. While her dual attacks will not kill enemies, she will force your opponent to use a higher-hitting ally. This team also has two unique items, including an attack ring and a speed boot.


Oathkeeper is a powerful support spell in the game of League of Legends. This spell can be used to bait your opponent and use his full bloom ability. It also drains your target’s buffs and makes them unbuffable for two turns. It can also be used as a primary damage dealer. Oathkeeper allows you to use all three of your skills at once, making it a powerful addition to your team.

Oathkeeper resets the cooldowns of all your allies, except for casters with light energy. You get one extra turn each time you cast this spell, which makes it a useful unit to team up with units with longer cooldowns. The cooldown for Oathkeeper is six turns, so it’s ideal for pairing with units with longer cooldowns. Alternatively, you can also cast this skill to deal more damage with your teammates.

Oathkeeper is one of the strongest single-target DPS units in the World Arena. She is a great teammate when you’re playing on PVE because she can work well against weak elements. She pairs well with Tamarinne, another good PVE unit. You can also use Iseria with Dark Corvus, although her cooldowns can be lengthy. The two units will synergize well together.

Oathkeeper is a versatile support unit in the game. While she can’t deal heavy damage, she is a great defensive breaker. She’s an excellent support for a tank or healer, or can even work as a tank for an offensive team. She can also throw swords at enemies and has a 35% chance to reduce their defense for two turns. When you attack with her, you get a chance to use her soul burn ability. However, you can’t use Dual Attack when she’s burning.

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