Epic Seven Cermia – The Lionheart Defender

Epic Seven

Cermia is a fiery, competitive, and often very unlucky knight. She gambles away everything she has and almost always loses. Fortunately, she has a loving nun named Achates who promises to pay her back in full. Cermia is a strong DPS unit with the potential to destroy tanky units. This is why she’s such a popular choice for DPS in World of Warcraft.

Lionheart Cermia

As a Defender-scaling hero, Lionheart Cermia works well against control teams and is often used against Fighter Maya and Designer Lilibet. The Lionheart’s S2 is activated from Extra Attacks and Dual Attacks, and it seems to counter such control teams, though it is susceptible to Summertime Iseria, Sage Baal, and Cerise.

When using Lionheart Cermia, you can build her like any other damage dealer, by swapping ATK for DEF. Since her skillset focuses on defense, it’s essential to have a high DEF. This hero is best suited to team play and requires a good amount of DEF. In addition, she can be a good DPS unit, which is helpful when dealing with tanky units.

New Light elemental version of Cermia

The new elemental version of the Epic Seven hero, Cermia, was announced today by Smilegate Megaport. She is a Fire elemental hero and has the special ability Hot-Streak! This ability will increase your attack speed by a certain amount when used by a caster who doesn’t have an attack skill. This ability can also be used in combination with buff effect skills.

The Fire element is an unfortunate element to have in the Arena meta, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a good choice. Cermia’s Ultimate skill bolsters her Penetrate effect, allowing her to break through the enemy’s defenses. Cermia’s other skills include All-in, Playing with Fire, and Hot Streak. Her only weakness is that she can’t defend herself against AoE attacks.

Passive skill “It’s Far From Over!”

Heroes with It’s Far From Over! will gain 40 Fighting Spirit at the beginning of each battle. They will also have an increased chance to damage enemies. When activated, this effect will dispel debuffs on the caster. However, it must be used within three turns to be effective. Once you have used the skill, it will no longer be active. This ability is a great way to get an advantage in the game.

Strong damage dealer

Whether you’re playing PvP or PvE, Cermia is a great choice for the right role. Her set of skills enables her to deal massive burst damage to enemies with minimal movement time. Additionally, her skill set allows her to use her skill 3 twice, which has 50% defense penetration. Thus, your rotation should be S3 -> S2, S3 -> S3. Moreover, the second S3 will have a larger damage boost than the first one.

When comparing Cermia to Sol Badguy, it is essential to understand how the two heroes compare. Both characters are capable of providing high single-target damage, but Cermia is more powerful against mobs and bosses. However, her margin of victory against Sol Badguy is much smaller. Despite her low base damage, she has an incredibly powerful kit that can hammer out tons of damage and a wide range of useful effects.

As a damage dealer, Cermia appreciates all buffs. It also flourishes in the presence of a CR booster, especially if the latter is available. As for the other CR options, you can always use an Auxiliary Lot to one-shot enemies. In Guild Wars, you can also consider using the Oath Key to provide continued CR push to other members of your team. If you prefer to play in PvP, you may replace Tenebria with any AoE DEF break.

If you’re looking for a new hero to play in the PvP mode of Epic Seven, Ravi is a strong choice. His damage-dealing abilities make him a versatile character to play with. In PvE stages, Ravi should be your primary selection, while in PvP modes, you’ll want to use CC-heavy units and debuffs.

As a single target damage dealer, Tagehel’s Book and crit chance make him an excellent choice. His soul-burning ability makes him a useful pick for cleave teams, and he also plays well against bruiser teams. As a fast opener, he can also reduce enemy skill cooldowns. Just make sure to be aware of the dangers of immunity sets as they can screw him up.

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