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If you are an aspiring Thief in Epic Seven, you can try Closer Charles, the latest moonlight 5-Star unit in the game. This unit was teased to players before the Epic Festival 2021 update in the Smilegate live stream. He is classified as a Thief and will be available in the Mystic Medals banner after the next maintenance on 19th August 2021. For more information about Closer Charles, read the following.

Closer Charles

The new Closer Charles in the Epic 7 is a decent cleave pick that offers support in a variety of ways. Closer Charles has a 20% CR buff and a strong ATK buff. It can also act as an opener. However, Violet and ML Violet are single target, sustain bruisers that lack reliable counters. Closer Charles has a strong S1 and an enhanced ATK to compensate for this.

The game’s latest moonlight 5-Star unit, Closer Charles, was teased to players ahead of the Epic Festival 2021 update in Smilegate. This unit is a Thief class character and will appear in the Mystic Medals banner after maintenance on 19th August 2021. If you want to get the best out of this new unit, consider playing it in a Champions Arena team. It has great AOE damage and can help your team survive a lot of fights without losing much health.

Closer Charles’ passive ability is Perception. It grants 50% combat readiness and increases Critical Hit Damage by 15%. While Closer Charles is under this buff, his ability Elimination is changed to Demolition. If you use it on Closer Charles, he can also kill himself with S1. This allows him to take down enemies in the late game. And, of course, he can also use his crit skills to get extra damage.

S1 S2 combo

The S1 S2 combo of Charles is one of the strongest in the game, but it is not without its disadvantages. Because of his low DEF and HP, Charles cannot be a tank and is most effective when dealing with foes who rely on buffs. Also, the S1 procs only half the time, so it’s more effective to manually use his S2 instead of letting it proc.

The S1 S2 combo of Charles is very deadly. The first attack deals a lot of damage. The second attack has a 25% chance to proc. It is also very effective when it hits three or fewer enemies. Smilegate made a piece of equipment for Charles that increases this chance to 50% and provides a team-wide attack buff. This makes Charles a solid bruiser. This is also one of the strongest bruises in the game.

While there are several other characters in this list, these heroes can be used for the S1 S2 combo. It is a very strong combo to use if you have a team that doesn’t use buff strippers. It will give your team some much-needed defense buffs, and the two other characters can be used as attack buffers. However, if you are playing against a team of buff strippers, it’s a good idea to choose another player who doesn’t use buff strippers.

Elbris Ritual Sword

The Elbris Ritual Sword is a melee weapon with a wide range of abilities. While its damage isn’t particularly high, it offers several useful bonuses that can help you outscore your opponents. It can also be a great way to distract enemy teams by giving your DPS a defense buff. And if you’re looking for a strong weapon to use against cleave teams, you can even use it to stun key targets.

When equipped with Elbris, Charles can perform numerous offensive actions. He has 80% chance to dispel buffs. In addition, his damage increases proportionally to the number of buffs he has. This means he can deal a lot of damage and still have room to spare. Another cool thing about Charles is that he can use the Elbris artifact to proc S2, which increases his damage by 25%.

The Elbris Ritual Sword has three types of attacks. First, you can use it against enemies with the element of Light. For instance, if you’re a thief, you can use element fire. Otherwise, if you’re a mage, you can use element fire. Secondly, you can use it on a Ranger. The Elbris Ritual Sword is a great option for those who want to level up a character and play a role that requires a lot of damage.


As a loyal Knight Commander in the Order of the Sword, Charles is a first-rate DPS and buff dispeller. He is also a surprisingly fast Knight, and is a terrifying anti-cleave option in PvP. As an Earth Knight, Charles is particularly strong at dispelling buffs from enemies and laying the hurt. His kit focuses on reducing enemy damage and buffing your own team.

The three skills available to Charles are all useful for getting the most out of your team. You can also burn his soul to get extra effects. This is a great way to improve his damage output. Charles also has a high critchance and can get a decent amount of morale from his abilities. However, his substats are a bit low, so the best way to play him is with heroes with a high critchance.

The most important characteristic of Charles is his damage. He has an excellent melee attack. His S1 and S2 abilities allow him to deal more damage to enemies while still keeping his cooldown low. In addition, his S3 increases his damage every time an enemy attacks. This makes him a solid bruiser and allows him to do more damage when three or less enemies are present. He has several skills that work well together, and all of them are useful in PvP.


If you’re looking for a way to dominate your opponents in PvP, then the best build for Charles is one that maximizes your Speed stat. Charles is a solid PvP pick, as he has good damage, and his speed and mobility make him a good choice against common buffs, buffers, and AoE cleave teams. There are a few other things to consider when building Charles, however, including the number of morale points you’ll gain when selecting your options.

While playing in solo, the game is very fun and engaging, but it can get monotonous when you’re fighting AI or human opponents. Because of this, Epic Seven has been carefully balanced, so characters are ranked from S to E depending on their power level. While the S-tier characters are extremely powerful, players with lower-level characters have limited power stats and cannot compete against the higher-tier players. For this reason, I’d recommend playing with a friend, or at the very least, a friend, when you’re in a game.

The B-tier heroes are good options for backbone, but they’re not nearly as powerful as A-tier heroes. In PvP, these characters tend to be weaker, but if you can afford them, they can carry the weight between A-tier heroes. Likewise, C-tier heroes can be good options for PvP, but they’re much less powerful and are generally not worth the investment over some of the B-tier characters.


If you are looking for a solid DPS build to make a name for yourself in the PvP scene, look no further than Charles. This loyal Knight is one of the best dispellers in the game and is very fast. This makes him an excellent anti-cleave option, as well as an extremely potent DPS. He specializes in dispelling buffs from your enemies, and laying on the hurt. You’ll also appreciate the synergy between his powerful skills and the Elbris Ritual Sword Artifact, which triggers a counterattack and often results in a Smash! (S2).

The best way to get the most out of your team’s morale is to use the skill upgrade that gives you the highest chances to proc S1 and S2. You can also increase S2’s chance by buying Special Equipment from Smilegate. While this might seem like overkill, it is important to note that it increases your overall chance of procting S2 by 50%. You can use this to your advantage in Raid.

Using the Elbris Artifact is one of the best ways to play Charles. This item increases the attack and defense of your team for two turns, and its damage increases with the number of enemies. Charles is an excellent choice for both offense and defense, and has a variety of skills that synergize well with one another. His S1 and S2 skills are a great choice for PvP. It also increases his damage if three or fewer enemies are present.

Summertime Iseria

Summertime Iseria is a new class in Charles Epic 7 and is set to be released after the August 26th update. Summertime Iseria will change some of the skills that she has to deal with the game’s many different enemies. The first change she’ll have is to her skill 2 “Suppression Attempt”. In addition, her Sword of Flowers! will now deal slightly more damage than normal.

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