Choux Epic Seven Review

Epic Seven

Those who have played the Choux Epic Seven will know that her abilities are very similar to those of the Violet and Diene. Choux has similar attributes to the two, but she also has her own focus mechanic. She is a solid damage dealer, and her base stats are very good. She also does not have any RNG aspects to her kit. The Choux Epic Seven review is intended to help you choose the best build for your Choux.

Choux has a great S1 ability, where he can hit back and deal solid damage with 20% more critical damage. This ability is very useful when you want to apply more pressure to your enemies. However, Choux is not the best all-around choice – a speed set will work just fine. It can also be replaced with any 2 piece set. There are also a few changes in the Choux’s gear.

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