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Epic Seven

Building a Belian is surprisingly versatile, with four primary build options: the Counter build, General Speed Build, Lifesteal Build, and Injury Build. Belian’s attacks are AoE, and he can proc into another attack. Because of his s1 proc, it’s important to tank Belian’s health to avoid soul burning. There are passive and active ways to play a Belian, depending on what your playstyle is.

Builds for Belian

The Belian is a 5 star Light elemental unit with great tankiness. While Belian’s skills scale according to MAX Health, it is best to build him tanky so he can withstand heavy damage. His main skill, Light of Destruction, has a 50% chance to remove the buff from his targets, which makes him an excellent choice for tanky builds. He also has a chance to snare an enemy soul and proc into another attack.

Belian’s 3rd skill, Apocalypse, targets all enemies and reduces their combat readiness by 20-40%. It also grants Belian increased defense for two turns. Belian also negates the souls of enemies with the Apocalypse buff, and this gives him a massive advantage over other heroes. In addition, he has the advantage of granting his allies the Revive buff as well.


Despite his high base speed, Rimuru’s belian skills are not suited for AoE DPS. The most important thing for this character is to have enough health and focus to survive. Rimuru’s second skill, “Raco Plate,” improves the damage of critical hits by 30% and decreases combat readiness by 10%. His third skill, “Dark Blade,” is a great way to speed up the story and event playthroughs. It also has a regenerative cooldown and hits all enemies with its full Focus. While Arby is no longer the most powerful hero in the game, he is the best Moonlight Hero.

Belian’s main focus in RTA is debuffing enemies. She is an excellent counter to teams that depend on souls, and her skills scale with her MAX Health. However, her one-trick-pony skillset is countered heavily in the meta. Although she’s a one-trick pony, she’s strong enough to play in RTA teams that aren’t heavily relying on soul-burn.

Light of Destruction: This skill has decent utility and is a good choice for a RNG-based extra attack. Belian’s RNG extra attack should be at skill two. In addition, she has a chance to stun enemies with the lowest speed. This spell should be used in a group of enemies for the most damage. So, the best way to use Belian’s rogue skills is to build up a good skill list and level up.

Heir of the Covenant: After Orbis’ death, Diche breaks away from the celestial war and builds a world on his body. Her brother, IIyros, disagrees with her decision to leave the war. In order to prevent this from happening again, she creates heirs and guardians for the heirs. She also creates an heir for herself to represent her. This heir is called Ras Eclare, the Heir of the Covenant.

Passive skills

Belian is a tanky 5-star Light elemental unit specializing in debuffing enemies and countering teams that rely on souls. Its skills scale in damage based on MAX Health and are highly effective against teams that rely heavily on souls. However, Belian’s passive skillset is a one-trick pony. She deals high damage, but has a 50% chance to remove buffs.

Belian’s main skills are a range of AOE attacks and debuff-removal abilities. Her first talent deals AOE damage and her second skill removes debuffs. Her second talent gives her the ability to counterattack whenever an ally is attacked. She can also steal an enemy’s Soul to gain the Revive buff. Her passive skills also make her extremely versatile, allowing her to counterattack nearly every round. Her third talent can also be used to replace Tamarinne in the same match. Her passive skills are also highly versatile, and a team should consider it when choosing a character.

Politis is another tanky pick. She can be built for high damage or high tankiness. She has a versatile build that can make her a good choice against Eda. She can also counterattack Eda, and enter demon mode to prevent her from being stunned. And if you have a tanky single target nuker, Politis is a solid choice. And Belian is also a safe DPS choice against Emilia, Specter Tenebria, and Diene.

Yulha’s third skill works like Krau’s, but applies damage based on HP instead of defense. It also restores HP if the enemy is defeated. In addition, Yulha is a good bait unit for Hwayoung, putting her at a significant advantage in battle. However, her team must play up to their full potential to be effective. A Summertime Iseria can make a big splash in a battle.

Damage scales according to MAX Health

The Belian is a 5-star Light elemental unit that specializes in debuffing enemies and countering teams that rely on souls. The damage of Belian’s skills scales according to his MAX Health. It is recommended to build him tanky, but you should be aware of the skills that scale based on MAX Health. Light of Destruction is an excellent choice for tanky builds because it can remove a buff.

Tamarinne can be replaced with any Soul Weaver

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a replacement for Tamarinne. For one, she’s one of the best Soul Weavers in the game, and her healing is better than most other heroes’. In addition, she’s PvE-only, so you don’t need a perfect stat line. Some players choose to give her a free HP set with zero speed, but that’s not what you want to do with a healer. Secondly, you should be aware of the fact that Tamarinne takes a few turns to upgrade to her idol form.

Lastly, you should know that Tamarinne can be replaced with any Soul-Weaver. It is a good idea to have a few different Soul-Weavers available to you, so that you’re not limited to one type. It’s important to switch out your Tamarinne with a new Soul-Weaver every now and then, since it’s not always beneficial to replace your Tamarinne with another Soul-Weaver. If you have to change her, do so carefully and you’ll be able to make the right decision.

There are a total of 200 characters in the game, with each character having different attributes and skills. You’ll want to make sure you have a diverse team of category A and B heroes. If you’re not sure which characters to play, consider the tier list below. It will help you make a decision on the best heroes to start with. You can then choose the most suitable heroes for your team.

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