Epic 7 Angel of Light – How to Play With Angelica on PC Using BlueStacks and a Keyboard

Epic Seven

The Angel of Light is a new hero that has been added to the game. In this article, we’ll discuss her passive skill, her S3, and the global server. The best way to play with her is on PC using BlueStacks and a keyboard. The following tips will help you get the most out of her. Read on to learn more! Also, learn more about Angelica’s unique passive skills! This hero is a great choice if you’re looking to get the best possible performance in the game.

Angel of Light Angelica

The 4-Star Moonlight hero from Epic Seven is here. She is a female with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is a PvP-oriented unit. Her main attack is Ritualistic Touch, which has a 50% chance to inflict the Silence debuff on a targeted enemy. This will be useful for shutting down enemy units. It is also good at punishing enemy units that resist Silence. She can also pop off with an AoE attack.

Although she was created to counter AOE damage, Angel of Light is still a great hero to use against AOE damage attacks. It is important to build your Angel of Light a little tankier than most other champions. She should have some Health and Defense to help your team. Moreover, she can help your team if it can take damage once. You can also add a Proof of Valor buff to help her out.

The starter account of the Epic 7 Seven Angel of Light is equipped with 4 Sinful Angelica (ML) and the Moonlight Blessing. This account is available on the global server. She has lots of resources and can play the story in 1-4. Besides, she can use Potion of Ascension to promote her Hero to 6 levels. She is a top PvE Soul Weaver and has one of the best healing kits in the game.

Her passive skill

This Passive skill of Epic 7 Angel of Light increases DEX and increases the damage of spells cast. The ability will attack enemies with the highest HP first and will periodically target enemies at a certain radius. It will also occasionally attack up to 10 enemies at a time when the character is Lv. 25 or below. It will restore 25% of Max HP and a 100% Bonus Critical Rate. However, this skill has a cooldown of twelve seconds.

Her S3

Her S3 epic seven is one of the hardest heroes to counter, as it’s very effective and has very high survivability. However, it’s possible to set up your team to counter this powerful ability. The first step to countering her S3 is to build a team that has high survivability and has strong tanking. Depending on what your team needs, this build can include Rem and Archdemon’s Shadow. These two heroes are good counters against Peira teams. They can both one-shot them and also remove their debuffs with Barrier Inversion. Apocalypse Ravi doesn’t directly counter Mediator Kawerik, but Hwayoung can one-shot them with the proper setup.

The passive ability of Politis slows Eda’s CR manipulation, but the S3 can still be used to one-shot him. Mediator Kawerik’s single target strip is not effective against Specter Tenebria, so this is the main counter to Eda’s S3-S2 combo. After that, Alencia typically takes her turn, and provides strong AOE to remove S3 buffs. Choux and Aria are two other standard counters to AOL, although Politis is often the best choice.

Her global server

You can play Epic Seven: Angel of Light on the global server, where you can get a Starter Account which comes with 4 Sinful Angelica (ML) and the Moonlight Blessing. You can also start the story with a Hero level of 1-4. This global server version has a lot of resources for your Hero, including the Potion of Ascension, which can be used to promote your Hero to level 6.

Her stats

The new 4-Star Moonlight hero, Angel of Light Angelica, was released just a couple of weeks ago. This PvP-oriented unit has become a mainstay in the arena. Its kit and passive are a combination that is hard to beat. If you want to see how this new character stacks up against its competition, read on. We’ll take a closer look at the Angel’s stats.

– Judgement of Angels – This ability targets all enemies and has a 70% chance to dispel 2 buffs. It can also inflict Unable to be buffed for two turns. This skill can also be used to punish units that resist Silence and is prone to popping off. This ability is useful in PvP as it can completely shut down and disable enemy units. In addition, it can damage enemy units by inflicting an AoE attack.

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