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Epic Seven

There are many guides out there on how to get the best Hero and gear for 1010 Epic Seven, but most of them are outdated or simply wrong. Most of them recommend a DPS + Healer build, which is a bad choice for this game. In fact, it’s best to take a more balanced approach. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Character tier list

The character tier list in 1010 Epic Seven includes both 4-star and 5-star characters. For instance, Fire, Mage, Ranger, and Earth, Knight have Arena(5) and Abyss(8), respectively, while Dark, Warrior has a high level of speed/hit and HP. Then, there’s the Dark Soul Weaver, who is a combination of two characters: a knight and a dark soul weaver. This makes him an interesting character choice.

The B-tier characters are a little above average but still very deadly opponents if used with the right teammates. Characters in the D-tier have low levels of power, but their skills are relatively powerful. The B-tier characters are good for a group but not enough to dominate the game by themselves. For the D-tier characters, they are best for solo play and if you’re playing with a group, you’ll need to use other characters with more powerful skills.

There are many flaws in the Epic Seven character tier list. Players may think that the characters at the top are overpowered, but the tier list was made based on the abilities of the character, not the ability of the hero. While the list isn’t perfect, it’s a useful guide for forming your party. If you want more heroes, try looking outside of the table. You can also check out the character skills to find out how much they’re worth.

There are over two hundred different characters in 1010 Epic Seven, and a tier list will help you choose which one to play. The S-tier characters have excellent stats and are the best heroes in the game. The A-tier characters have good skills and are strong enough to defeat players with a smart strategy and a perfect combo. A-tier characters are also good options if you’re looking to play solo or with friends.


The game’s new Epic Seven is coming soon! While the game is not releasing a new patch until May, the stream did announce the tournament details. Players will be able to choose 3 heroes and artifacts to complete the World Championship challenge. These heroes can all be 5-star heroes. To be eligible, you must have at least 6 months of seniority and have completed episode one. If you have any questions, you can check out the Epic Seven Youtube channel!

The new update will add item names to the rewards of packs. The account rank requirement to use the in-game chat has been raised to 10 and players at this Account Rank can use it. The new update also includes a change to the memory imprint item and other Hero details. In addition, the Lock icon will be moved to the top of the details panel. A bug that prevented players from retaining a tenth-level Hero during the first time it is used will be fixed.

The new Heroes of 1010 epic seven update has a number of useful heroes to choose from. A great healer is Angelica, which is a three-star hero that can rival a higher-level tank. Angelica’s healing and debuffing abilities mean she can carry your team through every phase. The other good healer is Sigret, who is considered an Epic Seven legend. Angelica can carry a team through every phase of the game, making her a valuable asset for any team.

To recruit a hero, you must complete several Connections. Each hero has specific requirements and stages you must complete. Silk, Lorina, Montmorency, and Alexa are the easiest heroes to recruit. Crozet is the hardest hero to recruit, with the hardest requirements. The game also requires the player to have an MLB copy of the artifact. However, you must keep the MLB copy of all four-star artifacts.


In the game, you can get new items for your characters in Epic Seven. There are many shops for players to choose from, and each has their own niche. For example, there are certain utilities for Heroes you can purchase. But which ones are worth keeping? And what about items that have a flat number boost? It is hard to say which ones are the best and which ones you can afford to replace or toss aside. Read on to learn more about the different types of equipment that you can use in the game.

There are two ways to get more experience in Epic Seven. The first way is to complete the Adventurer’s Path. By completing these goals, you can earn gold and experience more easily. At the same time, you’ll also get catalysts that will help you unlock your heroes and increase their skills. In addition, you can even get more equipment and other equipment sets in this way. In this way, you’ll be able to level up faster and earn more gold.

Battle pass

The battle pass for 1010 Epic Seven has some new additions that you’ll want to try out. There are two new summoning banners that you can use to increase your chance of acquiring artifacts and characters. These are Charles and Justice for All and Roana and Touch of Rekos. These are both 5-star quality characters and items. The Epic Pass is also the only way to get all of the new cosmetic items and characters.

The Special Epic Pass gives you all of the above and gives you a limited Halloween skin for Charles. This Halloween skin includes new illustrations and cutscenes that make it one of the best rewards of the 2020 Halloween event. To obtain these items, players must spend entry tickets and energy in different game modes, giving them varying amounts of Season EXP. The Epic Pass upgrade also gives players a special Halloween avatar frame. Depending on your level and playstyle, you can get more than one Epic Pass in a single purchase.

PVP season

Among the new features available in the 1010 Epic Seven PVP season are the availability of free resources and the ability to use Skystones. This can be beneficial to those who play the game on PC because they can increase the amount of energy they have and can spend it on stronger Heroes. It is important to know that most of the information available on YouTube is outdated and ineffective. It is very important to read the official patch notes before you play.

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