Transmit Stone Epic 7 Guide

Epic Seven

The Transmit Stone is an item in Epic Seven that can be used in many different ways. In the game, players can use this item to get various items. Some of these items can be used by characters that are 3 stars and higher. Other items are used for lower-level characters. Read on to learn more about what these items do and how to use them. The Transmit Stone can also be used for crafting items, which will help players level up their characters.

Gold Transmit Stone

If you have not yet gotten the gold transmit stone in the game, you should start right away! It will be worth the time to go through every tutorial in this game, as there are tons of them! You will learn about the various shops in the game, as well as what to look out for to maximize your profit. This guide will show you how to make the most of the different shops, including the Conquest Point Shop and the Huche. I also discuss how to obtain Greater Artifact Charms, which are a great addition to your stash in the later game. While these aren’t essential for early game players, they can be extremely useful in the later game.

You can obtain the Gold Transmit Stone in the Epic Seven by doing different tasks in the game. This material can be crafted and used to purchase different items. You will receive one every month when you complete 20 Summons and receive 4 Abyss Floor rewards. After you have collected these items, you will receive the Gold Transmit Stone. It will also be worth it to get the different kinds of items in the game. But you must be careful not to use it to make summons!

Enhance artifacts

To obtain more Silver Transmit Stones, you must enhance your Artifacts. For example, enhancing a single 1* Friendship Summon Artifact to +3 will reward you with eight silver Transmit Stones. You can also front load silver Transmit Stones with friendship points. The most efficient way to front load with friendship points is to create +3 artifacts and feed them copies of themselves. This way, you can keep them in your inventory until you want to do upgrade quests.

Enriching your Artifacts will boost your limit break level and increase your currency. This is only applicable once and is based on the amount of currencies you have at the end of each battle. Depending on the artifacts you choose to enhance, you will get higher limit break levels. You can use the Artifacts to improve your heroes’ skills and power. However, be careful when choosing the best item for your character.

Drop Rate Up Summon

The Drop Rate Up Summon for the Transmit Stone is one of the new ways to increase the amount of gold that you’ll be able to spend on the game. It’s a Covenant Summon that has a higher chance of dropping a 5-star hero. The downside to this summon is that there is only one available, and the chance to get it is much lower than with the normal Covenant Summon. This summon also doesn’t contain the Moonlight Hero, but it still counts towards your Gold Transmit Stones.

Wyvern Hunt stage

The Wyvern Hunt stage of Transmit Stone Epic 7 is the end game quest that is perfect for farming your speed set. The stage is split into two battles. In the first one, you’ll fight against three small snakes and a giant snake. While the snakes aren’t a major threat, they can still apply a poison debuff on your teammates. If you want to stay healthy in this stage, you’ll need to have characters who have debuff immunity. The Fire Breath attack will apply a poison debuff for 2 turns.

The cheapest way to farm the Wyvern 11 is to use a knight as your tank, a healer, and two dps. You can run the tank to protect your frontline, but you’ll need at least seven hp to survive the first wave. Those who are good dps can use a debuffing artifact to help them survive the first wave.

Once you’ve achieved the first two objectives, you’ll be able to advance to the next stage, which is the Wyvern Hunt. After completing this stage, you’ll need to collect four different types of equipment. You can also farm some crafting mats to craft more powerful items. The Wyvern Hunt also provides free gear, but it’s a good idea to keep your MLB copy for the artifacts that you get.

Daily tasks

In Transmit Stone Epic 7, there are daily and weekly tasks that you need to complete to progress in the game. Complete the daily tasks and weekly guild missions to earn valuable items. Also, check out all the shops for rare items. The daily tasks will help you to earn more gold and get the best items in the game. There are some special tasks that are only available on certain days. However, these tasks can help you earn more gold and level up fast.

Rewards for completing quests

If you have been wondering about the rewards for completing quests in Transmit Stone Epic 7, this article will help you out. You can unlock Mystic Tickets by completing quests in the Three Sisters’ Diary. You can earn these tickets by completing a series of activities such as Starting Adventure 5 times, Completing a Spirit Altar and Hunt run, and Raising a Penguin in the Spirit Altr. You can also obtain various gear by completing quests on your Adventurer’s Path.

To complete a quest, you need to gather the required number of Skystones and complete it successfully. There are many different ways to collect these items, from items and equipment to experience and gold. You can also get catalysts for boosting your skills and awakening heroes. These are the most common rewards in Transmit Stone. The main story is the Adventure mode. Once you’ve completed the Adventure Mode, you can move on to the BATTLE section and unlock different game modes.

The premium currency of the game is the Skystone. As a player progresses in the game, a steady supply of skystones will be available. The more ranks you achieve, the more frequently you can refresh the Secret Shop. You can also use your Skystones to purchase items from the shop. During the early game, you’ll be able to purchase items from the shop with them, but these will require a gold investment.

Buying high rarity heroes

If you have yet to try out the game, you might want to consider purchasing some high-rare heroes for your character. The game mechanics vary greatly among Heroes and they are classified into five different rarity tiers. The higher the rarity, the more valuable they are. Rarity is important because it affects game mechanics such as summoning probabilities, stat bonuses, and more. You can get a lot of bonuses for the Hero you choose, but this mechanic can be difficult to grasp if you’re a first-time buyer.

The first public sale of NFT Heroes will take place on September 10th. The price for each Hero will be 0.055 ETH. After the sale, the remaining heroes will be sold on the NFT Heroes website. Buying high rarity NFT Heroes is an excellent way to get access to a wide variety of rewards in the SIDUS community. As an added bonus, they can even be used to upgrade your characters.

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