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If you’re looking for the best Warrior in Epic Seven, Chloe is a great choice. She’s the fastest and hardest-hitting Warrior, and her Magic Nail debuff can contribute a great deal to your team’s success. If you’re more interested in damage, Chloe can be very powerful with a damage-focused build, too. However, Chloe doesn’t do well in early-game fights, and she is better served in fights that happen later in the game. Her high burst damage and max HP% make her an excellent choice for this role.

In-game hero

Among the Warrior class heroes, Chloe is the fastest and hardest hitting. With her Magic Nail debuff, she can contribute tremendously. In terms of build, you can go with a damage-focused or a tanky one. Unlike other heroes, Chloe is more effective in fights later in the game, when you have access to high burst damage and max HP% damage.

While there are some notable differences between Tier-S and Tier-A heroes in terms of stats and strengths, all three are a bit below average. These heroes also have similar stats, and rank one tier below the first-tier characters in Epic Seven. These heroes are not the easiest heroes to defeat, but they aren’t too difficult either. Nevertheless, you’ll want to know a little bit about each before making your final decision.

If you’ve played the game since launch, you know that she’s an underdog. That’s because she started out as a meme in Epic Seven. Her ‘in-game hero’ has a lagging’reputation’. Despite her low reputation, she’s now considered to be one of the seven greatest disasters in Epic Seven. She can deal massive damage, but she can also dish out crippling debuffs to her team.

The single-target attack of Chloe is among the best in the game. She has a unique debuff called magic nail, which deals a certain percentage of a target’s health. And when she applies it, her third skill deals an additional 30% damage. In addition to a low defense, Chloe is an excellent choice for single-target fights and bosses.

Character’s stats

The main focus of Chloe’s gameplay is her incredibly high single-target attack power. Her unique debuff, magic nail, deals a percentage of your health in damage. This debuff also amplifies the effect of Chloe’s third skill. In addition, Chloe’s damage over time is great, as long as she keeps hitting Nailed targets. This is not an early game hero, but instead shines in fights that are farther into the game. Chloe’s hefty single-target damage and high burst damage make her a viable choice in a variety of settings.

Chloe isn’t the best character in the Epic Seven, but she does excel in Abyss. Her single-target attack power is immense, and her burst increases with the maximum life of your target. That burst comes in handy when fighting bosses. Chloe’s stats are listed below. Some characters cannot be recruited via classic summons, so they’re not listed in this way.

To help you choose the best character for your play style, we’ve listed the most important Epic Seven stats. These are the ones that will help you dominate opponents in the game. These tiers are important to make the best decisions. If you’re still undecided, consult the tier list before you choose a character. While some players feel the top tier characters are overpowered, we took into account how each character’s abilities stack up against others.

The tier list lists the characters according to their performance in the game. Players can choose from the top-tier characters in each group to maximize their potential. For example, Arbiter Vildred has the strongest debuffs and anti-revive ability in the Epic Seven storyline. His Guillotine skill is a great option if you want to strike multiple enemies at once.


When it comes to single-target damage, Chloe is one of the best options in the Abyss. Her Hyper Strike is a powerful attack that increases with your target’s maximum life, and she has the highest single-target DPS of any Warrior. Her damage over time is also great, especially if you can keep hitting your Nailed targets. Chloe also has the highest Speed stat of any Warrior.

Her stats are similar to those of Tier-S heroes, but she is ranked one tier below the first-best characters. She’s not considered easy to beat, but her stats are just about average. But there are many ways to improve her skills. For example, she can get a new skill in her skill tree by completing side quests. She can also earn bonus event currency by clearing stages with her Sphere of Sadism.

Another unique trait of Bellona, the female earth ranger, is her powerful fan attack. This skill deals damage equal to the maximum health of a victim, and it is an excellent way to kill enemies in a single wave. She can use this attack in two ways: she can wave her fan or attack enemies with it. If the number of enemies is high, she will deal more damage. If she has more enemies, she will lose focus.

Synergy with fast teammates

You can make use of synergy with fast teammates in Epic Seven to help you achieve your goals. As the Heir of the Covenant, Chloe can apply a defense break, making her a solid choice for PVP. She has a passive that grants her 50% combat readiness. Moreover, her S3 has a decreased cooldown and deals less damage than before.

Unique debuff

Chloe is one of the fastest Warriors in Epic Seven, with a high single-target burst. Its damage increases with the maximum life of the target and she excels in Abyss fights. The damage she can deal is also impressive when you factor in her high burst damage and excellent speed. Chloe is not a hero for early game fights, but she can shine in the later stages. Chloe’s max HP% damage combined with high burst damage and an amazing 24% Crit Chance makes her an excellent choice for the deeper fights.

The Unique debuff for Epic Seven Chloe is “Fan Attack.” If you’ve hit an enemy with the fan attack, he’ll be hit with a large amount of damage equal to his maximum health. If you’re over 5 on a target, you’ll lose focus, causing your fan to hit them even harder. It’s also an excellent choice for teams that focus on offense. Because she has a high base multiplier, it makes her difficult to bait.

The Epic Seven is a role-playing game where you play the role of an heir to the covenant. The world of the game was created by Diche after the death of Orbis. Diche also made an Archdemon as a punishment for failing to fulfill his duties. Each time the Archdemon attacks the world, Diche will reset the world and get weaker. As a result, it’s important to collect Heroes in order to defeat this archdemon.

For a bleed, you’ll need to have multiple attacks and a Torn Sleeve. If you have these three items, you can stack bleeds and have a nice dps boost. It’s not always possible to stack them, but they can stack and help you get past an enemy’s attack. If you’re playing with friends, it’s best to stick to a few of them to maximize their potential.

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