Epic Seven 2021 Guide – Guild War Defense Comps and Artifacts

What is the best character for Guild War Defense? There are a lot of options when it comes to characters and their Comps and Artifacts. If you’re looking for a guide to help you choose the best character, then this article is for you! You’ll discover which character is best suited for your needs, as well as what other things you need to know about the game. This article will show you how to select the best character for Guild War Defense!


If you are planning to join the Epic Seven team, there are many factors you should consider. For one, you should choose a survivable unit. This hero is healthy and tanky and can deal great damage. Furthermore, he can heal his allies and have two sources of life. However, if you want to be successful in PvP, you should consider another hero type. For example, if you want to play PvE, you can choose an AoE hero like Ravi, which can be both tanky and healthy. Apocalypse Ravi is a healer, who can restore allies when they die. In addition, he can revive himself and others, so he can make a team.

In addition to these two roles, the game offers a lot of content. Players can also join Guilds to gain special crests and donate resources to the guild. They can also participate in the Epic Seven Arena, which is a gamemode that allows players to test their skills against other players and earn rewards. This game is available for Android users only, and is available for free on the Google Play Store.

While choosing a hero for Epic Seven, you should always keep in mind what each role is best for. For example, a tanky unit might be good, but a defense hero should be able to absorb a lot of damage and breach enemy defenses. So, you should always plan your team ahead and choose the right combination of abilities and class to suit your needs. There is a character for every role in Epic Seven, so you should choose the one that suits your play style the best.


The comps for Guild War Defense have been added to the game. This new feature will reward you for your work by giving you an MVP standing. This will make it easier for you to earn better rewards and to get the highest war contribution. This update will also add more offensive battles to the game. You’ll also receive better rewards if you get MVPs. Listed below are the changes to the comps for Guild War Defense.

Top teams in this game have randomly selected thirty defense teams. Each row represents an opponent. Each column represents the first defensive formation. The most common team is Arbiter Vildred. They’re notoriously hard to kill and put out tons of AoE damage. Alternatively, you can try Lilias or Charles. These three are very good choices for a good guild defense composition. Hopefully, you’ll find this guide helpful.

The art style of this game is also unique. It’s full of high-quality characters. The animations are incredibly colorful. The powerful abilities can make your screen explode! In addition to the combat system, Epic Seven also has a lot of extra content. You can also join Guilds to receive special crests. Finally, you can test your skill by participating in the arena to earn rewards. You don’t need a lot of money to join a guild, though, so don’t worry.

Players who want to build a team to compete in Epic Seven need to know the strengths of each character before they start. There are certain heroes that will dominate PvP, Arena, and Abyss. These heroes require different strategies for the different modes. As such, you should adjust your comps according to your specific requirements. If you’re new to the game, you might want to try a different hero.


If you’re planning on leveling your Leo team, consider getting specific Artifacts and skill upgrades. By leveling these, you can almost guarantee your team’s victory. This unit’s base 15% effect resistance is good news. With the proper artifacts, this unit can even gain 100% defense break! Besides reducing the gear requirements, the S3 also gives Element Advantage attack. The problem with Junkyard Dog is its limited stats and the RNG from S1 and S2 is crucial.

You can also find other content in this game. Players can join guilds to get special crests and donate resources to their fellow members. They can also try their skills in the Arena to earn rewards. The combat system in E7 is similar to Gachas and Hero Collecting Role Playing Games. It’s turn-based, and each Hero has a different set of abilities. The elements in E7 are grouped into five categories. Each element has a special effect on your Heroes.

In Epic Seven, players can now use the chat feature to communicate with fellow Heirs. This will allow players to quickly send and receive messages with their fellow Heirs. There are also new options in the chat menu for ignoring other players. Ignoring other players will turn off notifications from them for 24 hours. In addition, new Heroes such as the Mega-Phantasma and 2 Penguins can be obtained through Friendship Summons. The Friendship Summons can also give you Friendship Points, which can be used to strengthen your Heroes. Moreover, your level will no longer be visible on the Bottle of Knowledge. Your max skill level will now be shown in the Inventory and Enhance windows.

While leveling up in Guild Wars, you should keep in mind that the defending team will be saved during the war. This is due to the fact that a healer can raise the average health of your team members, but the damage they deal will not be healed until the next war. Therefore, defending your team should be done as quickly as possible to maximize your chances of victory. This way, you’ll gain the highest number of points in each war.


If you’re wondering how to increase your survivability in Guild Wars, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find tips for every type of enemy in this guide, including those that won’t harm your hero. Survivability in this game depends on how well you can disrupt enemy structures and generate more points. The best way to do that is by attacking the enemy with your towers and buildings.

AI-controlled units

When it comes to Guild Wars Defense, there are a number of ways to counterattack AI-controlled units. The most effective way to do this is to bait them into your counters. For example, if you are using F Maya, she will attack the enemy first and then the other units will attack her. You can use the same composition with Lilias, who has a low HP percent, and Krau A Montmo DC against the dark-element.

Despite the fact that AI-controlled units do not provide as much assistance as a player, they can often help to protect the home base. However, they do not attack your team members. This means that they will need to attack structures to get more points. The Apocalypse Ravi is a good example of a survivable team, because he can heal his allies while dealing high damage. He also has two sources for reviving his allies.

To counter the AoE attack of Hwayoung, you should build the Mediator Kawerik and Spirit Eye Celine to deal with meta debuffers and AOE attacks. Yulha was specifically designed to counter Hwayoung and has high HP and armor. These two units are arguably the best light bait units in the game. A strong tank is also important. A good unit will have high HP and resist spells, but you should keep your eye on the tower to avoid any surprises.

A team that uses only free-to-play units will have an advantage over a team with expensive units. The free-to-play units are Alexa, Furious, and Angelic Montmorancy. These units are staples in PVE content and are available via covenant summons, free tickets, and fire elemental bookmarks. The free units are also useful when it comes to team composition.

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