Assassin Cartuja E7 Guide

This guide focuses on the Assassin Cartuja and her Base stats, Skills, and Artifacts. While these are the most important elements for an Assassin, they are not the only ones that you should consider. There are also a number of things that you can do to make your Cartuja even better! Keep reading to learn more! Also, make sure to check out my other guides on Assassins and their base stats!

Assassin Cartuja

Assassin Cartuja is a four Dark Warrior most often seen playing in the arena or on defense in guild wars. The key to his appeal is his passive S2, Battle Fervor, which gives your teammates 15% evasion. While evasion reduces damage, it does not apply status effects, so you need to pair him with other heroes that have evasion. Luckily, this hero can pair well with a wide variety of team comps.

Assassin Cartuja is a member of the Sicar assassin organization, but he is an observer at heart. He maintains a partnership with the goddess Aramintha, and is currently working on a major issue on Orbis. The Watcher Schuri is also part of the team, and the two of them are partners in this important issue. Here are a few ways to make the most of the passive effects.

Assassin Cartuja’s passive is a little less potent than Crimson Armin’s, which can sometimes make it feel like it does nothing. Fallen Cecilia and Crimson Armin are both considered more potent defensive passives. The passives on Assassin Cartuja can make the defender feel like they are getting nothing for the effort. As a result, he is mostly used as a passive defender. This lacks fun factor for the defending player, while frustration for the attacker.

Base stats

The base stats for Cartuja are very good. He has a high base HP and respectable Def. He also scales HP on all damage. His S3 attack break is very strong and grants massive heals, making it difficult to kill. With his Defense Break and self-CR-push, he can threaten the enemy team, but he does not have a high infliction rate.

If you are planning to play this unit as a tank, make sure you have a high Health set. Another way to make Cartuja a tank is to build him with two Health sets and two Defense sets. Then, add more Defense Break if possible. It is also recommended to take Durandal because it stacks with the S2 and reduces the S3 cooldown. This build will be effective against most opponents and will have a low DPS at lower levels.


There are some great E7 Skills for Cartuja, but there are also some drawbacks. Though her base HP and Def are good, they aren’t enough to change the course of a fight. She is good at staying alive, but not so good at killing things. She lacks provocation and the ability to draw aggro. As a result, she can be easily countered. In addition, her passive is slow, which means she is prone to being hit and dying.

CR pusher: This skill is a great way to pass through low challenger areas efficiently. It also applies a defense debuff and can deal 100% unhealable damage to enemies. CR pusher’s first skill has a chance to trigger the second one, which is great if you need a temporary boost in the middle of an encounter. She can also transform into a monster, which is useful in PvE. She can also apply a defense debuff to herself, so keep an eye on her HP.


A Cartuja E7 artifact is a unique item that boosts your overall DPS and combat readiness. This item is especially useful for players who use AoEs to deal damage to their opponents. It increases combat readiness by 15 to 30 percent. This item can be used by both melee and ranged heroes. There are some differences between these two artifacts, though. The first one has a high base DPS increase and the second one provides a high shield.

This is a great item for a tanky Warrior. It grants immunity protection, which helps save your DPS when you have low health. This item is also a very useful choice for an Assassin. It is highly recommended. Also, it is useful for boosting evasion, which is a great way to stay alive when your health is low. The Crimson Seed also helps remove debuffs on other heroes.

The Timeless Anchor is a good choice for a Tank hero. It can only dispel one debuff per turn, but it is useful for Apocalypse Ravi. It increases effect resistance by 60% if your health is over 50%, and reduces the effect by 50 percent if you are below 50%. It is very good for Guild War fights, as it can stack with the other two Artifacts.

The Assassin Cartuja is another useful unit. It has a 15% evasion chance and stun on his third skill. He also has a high health bar, which makes him a good option for banshee tanks. The Assassin Cartuja has a low base Atk, but the HP scaling makes it an easy choice for a tank. It can be a bumbler as well, but it doesn’t have the best DPS.


Boosting your morale can make the difference between finishing a Raid or not. This is because Raids require a large amount of morale to clear them. A good way to increase your morale is to kill the trash mobs in the Raid, which will save your morale and allow you to take on more bosses at a higher morale. Also, this will give you access to other paths that you may not have been aware of before.

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