Heroes of the Storm Kise Guide

Kise is a very versatile hero in the Heroes of the Storm expansion. She can either do single-target damage or a lot of damage in an AOE. She also has a side story and can be leveled up. In this guide, we will look at her abilities, how to level her up, and how to maximize her potential. We’ll also discuss her special abilities. We’ll discuss her AOE damage, barrier, and side story, as well as some tips and tricks for playing her.

She can do single-target damage or AOE damage

The Kise is a solid cleave unit, but shines brightest when used as a main-damage dealer in a team. When used with an AOE Defense Breaker, Kise can tear through the enemy team. Though he doesn’t completely change the game’s landscape like other Ice heroes, Kise doesn’t disappoint when it comes to raw damage.

Kise’s S1 ability used to only deal bonus damage to targets that were protected by a barrier. Now, however, Kise’s S1 deals bonus damage to all targets, including those with buffs. This is great news for Kise, as she can now take advantage of her bonus damage all the time. However, if you’re playing as a DPS Hero, you’ll need a team that focuses on healing Kise’s AOE abilities.

The Kise epic seven can also do AOE damage, making it an excellent choice for AOE or single-target damage. Moreover, Kise’s AOE ability makes him ideal for split-boss battles. You can even summon a guardian during the add phase to kill them faster. It’s recommended to summon Arky or Krom since they won’t debuff the boss.

If you want to maximize the AOE damage of Kise, you can build him with no speed and an 88% Crit Chance. In addition to that, you can also use a CR-boost to put Kise at the top of the turn order. Auxiliary Lots and Challenger Dominion will also boost your Kise’s Crit Chance to 12.6%. In addition, the Enhance function is useful for leveling other characters. Finally, the Penguin will serve as level-up fodder as well.

She can give herself a barrier

Kise is an epic healer who can buy herself more time. She can buy herself time by giving herself a barrier every time she gets attacked. Her basic attacks can cause two turns of poison when they hit you. She can also buy herself time by buying her shield from S3 or by using S6. During the barrier phase, she can use S3 to give herself a barrier. This barrier will last for five turns.

She can be leveled up

One of the most sought-after heroes in the game is Kise. He is a member of the Nocturnes, and first appeared in Epic Seven Episode 3. If you’re looking for a new five-star hero, you can level up Kise by following a few simple steps. These tips will help you level up Kise as fast as possible and give him the edge in a fight against Fallen Cecilia.

Judge Kise is a fairly versatile DPS Hero that can do well with standard offensive sets. The damage set that I tested was the best non-Rage set. The build consists of three Crit Chance sets and a Crit Damage necklace. The Crit Damage necklace provides more Crit Damage than the Destruction set, and often overcaps Crit Chance. It’s also the best build for a mid-late game Kise.

Kise’s horoscope is Leo, making him ideal for the game. This gives him high base Attack and damage multipliers, especially when combined with his S3 ability. Kise’s S3 ability has a x1.6 damage multiplier, and is capable of huge damage. There are many Leo heroes in the game, but most are just 3 or four-level DPS characters. They require the same upgrade materials as Kise does.

Aside from his excellent single target and AoE damage, Kise is also a solid choice for team composition. A good team of teammates will allow him to shine and make a big difference. Whether in PVP or PVE, Kise’s speed and agility make him the ideal unit for cleaving. With good teammates, Kise will help you clear mobs and slay PVE bosses.

She has a side story

In the first game of the Epic Seven series, Kise is the leader of the Nocturnes, a race of creatures with limited emotions. However, Kise chose to sacrifice his emotions for the greater good. The story begins in the 6th world of the game, and the game progresses to the seventh. The story follows Kise’s adventures, and the side story of his characters’ origins is fascinating.

She is a good teammate

A strong DPS unit, Kise shines when used as the main damage dealer on a cleave team. When used with an AOE Defense Breaker, his damage output is high and can tear through the enemy team with ease. While other cleavers offer more versatility, Kise will not disappoint if you are looking for raw damage. If you’re a PVE player who enjoys playing gacha games, a Kise teammate is a great choice.

Because Kise’s horoscope is Leo, his damage multipliers are high. He has a x1.6 damage multiplier on his S3 ability, and his high base Attack means that he can deal massive damage. There are other Leo heroes in Epic Seven, but most are DPS heroes that are probably being pulled too early. Kise requires the same upgrade materials as other Leo heroes.

While he’s not considered a top teammate, Kise is close to being average. He’s not a hard teammate, but he isn’t a top-tier hero either. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a good teammate. His skills are solid and he can beat opponents with a clever strategy or well-timed combo.

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