Epic Seven Free Unequip Event

Epic Seven

The Epic Seven Free Unequip event is a new way to test new equipment in the game. The event runs alongside the Balance adjustments for the game, giving players a chance to try out new items and gear. To enter, players must reach level 16 or higher. You must follow the rules of the event to be eligible. The selected winners will be announced on the official website. These entries will also be used for official marketing campaigns.

Re:Birth update

The Re: Birth update in Epic Seven features a new World Arena real-time PvP mode as well as new content. The update ends the pre-season and starts Showdown Season. It will feature a new chapter of Episode 2, free Unequip events, and more! It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of this popular mobile RPG! To stay updated on the latest updates and content, please visit our website for more information.

Shadow of Ravenwing Manor

The Shadow of Ravenwing Manor is a special side story for the Halloween season that is now available for players to play in the game. The free unequip event will last for four days, starting on 24 October. During this time, players can unequip any hero they have purchased for free. As with the other free unequip events, some achievements will only be unlocked once certain requirements have been met.

Free Unequip Event

The Epic Seven Free Unequip Event is a fun opportunity for players to try out new equipment for free. The event runs parallel to the Balance adjustment in Epic Seven and will give players the chance to test out new equipment. The event requires players to be level 16 or above. It is free to participate, and players will need to adhere to certain rules. The winning entries will be displayed on the official website. This information will be used for official promotions of the game.

Players can access the free unequip event only during the time period for which it is being offered. During the event period, players can unequip any piece of equipment for no cost. This event will run on the same servers as the regular buff event. The event will last for four days. The duration of the event is unknown, but the player will have a chance to equip and disembark any hero they wish for free.

While the Free Unequip Event is free, players must wait until it ends before making changes. The free unequip event is held once every month. This means that any major changes should be postponed until the event. However, minor changes can be made until the event. However, if you’re not planning on making major changes, you should wait until the Free Unequip Event. This will save you time and money and help you make the best possible choice for the game.

In addition to this free unequip event, players can also equip their heroes with artifacts, which have passive skills. The artifacts have passive skills that enhance the stats of the heroes. They can also be obtained by summoning. Some of these items even add an extra attribute to a hero. A good artifact is always a great asset in a game like Epic Seven. It is a good investment for players of all levels and skill levels.

The free unequip event is the perfect opportunity for players to try out the new features and play some more of the Epic Seven game. The game now has a brand new storyline. In addition to the free emotes, there are many new ways to earn rewards in Epic Seven. You can also win special prizes, including a trophy. For instance, if you win the Discord Emotes competition, you will receive 50 bookmarks. In addition, the contest will also feature a Discord emote.

Weekend Buff Event

This Weekend, players will be able to enjoy the epic Buff Event in the Epic Seven game. All Heirs and Altars will have free buffs. Players can also unequip equipment for free. The Burning Passion Pack will be available for purchase at the in-game store. The Burning Passion Pack can be purchased once a day per account and is available during the Epic Seven Free Weekend Buff Event.

You’ll also get free covenant summons and a Weekend Buff event! Check out the details and download the game today. To play for free, download the game on Google Play or App Store. You can find full details about each event in the Epic Seven Guide. And be sure to follow the rules and regulations listed below. You’ll have to login each day to keep the free summons. You’ll be able to see the Event mark on the Lobby > Summon icon.

During the free weekend buff event, players will get a 30% boost in gold and 50% increase in Hunt Equipment Drop Rate. During the free weekend event, players will also get 50% increase in EXP and AP. It’s an excellent opportunity to build up your account, and unlock new gear in the Epic Seven world. In addition, the buffs will last for an entire weekend! You can use the time to purchase new items.

The Epic Seven Free Weekend Buff Event will last for a full weekend on the Epic Seven mobile game. You can also enjoy the new features in the game, which include more maps and a higher level of gear. You can also play with your friends and earn rewards in the form of buffs and other items. It’s the perfect time to join a guild and earn some new gear. Just make sure you get in on this free weekend buff event as quickly as possible!

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