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Epic Seven

For those of you who have not played the game yet, here is a brief guide to the events happening in Epic Seven. This event is the biggest one in the game and offers a huge rewards package. It also introduces a large number of new heroes and artifacts of different star rarities. These will help you get the best rewards from your hard work. You will be able to level up fast, gain legendary items, and even find out what heroes will drop at a certain time. The rewards for each character will be increasing.


When choosing your Heroes in the Epic Seven event guide, you should focus on heroes that will strengthen your existing Hero. Many of the guides you find on YouTube are outdated or inaccurate. For example, many of them recommend a DPS and healer pairing, which is a very wrong choice. A proper guide should include information on the best combinations for each Hero type. You will also want to focus on one of the skill sets to maximize your rewards.

The best way to get the most out of Epic Seven’s Christmas event is to get the most rewards possible. The best way to do this is to earn as many catalysts as possible, as this will increase the amount of character upgrades that you will have available. Most of the catalysts can be farmed in standard adventure mode, but the best places to get them are during the main Christmas event. Even if most of them can be farmed in standard adventure mode, you’ll get a better chance at getting rare loot.


If you’re looking for a step-by-step mission guide, look no further. This game is one of the most popular role-playing games on the market, and it doesn’t cost a fortune to play. This guide will help you to complete missions as quickly and as easily as possible. It also has general tips that will help you make the most of your experience. You’ll be glad you read this guide!

The game offers a lot of features and game modes, including free resources. You can use these resources to summon new Heroes and strengthen existing Heroes. This allows you to play against thousands of other players, or against NPC teams. Because of this, players can spend a considerable amount of time developing their characters and team composition. It’s also a great way to compete in PvP matches. If you want to play the game like a pro, there are two ways to get the resources you need.

Craft events

Epic Seven is hosting an equipment crafting event in July. The event will allow players to craft level 85 equipment with selection stats. During the event, players can collect 500 points to craft different equipment sets. Players will have unlimited opportunities to change the substats on the equipment they create. In addition to crafting different equipment sets, players will be able to get different sets with higher stats. Players can also craft gear to increase their damage and defense.

There are many crafting events in the game, but there are a few that can be profitable for you. For example, if you focus on speed and penetration, you can craft a set for each of those stats. Another example is the armor crafting event, which can give you the stout set of gear you need to fight against bosses. You can craft gear for the rogue, mage, or ranged characters. These events require a large amount of energy. However, they can also be very lucrative, as you get points and gold for crafting the items.


One of the most popular mobile games is Epic Seven, and developers have been trying to add new features and events to keep their players interested. The game features an epic storyline and a PVP arena where players can battle in real time. To earn free rewards for participating in various events, you need to complete tasks and get the correct password. To get the correct password, you need to login to the official Epic Seven Twitch page. This way, you can access the gift box and redeem the code to get free Epic Seven items.

If you want to keep your free summons, you’ll need to login to the game each day. Logging in to the game will let you see the Event mark on the Lobby > Summon icon. Once you’ve claimed your free summons, you’ll be able to use them to get more resources. To get more free summons, check out the Best Hero Tier List and unlock the highest-tier heroes. To learn more about these events, visit the official Epic Seven website.

One of the newest things introduced in the Epic Seven patch was the collaboration with Re: Zero. Normally, collaborations like these introduce new heroes and artifacts, and this one was no exception. The collaboration between Re: Zero and Epic Seven was repeated from August 2021. While these new heroes and artifacts aren’t necessarily essential for playing Epic Seven, you can earn them by completing various events. This way, you can earn free items and gain experience.

Multi-Instance Sync

For the best experience in Multi-Instance Sync, it is crucial to use the correct method of activating the game. To start with, launch the game and make sure that all windows are displayed in the title screen. Then, press Ctrl + Shift + 9 to activate the option. Once you have activated the feature, select all instances and click OK. This will allow you to manage multiple instances at once.

Once the Multi-Instance Sync feature is enabled, go to the settings menu of your account. In the settings menu, go to “Apps.” In the menu, select “Connections.” You’ll see the list of connected instances. If you’ve already set up a connection, go ahead and click on it. Otherwise, you’ll need to specify the destination instance’s URL.

In Epic Seven, there are several ways to customize and automate your actions. Firstly, you can create multiple Epic Seven keybinds. In addition, you can also configure Epic Seven’s visibility so that it’s accessible for everyone. You can even set the visibility of child projects so that the player can see them in the parent epic. It is important to note that the visibility of child projects must match the parent group.

Coupon codes

You can get your hands on free rewards in the game Epic Seven by using event guide coupon codes. These codes are issued by the developers of the game and can be redeemed in-game. These codes are valid for a specific period of time. The codes will expire after a certain period. Therefore, it is necessary to use them within this time period. To get an event guide coupon code, you must follow the steps listed below:

There are two ways to redeem these codes: first, you can either go to the main menu and select your character, or you can use the ‘Receive’ button to go directly to your character’s inventory. Once you’ve entered the password, you can then click the “Receive” button in order to redeem the code. If you’re having trouble redeeming the code, try restarting your game.

The other way to use the event guide coupon codes is to attend a livestream. These live streams will often give away new codes, which you can then use to get free rewards. Make sure to enter them before they expire, since some will expire after a few days. After you redeem the code, you can use it to unlock the GM Gift Box in your mailbox. After you’ve opened it, you can then use it to redeem your loot.

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